Ghosts among us?

Hey everyone

Hope your all doing well. A special get well to our Jimmy. 😊 This is a strange question for you all. Have any of you ever seen a ghost? I do office cleaning at night by myself. I seemed to have had company, night before last. I happened to look out in the waiting area, and something darted across the room. I'm actually in that office now.Anyway I have had this

experience over the yrs. Numerous times.

Anyone of your guys ever see any?

Rubyxx 😊 😊

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  • Hi Ruby, can't say ive ever seen one myself :) Sounds like you might have a guardian Angel watching over you. My dad passed away from copd 8yrs ago and from time to time I smell something of his, cologne, his fav flower and it makes me feel good :)

  • I have been lucky enough to see few unexplained things in my life .. On subject of ghosts YUP twice

    Once was in my car on back seat ... Other was when I was in bed seen something in black dressing gown drift past landing

    It was only later " with in min or two " I realised know one in house had black dressing gown

    Both was long b4 I was ill ... Could it of been metabolic disturbances or diseased state of mind could be anyone's guess.

    But this one thing I know am still here so am glad never come in my room .. I do often wonder where it was going :O

    Must of been black angel

  • Do yo u believe in near death experiences? I do.

    πŸ˜€ xx

  • Anita Moorjani has written a book on a near death experience and beating cancer after her return from the Spirit World. The book's called 'Dying to be me' and she tells you about it on youtube on the link below. So if you have 10 minutes Ruby...its very interesting. :-) xxx

  • Just watched the video. Really amazing! What did you think of it?. Years ago, I had an operation. Nothing big. Afterwards my mother in- law sat by me , I started choking and couldn't catch my breath. Next thing I knew I was above my body watching everyone . I said to myself- I have to stay here with my kids. . My mother - in -law said it was a horrible experience. ( I truly believe in life after death.) She is gone now, but never wanted to talk about that day. Creepy,

    but true. Thanks Lyn, I will be getting the book.πŸ˜ƒ

    😊😊 xx

  • It's amazing how she describes it all isn't it Ruby. A fascinating experience indeed and shows us that we should have no fear of what's to come. I love watching John Edward too, I think he's awesome. I've never had an out of body experience but since my dear Husband passed away last year, I've had visits from him. Usually during the very early hours of the morning, I feel the side of the bed go down and he leans across me. I have to admit, at first I was really scared, but now I look forward to those visits and take great comfort from them. It's not often it happens and the experience lasts just a few seconds.

    OH YES, I believe in the afterlife VERY much so. :-) xxx

  • Thats wonderful Lyn. You know he's there with you. That must be so comforting for you.

    I'm glad.☺

    😊 xx

  • He certainly is, I just wish these experiences lasted a bit longer, but then, I suppose that's how it's meant to be...just a reassurance that they know what's going on. :-) xxx

  • No, never seen a ghost Ruby, maybe you have a spirit friend. :-) xxx

  • If you saw a ghost jolyn you would run away waiving your arms shouting "im a chicken and i like it" hahahahaha x x x x x

  • I would DIE Mandy. :-O xxx

  • then you would be a ghost running waiving your arms and the rest of us would be running screaming "we are chickens" !! x x x x

  • x

  • Can't say I have Ruby.

    Alas all my manifestations always appear to be too real! Love to have a chat with a ghost.

    Hope you are well too. xx

  • Yes, I've been aware of a presence being with me twice in different houses. The first time, in a terraced cottage, my friend who shared the house with me and I were both woken at about 3am by a loud bang from downstairs which had no cause that we could identify. The second time I was cleaning out the dark dusty attic in a run down cottage my husband and I had moved into, and realised a person was briefly there with me, approving of the care I was taking of our new home.

  • Well can someone explain this , ?- A pal of mine died of Metastatic Cancer, and I had been his Carer for two years as he had no one else to look after him .About a month after his Funeral , I sat down at the computer , turned it on - nothing else, looked away for a moment to pick up my coffee cup, and when I looked back at the screen , immediately the words in large letters appeared = " THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DID FOR ME - I WILL STILL BE WITH YOU IN SPIRIT " - Following this about six months later a very heavy statue of his, I had placed after his passing outside my French windows had TURNED ROUND AT RIGHT ANGLES over night - it took TWO MEN TO LIFT IT IN POSITION , OWING TO ITS WEIGHT IN THE FIRST PLACE , AND TO RETURN IT TO ITS ORIGINAL POSITION LATER DURING THE DAY . Since then I have at been left at least - WONDERING ......

