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Hi, any advice would be greatly appreciated. My Mother has been diagnosed with COPM for Many years now and uses a v-pap machine nightly. Recently her consultant has prescribed oxygen for her to use at home for 16hrs- I believe this is a typical prescription. Anyway, she previously booked a cruise (from Southhampton) for early July and is now in a slight panic as she is still trying to come to terms with fitting oxygen into her daily life and feels that going on a cruise may be too much for her to cope with. I would like to take the pressure of things for her and, if possible, have someone deliver the oxygen directly to her stateroom for her to use for the duration of the cruise. I have found information on Omega oxygen supplies and hope that they are able to care for my Mums needs, has anyone used them before? Sharing of your experiences would be greatly appreciated by both my Mum and myself. Thanks in advance for any help/ support you can offer.

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  • Good morning Shaz38, When we travelled, we used Omega based in Brighton, we were very happy with them. Order it in plenty of time, when you arrive at the ship it will be installed and ready to use, They only installed Concentrators that you use in your cabin,not portable ones,maybe things have changed as it was 7 years ago that we last use them, we also rented a portable concentrator,it had a trolley and rechargeable batteries,also used mains electricity, Unfortunately I am unable to remember the name of the company we used. You can Goggle "Hire Oxygen " that will give you names. The downside of the portable Concentrators are they are very heavy to lift,easy to pull along,just like a small suitcase, Of course you have to speak to your doctor to get a HOOF certificate and permission from the cruise company you are using, Sounds a bit daunting, but it really isn't,just do all the arrangements in plenty of time, Good luck and God Speed,Bulpit

  • Hi Bulpit, thank you for replying, I appreciate your advice. Please can you tell me what a 'HOOF'certificate is as I have not heard of this. Thank you, Shaz.

  • Good morning Shaz, A HOOF certificate is supplied by you Doctor,it gives details of the persons oxygen requirements, When we travelled, we were never allowed to travel without one, maybe things have changed in the last 6 Years, Your travel company will be able to tell you what documents you need.Good luck, Regards, Bulpit

  • Dear Shaz,

    I am very severe COPD and used to cruise a lot until this year usually 3 times a year, if you go online to the O2 site you will see that they also hire large concentrators for the cabin they also hire the lightweight portables for use around the ship such as the Airsep freestyle they deliver to cabin and stay and demonstrate the equipment to you.

    The problem I found with cruising was that I was using too much muscle oxygen tensing to keep upright as the ship rolled in bad weather, I was starting to be ill for several weeks when I came off. You will also find that your travel insurance will rise enormously because she is on oxygen, she must tell them as they will not pay out in case of claim.

    Only specialist insurers will now insure her all others will refuse, I was having to pay around £800 each trip.

    Best Regards,


  • Hi Robert, thanks for replying. I am sorry that you are unable to cruise now, I hope you have found other ways to enjoy yourself. I appreciate your advice and I really like the sound of someone waiting for my Mum and showing her how things work- that would be very reasuring for both her and me as I will not be there. I believe she has spoken to her insurance company- it is very expensive but just has to be done. Take care and thanks again. Shaz.

  • I use ambulatory oxygen and omega oxygen company supplies the oxygen to my Stateroom. I will be having oxygen from them again the 1st June, it does cost a lot but its worth it to be able to go away on holidays. Some cruise company will only let you have one cylinder in your room at a time, but you only have to ring and you get a full one delivered immediately.

    I use a travel insurance from my bank but because of my medications, taking two different tablets for high blood pressure and having two chest infections in December I had to pay about £150 extra. My medical conditions would not have mattered and I would not have had to pay any extra (my diagnosis is Mixed connective tissues disorder with lung damage along with lots of add ons including High blood pressure).

    Hoping your mother will be able to go and enjoy herself.

  • Hi, thank you for replying to my message. I actually called Omega today but as it is a bank holiday there was nobody to help me but I will try again tomorrow- fingers crossed! I hope you have a wonderful holiday when it comes-not too long now! Shaz.

  • Oxygen provider will be the best also the company who you booked the cruise with I purchased a portable oxygen for this reason £147 from eBay goes by electric battery & car in a carry shoulder bag ,

    I would also check on medical insurance too

  • Thanks for replying. I will give e bay a shot and see what I can come up with. I think she has the insurance sorted. Thanks, Shaz.

  • You will find information on this site. Look under the topics oxygen and cruising. The general advice is to hire a portable oxygen concentrator and take it with you. Cruise companies are well acquainted with people bringing their own oxygen. Good luck

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