Anyone here who is on home oxygen get (sorry not sure what the term for snot) completely bunged up with their bogeys with nothing coming through much in the way of O2 unless you have a good ole rake out (sorry did not mean to be so gross). Any tips or advise would be most welcome.

Ant :X :P :D

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Hi Ant,

I know just what you mean. I suffer from the same problem. Horrible innit?

I've noticed during various hospital stays that it's common problem with O2 users.

I usually have a "good old rake out every morning, seems to be the only solution.

Maybe someone else on here will have an idea.

Take care.


thank's Kath I use cotton buds to help me clear my nose out hope some one on here puts their finger on it.

Ant xxx

Nasal hygiene spray and cream afterwards, leave the o2 off for a half hour the gentle blow of the nose, it should clear. ask your doc for both.

thanks all duly noted and taken on board


Ask your GP for nasal spray.

I use Flixonase ( brand name)

Active ingredient fluticasone.

wow thanks I think I have flutiasone in one of my inhalers (seretide)


oh hahahahahaha

Hi ant, I'm not on extra oxygen just normal air, but I have to have a good pick, God help me if I get put on 02 then, I already have OCD about bogeys ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜‚ xx sonia xx

Me too Sonia. Not got OCD though. I was on O2 for 10 days whilst in hospital, can't say it made it any worse. But I do find the saline nebules help.

ty sonia I just may have to take that onboad

Ant :X :P

Hi there. I find using baby wipes for my nose helps, even better if used with a cotton bud. Another sufferer told me this on one of my hospital stays and it really does help

Both phlegm and snot, or nasal mucus to use its more polite medical term, are names given to mucus produced in the respiratory system.

We all know what you mean just the same and snot is easier to type ;)

phew!!! thanks offcut trouble with me I was brought up to be more polite than I am know this COPD/emphysemia takes no prisoners.

I know what you mean when I was in ICU I could not care about personal care that they were doing to me. That any other time would of embarrassed the hell out of me.

yes and after this year getting stripped off by nurses who come to bed bath me was the same now I just let it flow over me.

Hi, I am on O2 full time and had the same problem. Do you use nasal cannulas? They can be the problem because they dry the nose out. I found a new type of mask on the internet. It is called a Bi-flo mask and just covers the nose. Not the prettiest of things but it works. My nose is not sore anymore and although it gets bunged up with liquid as if you have a cold due to the O2 if clears easily. You would need to have it added to your prescription by the hospital to get one from your supplier. Might be worth giving them a go. Paul.

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