IApparently my Dr recieved results of the rest of the tests I had done and he says I have Bronchiectasis .I had a letter from the hospital saying to phone for appointment and even giving me a password.I have phoned and was told they have none available.My daughter who was worried phoned as well and was told the same thing.We were told they would either phone or write when 1was available.We read up on it and I must admit I was upset at what I read.I am on 2puffers for my asthma but am afraid to use them as apparently they open up the passage ways,and this condition opens them anyway.The receptionist at the hospital said not to go to the Dr as I need to see a lung specialist but goodness knows when that will be.I have been eaten up with heartburn for months now and told the specialist and the Dr who dismissed this so I have eaten boxes of bisodol.Now I dont know if I should continue on the puffers and other medication until I see the specialist again.When I saw him last he didnt have have half of my results back.I know some of you great people can help me as I am really upset and frustrated this has all been going on so long.Can you have asthma and bronchiectasis as well.? love mags x

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  • Hi mags, I think it would be a good thing to give the BLF helpline a ring ...they are open during office hours.

    Some people on this site have acid reflux , and hopefully that can give you some help too.

    Best wishes

  • Agree with Knitter. Phone the helpline - I'm sure they'll have good advice. Good luck - I hope they can help you arrange an appointment soon.

  • Hello, how confusing and frustrating! I would suggest you ring the blf helpline as others have suggested to ask their advise and what treatment you should expect from your Doctor etc. You can call the helpline on 03000 030 555 Lines are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. Good Luck, lots of love TAD xx

  • Try speaking to PALS at the hospital to see if they can sort anything out for you.

  • i have pseudonymous bronchiectasis and COPD so ive got narrowing airways and widening ones hahahaha you would think it would even things out.

    There are a lot of us on here with bronchiectasis so dont fret your not on your own

    still use your inhalers your consultant will probably want you on them mine gave me symbicot and eklira which help and im on a few tablets but the main thing is there are a few of us around x x x

  • Ha ha ,yes !

    I wondered about that evening out and how nice

    it d be to pass a bit both ways between us.

    So how does it actually work out ? I gather in our

    Lungs thete are inflamatory and deflamatory enzymess

  • huh ?

  • Yes i m baffled there. I mean you say you have widening and narrowing of the airways , both conditions. It doesn t even out but don t you end up with both

    getting worse at a slower pace?

  • yeah bronchiectasis is the widening of the airways and COPD narrowing but they both give you the same symptoms .

    They say im the same as i was a year ago but have raised my oxygen to 5 lts lately so not sure...i feel about the same

  • Thank you for your advice,I will phone BLF tomorrow.Thank you Mandy you have helped a lot.hopeup maybe you could s peak to my Dr for me and see how it works having narrow and wide airways as I do not know.We are here to help each other out not to down each other. mags

  • Many folks (like me) have bronchiectasis and asthma. My consultant did explain. Though I have to admit I didn't really understand. It is important to keep up with your medicine particularly the puffers. If the asthma gets worse it can be a bit of a vicious cycle and the bronchitis can get worse too. Do ring the BLF helpline, they should be able to give you some reassurance. Hope you get an appointment soon. Meanwhile, there is plenty of useful advice in old (and new) posts on how to manage and feel better.

    Best wishes, monkey.

  • Hi Coughleigh

    This must be very frustrating for you and I am sorry. Once you have seen the respiratory consultant hopefully thing will improve for you and you will get the treatment you deserve, which I feel is sadly lacking at present.

    Yes you can have asthma and bronchiectasis at the same time. I can understand why you feel concerned about using your 'puffers' for your asthma. The widening you are reading about in bronchiectasis however, is structural damage to the lungs, forming pockets where mucus can collect. The narrowing is caused by obstruction in the tubes i.e. asthma, copd and bronchiectasis is both obstructive and restrictive. If you have been advised to continue with your 'puffers' then I deffo would hun, as it will open your airways but will not effect the structural widening at all.

    You might want to visit your GP hun, even a different one within the practice, especially with regard to your heartburn. GP should also be either chasing up this appointment for you or at least finding out some sort of timescale. Good advice from your new friends - please have a chat with BLF.

    Good luck - let us know how you get on.

    love cx

  • Thank you all so much,I feel a little easier now,My dr just chucked the diagnosis from the test and that was that.I didnt connect the heartburn with the condition.What a fantastic lot of people you all are. mags x

  • Hi coughleigh,

    First of all, calm down and don't panic. You are the same person today that you were yesterday and you have not received a death sentence. Cofdrop's brief descriptionof bronchiectasis is very good. Basically we need to keep our lungs clear, get infections treated pronto, keep up the exercise and don't take no from the docs. Make sure that you get a good consultant who specialises in bronchiectasis. There has been a lot of government emphasis on COPD which is very different. GPs know quite a bit about that but very little about bronchiectasis, but they don't like to admit it. Keep taking your inhalors for now. The consultant should adjust your medications. I take Fostair and Tiotropium and other bronchiectasis patients sometimes have others. Now that you have a diagnosis you can start to deal with it and should begin to feel better as you manage the condition. We are hear for you. xx

  • Sorry my pad went haywire and I did not check it.I managed to wrestle a dr appointment for Thursday and chest nurse wednesday what hasstle I had.But I have so much mucus on my chest now that will not move and last night in bed I was getting a slight pain in the bottom of my lung.Yet another infection I think. butI have wtitten down all the questions I read from each of your posts on this condition and I know I need a supply of antibiotics on hand.and as I have not been given any exercises I will ask for them to.What a great lot of people you are.So caring and helpful.I really do not know how I would have coped as I really stressed out and was so angry at the way I had been treated by proffesionals.No more doormouse now a raging Lion lol love to all. mags x

  • Cough hun until you see physio and doc you might want to try laying over 3 pillows, hips to the top of the pillows and head on the bed. It might just help to drain some of the gunk into the larger bronch tubes and make it easier for you to cough up. Also when you see you GP you could ask him for a flutter or acapella, which you can now get on prescription (although he/she may not know that yet). When you finally get to see a physio make sure they show you how to use these PEPs gadgets properly as well as showing you the best form of mucus clearance for you. Will put up link of flutter and acapella, but separately or I will lose the whole b***** post.


    acapella choice youtube cx

  • Thank you cx.I have been to those sites also written down about the flutter.I will try the pillows tonight.At the moment the heartburn is really bad.i tried Gaviscon but no good so eaten nearly a pkt of Bisodol.Hopefully that will get sorted when they get this all under control.Night all.Try to sleep well and sweet dreams. mags x

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