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I'm 61next month and I work in a very good paying position in the Middle East with my wife and my COPD is getting worse by living here so I have decided to finish at the end of the year and retire to our place in Thailand (we are both British) as I find the climate much better for me but my problem is family and close friends who cannot understand why I could walk away from an easy well paying position which has no pressure but these are the same people who have no idea what COPD is and its difficult effects.

Anyone else out there who have close family and friends who cannot understand what people with COPD go through

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  • Hi will I know what you mean when family and friends don't understand what copd affect has on your life I have had severe copd for last four years and my family and have still not come terms with if you are both happy in you decision then go for it and wish you all the best so go for it as you are only here once and if it makes you happy go

  • Thanks for taking the time to reply but yes its very frustrating when people have no idea about the effects of COPD

  • I'm lucky. My son and daughters' understand and even my ex does as well. Most of my neighbours are aware of what I have too.

    Two of my daughters know Thailand quite well. One is out in Malaya at the moment.

  • Thanks, my Wife is a diamond and understands my problem and couldn't think of being without her. She is all for the move to Thailand and it was her idea in the first place to buy a place there and our house in the UK is rented out which brings us in an income

  • Go for it Will57, we have a motorhome and spend hols in France, always feel better when out there air much cleaner in the country, how will you manage for your mess easy to get out there ?

  • I did mean meds ( should have checked before submit lol )

  • All my meds are available and there are very good medical facilities in the area.

    Symbacort / Spireva and Ventolin.


  • People who really care for you will support what ever you decide

  • Hi Will57. I have found that the climate here in the LoS suits me and I have stage IV emphysema. Meds are not a problem here as you know. Do you have a "good" pulmo Dr here? My family & friends both UK and Thai understand the disease so no problem there. I would like to welcome you and your wife in advance to the land of smiles. Cheers Dave.

  • Thanks for the reply. Our house is in Hua Hin and there are a few very good hospitals and doctors, I know because last year I had very bad cold which enflamed my COPD and I went to the local Bangkok Hospital who took very good care of me.

  • My husband has severe COPD and other people have no clue. He looks absolutely fine as long as he doesn't move! In fact he wasn't very well last month and his sister rang. I dont usually tell them if he is ill but as she rang I told her, her response - "Is it the usual?" Arranging to go out is a nightmare - is the entrance close, will the weather be OK, will he be well enough and generally people do not get it.

    I would like to wish you the happiest retirement - do whatever you need to for your health, peace and happiness. Lots of love TAD xx

  • Thank you TADAW for those kind words

  • Hi, good luck living in Hua Hin, my husband and myself lived in Bangkok for

    Eighteen months, and used to visit Hua Hin for weekends.

    My one question would be how do you find you cope when it's very humid

    I myself have asthma and find it very difficult to breathe in the atmosphere

    there. Have a happy retirement x

  • I have lived in the Gulf for the past 30 years and its the pollution in the air from constant construction which is killing me and we have quite a lot of humid months here and in the summer period can be 49oC & 100% humidity.

  • My husband worked out in Thailand and the humidity was bad I have COPD and find humidity effects me more than gold weather

  • My Doctor has put me on Vitamin D3, once per week. Thanks for your input

  • Thanks I'll check that out on my next visit

  • I have COPD / Emphysema but absolutely can't tolerate any humidity - inc damp cold. I have to have a fan for showering. Funny how everyone is different. Not Thailand for me sadly. Good luck!

  • I know how funny things are from one person to another. My daughter lives in Austria up in the mountains and this is supposedly very good for breathing problems but for me I struggle all the time when I'm there.

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