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Hoping to have a baby

Hi, I'm briony and I'm 23, all my life ive known ive wanted to be a mother, a few problems though - 1: My boyfriend is transgender pre-op MTF and I don't know how to, I want to have a baby very soon . I know its hard but I'm.ready for it, I know I am. Problem 2: How do I talk to my Dr about it...i feel quite awkward about it being that I'm.still young...

Problem 3: I have polycystic overies so I dont know weather or not I CAN have a baby....

Is IVF something I should look into?

What other options do I have

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Oops meant FTM Sorry


Hello ellis1991. I think you have posted in the wrong Healthunlocked forum. This one is for lung related problems. I wish you all the luck though.


Hi ellis1991 was reading very thing having cysts on ovaries will make it harder good news is you can have cyst removed to better your chances

Also i was reading there is something you can take I think so eggs are not as hard for sperm to penetrate ... Worth checking with your doc

I assume your partners sperm count is good ... Worth checking as it might not be you with issues ...


Yes, try IVF if you want to go that route. There's the problem of deciding where to go to get the sperm of course - you could get advice from the HFEA (Human Fertilisation and Embryology authority) or speak to your GP. Or you could adopt - so many babies and young children needing loving homes.

I have no knowledge of polycystic ovaries but why not start by speaking to your GP about that, then introduce the subject of your partner, and IVF. GPs have seen it all anyway! And if you feel mature enough to start a family, that's your decision, not the GPs. Many women get pregnant much younger than 23.

I don't know if Health Unlocked has an IVF forum, or indeed a trans one, but there will be lots of both around on the net if you look for them.

Good luck to both of you :)


You may be ready for a baby but is your partner its not a choice for 1


Yes hes very supportive of the idea he said hes very excited


Well if i were your medical professional advising you i would say wait until your lives are more settled. You both may think your ready but is a child ready for you.

I would put it on hold until after the operation when you have both got use to the changes that will bring you both. Parenting is very hard work when there are no life changing events going on. You both are going through a huge life changing event so give your baby the best start by waiting x

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Hi, my daughter has PCOS. She always refused (being contrary) to take the pill which was the mode of treatment to keep the cysts under control. Fast forward to 28 years old and she goes to doc to find out why she feels so awful. She finds she us pre-menopausal and if she wants a family they must start asap before it's too late.

Fast forward 2.5 years and she is expecting, only 8-9 weeks but it's marvelous considering she only menstruated twice a year.

Your health is precious, look after it, take all the tests you can to ensure your hormone levels are normal over the next few years (whether or whether not you start a family).

Does your partner want a child?


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