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hi im doing a research dissertation on COPD as part of my access course and im conducting a questionnaire. All participants are anonymous and all data collected will form an important part of my research dissertation. please can you help. if you would like to take part please click the link below. thank you.

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  • Hi

    Many members would be happy to help but you should contact the BLF moderators first so they can inform members about what your doing x

  • Hi Mandy

    i have just contacted BLF about it thank you. im finding it difficult to find communities such as this that are willing to allow me to post it. and i cannot thank people who have and are willing to take part in my questionnaire enough as it means so much to me as i found out on Christmas eve my uncle whom im very close to has COPD which is why i decided to do my research dissertation on it as i didn't know anything about the condition and it all the information ect is very helpful. i hope i can get many more participant in my questionnaire. (sorry if ive board you) :-)

  • hahahaha

    No you haven't bored me....we would love to help you out you just need to inform the blf moderators that you want to post then they can let members know and you also then have the confidence knowing you can do it.

    So sorry to hear about your uncle we know its not easy you should tell him to pop along here for some support x x

  • Thank you so much its hard finding support ect and my uncles not the best person for asking for help either and he just came out with it that he'd got COPD but he said he was fine and its nothing to worry about i will tell him to pop along here it might help him xx

  • We all say we are fine......ive done your questionnaire honey good luck with it and we are happy to help anytimex

  • thank you so much it means a lot xx

  • Questionnaire done...........good luck with your dissertation x

  • And you should get someone to proofread your questionnaire for spelling errors!

  • I'm from the Midwest USA. Did your questions. Gramsgg

  • Love to help you out .

  • I've just had a look at questionnaire. Am concerned you are looking at too narrow a field. IE you assume that all those with COPD have or been smokers.

    I am not a smoker and would be unable to answer most of your questions.

  • that doesn't matter if your not a smoker as im trying to build up a picture of how much of COPD is actually cause by smoking and is there the possibility that yes smoking does contribute to such conditions but is it necessary the main cause of COPD (if that makes sense) my aim is to gain a varied response to the questionnaire of people who do/have smoked with the condition and those who don't/haven't smoked.

  • Ok done it

  • Completed ur questionnaire xx sonia xx

  • thank u xx :-) xx

  • I have completed it but there was no question about whether you are an ex-smoker and how long ago did you give up. Therefore I couldn't answer any smoking related questions as I fall into that category.

  • that's fine the smoking related questions are optional :-)

  • Answered most of the questions.

  • thank you :-)

  • Questionnaire done.

    Regarding smoking. My PR chap doesn't think that most people with COPD get it from smoking. I have met a few people with COPD who have never smoked. Many years ago there was no strict Health and Safety like there is now. I think this reflects in the average age group who are diagnosed with COPD.

  • hi yeah your right and that is my may reason for doing the questionnaire

  • Good luck with your research. :)

  • Answered most of the questions. Good luck with the research

  • Questionnaire complete

  • Done

  • Hi I have just submitted information for you. Good luck. Lee from sydney

  • Have completed your form but as extra info I was in my local the other night and out of the 16 people there I was the only ex smoker with COPD and the other 15 puffing away without COPD which I think shows not all smokers will develop COPD. Good luck with your dissertation 👍

  • one q asked do you smoke. I put no because I don't. Now. Perhaps it should say have you ever smoked, and another do you smoke now.

    filled in though,

  • Completed. All the best for your dissertation and your studies. It would be lovely to hear what you find out with your questionnaire once you've analysed it.

  • thank you ive got some good data already but i will post the results next weekend :-) x

  • Hi LouseCoote, Did your questionnaire. Good luck with your studies, hope you have a bright future, Sheila x

  • Have done survey - an extra question asking if we did smoke and how long since we gave up and how that relates to when we were diagnosed may also be helpful? Good luck with the dissertation x

  • Good luck with your research and dissertation, I am always happy to help with any research

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