  • Wow, that's amazing Vittorio. :-)

  • Thats amazing. You gotta be a believer! I have had other experiences yrs. ago. Another office I was cleaning. I walked by the computer room and heard a lady laughing. I opened the door and no one was in there! another night I looked up as I was cleaning and saw a man up a ways in front of me. He vanished. I was so scared in there! Soon after they got a security guard there. He told me he spent most of the night in his car. He said all the motion detector lights kept blinking all night long. Guess the ghosts were having a good old time! He was scared to stay in there!

    Rubyxx 😊 😊

  • Loveing reading these storys great very interesting

  • No, I've never seen a ghost but very often I think I've caught a movement out of the corner of my eye - who knows?

    Jan xx

  • Never seen a ghost Ruby, but saw a poltergeist in action. It was when i was in my teens and we lived in a big old house, from when a fork flew from the table and landed on the TV, even my cynical Father could'nt explain that one! xx

  • Wow....:-)

  • My daughter has Ruby - when she was about two I went into her bedroom to check on her, she was sat up. I asked her why she was sat up and she told me she was watching the lady!!! There was no-one else in the house and calmly told me she walked through her room every night - she wasnt at all bothered so I decided not to be. In the same cottage my husband looked up from the drive and saw a lady at my other daughters bedroom window and automatically waved up at her. Only to realise that there was no-one in the house. I always presumed it was old lady that used to live there just checking up on the house and the children. There have been a number of times I have felt spirit with me -tangibly. I think you have someone watching over you. Lots of love TAD xxx

  • Thanks Tad

    Your story is nice. A good ghost that watched over you. It didn't freak you out? I keep going over it in my mind. Trying to convince myself I didn't see what I did.

    😊😊 xx

  • There was only once it I was a little scared - we were having a very difficult time and I knew that my Grandad was with me and I also knew as I stood in the kitchen one night that he was behind me and I did ask him not to appear!!! I never told anyone about it but did see a clairvoyant years later who told me that I had made him laugh! But generally no I am not freaked out - living people tend to freak me out though!! Take care and have a great day, lots of love TAD xx

  • My late husband would say "if I die before you I wlll Begger around with the clocks to let you know I'm ok" he died 2 30am, on arriving home my daughter said "look" the clock had stopped at 2 30

    The following morning the grandfather clock stopped and had too be repaired then the day after that the kitchen clock fell of the wall . So was that coincidence ? I know what I believe


  • You got me convinced Dorothy.

    At least you got a sign he's ok.

    Thats very reassuring. The day before I saw my ghost we were at my dad's grave. I asked him to give me a sign he's ok. Strange,

    Right? But the ghost was a lady.

    😊😊 xx

  • Ohhhh now that's scary .

  • Amazing story Dorothy and good that he's let you know he's still around. xxx

  • MY father died in 1987. Tony and I were on holiday in Biarritz later that year and my husband had gone down into a gents public loo, one of those on a large road island with steps down. As I waited for him at the top two men placed themselves either side of the steps just down from the top and I am convinced they planned to mug the next person coming up. I watched wondering what to do and suddenly thought of my dads camera which I had with me. I got it out and directed it towards the men, and they went off. I felt sure it was my dad telling me what to do that day, but of course its easy to explain it away and that I thought of it myself.

  • Yes I have but like you say it something that seems to flow past you. I think it's my nana and she is taking care of me.

  • Hello everyone, not seen ghosts but like Sheilab123 I experienced poltergeist in action several times!

    It was in an old house my mum bought about 10 years ago, she had turned the front room into a hairdresser salon, the second floor was her storage. Once a tub of hair colour flew accross the storage - I was with my brother and he has just returned from school, mum had us putting supplies away in storage - and moments later, someone pulled his backpack from behind him, when we turned around there wasn't anyone there.

    We filmed that storage room several times and nothing would show on camera, until one day we caught 2 ghosts walking back and forth in the room, one was the size of a child.

    We mentioned it to the neighbour, an old lady, she said that in 1960 there was a fire in a few houses and a lot of people died including children!


  • Hello Ruby, there is different between ghosts and spirits. A ghost is an image that is somehow recorded on the atmosphere. It can be from hundreds of years ago. This explains why people are seen to walk through walls. This may be what you are seeing.

    If there has been a tragic event, it is possible to pick up on it. For instance, the Tower of London has many ghosts. Including Henry VIII.

    There are many levels in the spirit world. Like attracts like, so only spirits on your wavelength can be seen by you. Unless you are rescue medium. In that case you work with a group and have help from the spirit world to send a lost spirit into the light.

    I have seen a lost spirit when with a rescue group. The group supply the energy to the medium.The spirit was haunting his old home and didn't like some of the changes.

    The experience of seeing ghosts out of the corner of your eye is a common experience.

