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Hello everyone, at the age of 57 I gave up smoking, I started smoking about 35 years earlier and over the years progressed to about ten cigarettes a day. I thought it would be easy to give up but it was not I had tried on many occasions. It was brilliant when I finally beat the addiction. However sine then, I get extremely bad colds, Bronchitis and ended up with Asthma and it has got worse and worse over each year since giving up smoking. I have been seeing the practice nurse in the past 3 months who has been a great help. But I thought I would be healthy after all this time. Is there someone who can tell me if they got the same thing I have and if the now have improved health wise or not. I just would like to know how other people feel and think, as I am so disappointed that I feel worse rather than healthier after all this time. Having said that I will never ever go back to smoking and wished I never had of started in the first place, I wish I had listened to me friends, work colleagues and advertising.

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  • "Hello..... and a big warm welcome to you.Denjan....What your describing is perfectly normal..sounds a contradiction..But for the first 6 months you will feel a lot worse for stopping smoking.. i was really ill and my COPD was severe stage 4.. i am 27% with my fev1..But! although i felt worse... I now..... 12 months on..Feel Great!!.....my medications are now working for me. i still suffer bad out of breath..and at this moment in time i am taking my rescue pack of steroids... But at long last..i DON'T Feel i'LL.....plenty fresh air and plenty exercise..a good healthy diet...and you too will soon feel the benefits of quitting. the cigarettes... ..jut keep positive. Denjan......let us know how your doing okay..good luck to you....Megan."

  • Hi Denjan, I'm an ex-smoker too & I thought stopping would make me invincible ;) & live forever as they would like us to believe .Unfortunately the 30 + years of smoking have taken their toll....however we would be a lot worse if we hadn't taken the step to stop! So just stay positive & think you have done the best you can do.....apart from exercising, eating healthy and stopping drinking...;)...keep it up, having a ciggie won't make things better, I promise,


  • Don't beat yourself up over smoking. I too felt ill after quitting but glad I stopped.giving up is a big shock for your body but it does recover in time, good luck. Joyce

  • Well done for stopping - it's not easy. I stopped five years ago after smoking for fifty years and cracking the addiction was bad enough without the appalling side effects. I felt absolutely dreadful for six months plus and was tempted to start again because I had non-stop colds, chest infections and a general state of simply feeling horrible.

    However, my cough got a lot better and gradually things improved and, looking back, I'm glad I persevered.

    Stick with it and keep going - it's worth it in the end. Good luck.

  • It,s taken two years for me to feel the benefit of stopping smoking.Some of the poisons in tobacco act as pain killers so cover up a lot .Now I,m beginning to really feel the benefits even though I have very severe emphysema Fev1 19%.If I had,not stopped smoking I,d probably be dead by now.Things will gradually improve,good luck!D.

  • Hello, I don't know about smoking but welcoming you to this site.

    There are thousands of chemicals in cigarettes, no? It stands to reason to will take a while to get your body clear of them all as well as coping with the addiction of nicotine. I've read there's even a chemical that opens the airways in them.

    Eat really well, stick to a healthy weight, drink loads to flush your body & moisten the mucus. Exercise, breathing exercises & above all get your immune system back, it will be sorely depleted after all your colds/infections.

    good luck, you will improve (although not if you don't do anything). Best, P

  • Hi, wondering how you are now? Any better? P

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