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Hi can any one help me please my dad is 69 and as recently had is chest X-ray results he as copd , the doctor said he as 98 percent oxygen levels and his still able to get around but gets out of breathe easy the doctor said my dad's lung s r at a very very low compacity and that it will be an infection that kills him and not the copd I am at my whit s end as I recently lost my mum and sister can any one please please explain to me wot the doctor means thank u

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  • Hi sonya, welcome,

    Your dad has copd but his Sats are good at 98%, some docs have no bedside manner, as I'm sure lots of people are told, U die with copd not of it. We all deteriorate as we get older and having copd aswel makes it harder to fight infections but not impossible with antibiotics and maybe steroids. It doesn't mean a infection will be fatal either , but If ur dad stays as active as poss, eats healthily and take his meds correctly,this will all help.

    I hope this makes sense 😃 so much harder writing stuff then saying it.

    We are all here to help and support U and ur dad .

    Xx sonia xx

  • Thank u Sonya so so much for your answer the doctor said because the antibiotics and steroids r not working as they should and it's take ing about 3 lots of both anti s and steroids to help clear the infection and that his lungs her at the end he will die with an infection and he s to take it month by month I'm living on pin s my dad can still walk around drive and bath ect and is active gets out of breathe easy but if it wasn't for is lungs being at the end so the specialist says he s fit as a fiddle xx

  • That sounds quite good really. If he's active and has an interesting life, able to drive etc all the better.

    Good diet, healthy weight, strong immune system, regular exercise, drinking plenty all helps to stave off infection.

    There are breathing exercises to help him through the shortness of breath and get more oxygen in his lungs - look on YouTube.

    Also on YouTube you can find how to take the inhalers correctly which is so easily done wrong to you don't get full benefit of the medication.

    Winter is the worst time when colds and coughs are around - we develop all sorts of strategies to avoid picking up anything.

    You know what? How lucky he has you! Most of us would kill for a relative who wants to understand 😃😃😃😃

  • Thank u so much for your kind word s and advise my dad s my world and if I could swop places I would , I carnt thank u all for your amaze ing advise and help and if I can ever repay the favour just ask luv to u all xxxx

  • "Hello and a warm welcome to you Sonya.... Sonia as put it to you in such a way that nothing can be added to her valuable keep focused on living a life that you choose to Sonia said to you..this disease wont kill long as we eat healthy foods.... plenty fresh air and all helps either keep infections away or helps us fight them... has your Dr recommended Pulmonary rehab to you?..ask him to recommend you go on a course..Good Luck to you...Nighty night...Megan."

  • Hi no he ain't thank u for your advise the doctor says it's not the copd that will kill him it's his lungs r at the end of life this is the bit I don't understand ?? Xx

  • Hi Sonya and welcome to our amazing forum. Sonia has given you good sound advice. I would just like to add that i have only 29% fev and not planning on going anywhere yet, far to much to do! xx

  • It sounds as if your dad would get a lot of benefit from a Pulmanory Rehabilitation course. Don't wait for your GP to get around to it, organise it yourself. Look for a specialist lung group at your local hospital. They go under all sorts of different names. Mine is the Respiratory Team. When your dad has finished the course, he will be fitter, more confident, understand his condition and learn some valuable breathing control. This would help him sort his shortness of breath out and he will end up knowing more than his GP...which isn't difficult at times. I would also look at the list of GPs available and what they specialise in. If none of them have COPD as an interest, it may be worth switching surgeries.

  • Hi my dad saw a privite doctor that deals with the lungs and copd

  • Thank u for your loverly adive my dad saw a specialist privite at the hospital x

  • Hello Sonya,your Dads doctor sounds very negative,69 is quite young to be talking of death these days.I would find a better doctor if you can.Few GPs understand much about our condition.Does Dad have a consultant? If not ask to be referred also enquire about pulmonary rehab as most of us have found it invaluable not only for the exercises but for the information gained.I have very severe emphysema and often struggle to breathe but learning how to control my breathing has meant I don,t panic so much and relaxation has a lot to do with it.Stick with our great site and we will support you and your Dad all we can.Good luck to both of you!D.

  • Thank u so so much for restoring my hope iv show ed my dad your email witch really helped and r going to purchase vitamins tomorrow can I ask how long it was befor u saw any improvement thank u x

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