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Twinkle doing 'George'

Twinkle doing 'George'

He has two lovely beds but this is where he likes to rest his poor tired paws whilst I watch Corrie. He would love a run round with George I am sure.

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Aww what a cute fluffy 'bunny'!

Such a lovely little dog. :-) xxx

What a cutie! Think he can keep up with our George? Does he like the beach too?

Maybe we'll see more of him? I'm enjoying the dogs, as I have sooooo many kittys!


Hi Ruby,

He looks like one of those namby pamby handbag dogs but don't be fooled. He was 'brought up' by my darling huge Leonberger who sadly is no longer with us and has always been treated as a real dog, walking in the fields and woods. My sister, her husband and my dogsitters are all collie people and were horrified when I swapped big dogs for a pom because my energy is deteriorating along with my health. However, he soon had everybody under his paws and they spoil him more than I do. And that is saying something. I just love dogs and cats. My last cat was one of a pair of poor little abandoned kittens who could both stand on one of my hands. She lived to 27 and her brother to 23. George looks a real character. Living in the countryside I have had lots of friends with Jack Russells. They can be such fun. My sister lives quite close to the beach but sadly we haven't been there yet.

Aww...he is gorgeous with his little face and lovely coat.

You mentioned a breed that I adore but have never had the pleasure of meeting and that's your Leonberger :)

Would love to see a photo please if you have one x

Hi loveelight. I ave been looking for a nice pic of my Leo. Unfortunately all the ones on my computer are not very well focussed as they were taken from photographs. I think that I will have to do a new post to be able to put it on.

Awwwwww,what a cutie,just love him,his face reminds me of my Shiba Inu's who everyone thought were foxes because of their foxy faces,how old is Twinkle? Can I steal him 😄

I so nearly bought a shiba inu. they are gorgeous. I love the foxy faced dogs. I had a japanese spitz who was also a character, all white with black eyes and nose. Of course, poms are the smallest of the spitzes and think that they are the biggest! Twinkle is nearly six, born on American Independance day which is funny because his breeder who lives in Telford is an American. Some days, like yesterday, when he managed to elude all of my fencing efforts and took himself through the brambles into next door's garden, I would happily let you steal him. However, I just had five weeks without him because I was in and out of hospital with pneumonia and I know that I would miss his little face and pine for a cuddle.

I had my two Shiba's for 16 and 14 yrs,I loved them so much it is 7 yrs but I still cry for them,I don't know how to post a piccie or I would show my two.

I'm not very good at it but if you post a new comment there is a button underneath to put on a photo. If you have the pics in your computer you can then search and post. I would love to see them. I am convinced that our animal companions help us to deal with our difficult conditions. They don't look askance if we are coughing or breathless, keep us company when we feel rotten and make us laugh when it gets us down. When I was walking around with pneumonia for nearly a month my family and friends never noticed. Dear little Twinkle would sit at my feet or by the bed looking up at me and occasionally tapping my foot. He then started chewing his paws which he does when he is worried. I decided I had better drag myself to the doc and then all whatsit broke out and I found myself in hospital.

I agree,our dogs do know when we are not well, I will try and post a piccie,

He's adorable!! I've been longingly looking at dogs and puppies for sale for days lol!!!😀 they are such great company, your little one looks so cuddly!😀💜💜💜💜 xxx

yes he's just right for my situation. He likes his walks but if I can't take him out he is happy in the garden. 'guards' me fiercely from the postman, lets my five grandchildren fuss him. The only thing with a pom is that you do need to like brushing and fiddling with the fluffy coat. Having had much bigger, much fluffier dogs all of my dog owning years, I find him easy.

What a dear little dog, George would love to play chase and fetch the ball with Twinkle. He really enjoys the company of small dogs :)

Shame he hates being brushed though, he has to be caught, then one of us holds his collar, while he wriggles and squirms like an eel.

What a sweet little dog. So cute to look at. xxxx

Oh i love that little fluff ball he is gorgeous

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