    I used to see an old man with a cloth cap, a few years ago.

    My husband told me he saw a book fly out from a bookshelf once.

    There has been a lot of research into sub atomic particles. The theory is that we are all made of atoms and these vibrate at different speeds. To see a spirit the vibrations need to be in tune.

    I hope you find these links interesting, particularly the last one.

  • Hi Azure

    To be honest with you, I'm pretty upset about the ghost. I didn't see anything last night. It makes you question your mind. I was getting ready to clean the kitchen in the drs office. As I passed the hallway to the waiting area I glanced that way.

    Straight ahead. There I saw something moving quickly. What happened next was totally not like me! I dashed Up To Where It was! It moved fast. Now I'm Thinking there has to be a logical explanation. Can't come up with any. Its driving me crazy!

    😊😊 xx

  • Thats amazing Graham. You are truly a believer? Its pretty scarey to me. You ever talk to anyone that had a near death experience? Thats pretty amazing too.

    Rubyxx 😊 😊

  • My previous house had a spirit. I walked in when viewing and felt so welcome, I didn't know why

    Slowly i became aware of the odd thing moved. I kept seeing thoughts of an old woman in a rocking chair in the kitchen by an open fire. I then checked my survey and there had been a chimney taken out from where I pictured. It was company. I told her never to appear or I'd freak. I used to cross stitch and when finished held it up to look at it. I saw what was like a rainbow move across the room, knock over and empty coke bottle and come next to me to see it.

    All my friends said the house had a lovely homely happy feel.

    I wish she didn't have a cheeky side. I lost my butter, 3 weeks later it appeared in the microwave. I didn't have a cooker then so used the microwave every day!

    I had a friends child stay overnight. I felt the duvet being lifted off me, my first thought was is the child okay? He was uncovered and shivering.

    I never felt frightened.

  • Reading the comments reminded me of what my own told me. I was about 2 and my dad heard me talking in my bedroom. If went to check on me then came down and told my mum I'd told him all about the old man I'd been talking to. He was sure it was grandad by what he looked like and what he had told me. Maybe some people feel vibrations others don't.

  • Next time you feel a presence acknowledge it by saying hello & asking if it wants anything.............then listen to what comes into your mind..........

  • ive never seen anything but i heard a man call my name once and no sarcastic replies please !! hahahaha

    im going on a ghost hunt in june should be good XX

  • Well, for ages now I have had white feathers in my garden, single ones one at a time and a wee Robin red breast in my back garden, a friend of mine said both are signs of someone visiting me. Hope so, would love it to be my mum and dad visiting me, who knows.

  • Thats such a comforting thought 1968.

    I asked my dad to let me know he's alright and the next day I see a female ghost. What do you make of that?


  • In January this year, my daughter was rushed to hospital. She was vomiting into a washing up bowl all the way there. When she arrived at A&E, she was taken in immediately and put in the Intensive care unit. They monitored her closely all night, as she was not strong enough at that point to be operated on. Then she went to the high dependency ward.

    As we walked into her room to see her, my husband and I saw a nurse with chestnut curly hair off her face, wearing a navy blue Sister's dress, leaning over her and touching the side of her face. Then as we got closer, the nurse vanished and we saw her fiance, he was wearing a black T-shirt and has thick grey hair with a fringe.

    My husband I had both seen the Nurse clearly, we discussed it afterwards and we had definitely seen the Nurse leaning over my daughter.

    Just after midnight, she had a three hour operation. The surgeon cut her open and 5 pints of black liquid spurted out. The top surgeon was called for help. They found two strangulated bowel obstructions where the part cut off was dead and fell apart like paper.

    Her small bowel was in a very bad way and had to be examined and cleaned. She then developed a large abscess on her abdominal wall. She had a district nurse call daily to drain it for 8 weeks. Her recovery delighted the surgeons and nurses. To cut a long story short, she went back to work after 10 weeks. Her scar is fading already, she had 24 stitches.

    We are convinced the Sister we saw saved her life.

  • Ruby being in the Royal Navy I saw a lot of different Spirits in various countries, but just swallowed and had another :) xxx

  • Lol Your sooooo funny! Too many spirits for you. Back to the ship for you! Where you were probably a stand- up comedian. Wouldn't doubt it for a minute!

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ xx

  • Every day till the 1970's there was a pipe stating up spirits when we all got our tot of rum. :) xxx

  • I am a spiritualist medium and conduct divine services at Spiritualist Churches on Sundays. I can assure you all that your loved ones, helpers and guides are always close by in spirit. Ask for their help when you need it and they will make their presence known in some way. I suffer from mild Emphysema and severe COPD and get much comfort from knowing I am never alone.

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