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The BLF say that 12million people in the UK are affected by lung disease and it is the only charity that is concerned with a variety of lung conditions...and I know many people fundraise for them.

I found a Guardian website from 2012 which lists the 1,000 top charities in the UK by near the top was the RSPB with £121,928,000. Much further down the list were ASTHMA UK and the SAMARITANS and then the BLF with £8,288,988.

I couldn't find more recent figures.

As much as I love birds and they give a lot of pleasure to people, I wonder where our priorities are. There was a similar comment by somebody else on the Guardian site.

Hope I haven't offended any bird lovers, and I do agree they do need protection....

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Seems to me that the BLF is very much the poor relation when it comes to charitable giving. I think the problem is that too many think of lung problems as the smokers' disease and therefore self-inflicted. Also we are fairly invisible - we tend not to be seen when struggling for breath and only family and close friends realise how debilitating and life-changing the illness can be.

I don't know how it can be achieved but the answer must lie in much more publicity. I assume the BLF has a PR department?...


But as we know to our cost hun other lung conditions effect babies and children e.g. bronchiectasis and as you know children with PCD, another form of genetic bronchiectasis are not treated equally. A disgrace indeed.

I think you are right jabber folks don't see us when we are struggling. It's quite interesting why some diseases attract so much funding and some just do not.


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Hi, I agree with u all, each deserves help but put things in the correct priority, I suppose we people will continue regardless of illness , where as animals can become extinct due to human interference depriving generations of future nature and wildlife, and to be fair it's not often I have spare pennies to donate to any charity, what I do have spare is for me and my family to try and enjoy the life I have sorry if that sound selfish xx sonia xx


I agree and working where I do I have seen that much of the RSPB's money is spent on political lobbying rather than the protection of birds. We really are a poor relation. I rarely give to cancer charities and will not give to Macmillan after a very poor personal experience with them. I will sponsor friends who are doing stuff for charity but often I will offer to donate to a different charity of their choice.

That said my aunt arranged a BLF fundraiser - because of my personal issues. She didn't get a receipt for the money she raised, let alone a thank you. V disappointing.

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I'm surprised at that. I'm not surprised that people often put animals before humans - maybe something to do with animals being unable to help themselves? But birds? Unbelieavlble amount of money.



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