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why don,t doctors listen

hi all can anyone solve this conundrum,ive got the doctors and hospital specialist pushing to get the heart specialist to sort my heart problems out,

3 weeks ago i had the 6 day holster test done,not a sausages about the results,ive lost my place with the rehab team as they cant risk me doing the test wals as mt pulse jumps to 140 they have written several letters on my behalf,with no replies,my own doctor is now waiting for the heart clinic his advice is to keep taking the drugs and take it easy

im so tempted to phone the pal office

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Only advice i can think of is ring the heart specialists secretary and plead your case...some of them are fab x

thanks mandy,this one has frost 1365,i will give her a call,after seing my doctor later this morning

Pals office can be very helpful sorting things out. Suggest you ring them.

Hi sqaudy

Been through exact same, problems myself, over the last year.. I have atrial fibrillation ,

Had an echo and a holter 72 hr monitor, results sent.. To me or my GP..

Had to chase all of them up myself..found out I had 4 hr bouts of AF..

Was referred to my EP specialist,, for second Ablation.. Which i had 8 weeks ago,,

At QE hospital Birmingham.. Supposed to have had a app with him , last week, as they messed up my ablation, causing a Tamponade, ..( a tear in the heart lining)

Requiring a drain..

Went back into AF, had to have a cardio version..

Still fighting for a follow up appointment,, what is happening .. With all these appointments..

If you are lucky enough to get one.. It's usually cancelled..

My husband has Parkinson's, was supposed to have a swallowing x ray next week..

Got a call to say.. It has been cancelled, due to break down of the equipment.

What's all that about. They can't fix an X-ray machine. In a week?????

Excuses excuses.. Feeling lost...


I have had 2 ablations at QE Birmingham. The first one didn't work and the second one in October last year also resulted in a tamponade. Had a drain fitted at 11pm and next morning they removed the drain and sent me home. I was still feeling terrible. Some weeks later after still feeling bad, I went to see my G.P and he phoned for an ambulance to take me to hospital as I had another tamponade,which ended up as a 15 night stay in hospital.

Frustrating isn't it. I had exactly that problem today with my doctor.

Doctors and consultants are notoriously bad at not giving results and I do so feel for you. I have had to push really hard to get Pete his back sorted out (20th May) so I know how it feels to try and get info. Do contact the secretary as, like Mandy says, they can be really excellent and very helpful. I wish you luck and let us know how things go. Take care xxxx

I would ring u r consultants secaerty she should to.get u r

Go. u r. Dr at hospital and get u r results I know I have recently done this my self hope all.gos well for u.Xxbobbydoda

I had the opposite it took my new Doctors years to acknowledge I had lung problems past Asthma even after my cardiologist asked them to look into my lungs as he had great concerns about my breathing and lungs? I have had AF and tachycardia since 1992 3 ablations 9 CV still have them both :( Cancelled Pace and Ablate when they found PH!

It seems like they cannot handle more than one condition?

Be Well

follow your heart and phone the PAL you should get clarification on all your problems but don't be fobbed of stick to your guns

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Squady, could your Gp contact the hospital? that usually gets the quickest result or PALS can be very helpful.

I have called my EP s secretary several times., says she has emailed the hospital I see my consultant at. But they say I'm only on a waiting list for an appointment,

After a failed Ablation? And complications., my GP has also written to them my cardiologist to. Still nothing., I have been feeling worse since the ablation and Tamponade.. But just getting an app with my GP has a wait of at least 4 weeks.,

What exactly is PAL. Please.

I seem to be fighting for everything to do with my and my husbands health..he has Parkinson's... Not sure what else I can do to get some results .

Thank you

It's very hard & frustrating. Especially when you have more than 1 condition. pals is a patients advisory and Liason Service. There will be one in the hospital your consultant is seeing you. If you explain the problem they will help if your still not happy ask to Lodge a formal complaint. It's a bit of a drag but put your concerns in writing to the consultant. They are more likely to respond. If you don't get the response you need get the name of the chief executive and send them copies. Heavy but effective. Good luck & keep posting.

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