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Copd treatments

Hi Helanin12. I just wanted to say I am following your advice and taking VitaminA 5000iu and VitaminB 5000iu twice a day. Have only been taking them for about a month so not expecting immediate results yet, but will keep going and hope for the best.

I do take Symbicort 400 - 4 or 5 times a day (which I don't think makes any difference to my breathing). Also I have Tiotropium bromide (Spiriva) which I take once a day, a Ventolin inhaler which I take every time I move from my chair. I can only walk about 10 yards before I need to sit down or lean on something to get my breath back. I do have a nebuliser for use with Ventolin Modules 5mg. not sure how much help this is. I have mentioned my feelings to my Dr who says my medication is all I need. I don't use oxygen as my blood gas is between 91 and 95 depending on what I am doing.

Do you think I should request to see a Consultant as I haven't seen one for 4 years.

Sorry this is so long, I only meant to send a note regarding the Vitamins.

Best wishes to yourself and Pat. Regards Judy

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Hi Judy,

Have you done any pulmonary rehabilitation classes? Many of us here have done them and they are evidence based to improve our functioning. They are run by specialist respiratory physiotherapists and consist of exercises tailored for your ability - everyone starts where they are at the time so no-one is asked to do anything which is impossible or frightening for them. There is also a time for education on all aspects of living with copd. You will meet others with the same condition.

When you see your GP you could ask her/him for a referral.

Re your question about seeing consultant, if you are mild then your GP may think it appropriate to handle your treatment at the surgery. But later stages should certainly see a consultant more frequently than every 4 years.

You could also call up the BLF helpline and speak to one of their nurses:

03000 030 5555 (office hours)

ps someone correct me if I've got the number wrong, I've just been trying to find it and can't, but I'm pretty sure this is right.


Hi 02Trees. many thanks for reply. I have been on a rehab course and was booked to do another but I was only able to attend 3 sessions as a rather severe chest infection, which lasted for ages, put a stop to me continuing the course. It has been suggested I go again as soon as the weather improves.

Will contact the BLF and speak to a nurse as you suggested. Hope you are keeping well. Judy


Hi BLF helpline is 0300 030 555

Take care


Have you had blood tests done on your calcium and also to check if and how much vit D you should be taking? I was down very low but only have 4000 a day prescribed because overdosing is stupid, Please talk to your doc before just going with what anyone says even though they may have good intentions xxx


good reply,i went to the doctor about vitamins he said not to waste my money,as if i did not need them they would be rejected.,


Did your doctor or consultant suggest you use the symbicort 4-5 times a day ?

When i mentioned to my consultant increasing the symbicort she said no definitely not i should only use it twice a day


My doctor said I could use it 4-5 times a day. Will check again when I see him. Thanks for caring. Judy


Dear Judy,

Welcome to the forum. Vitamins are quite an old recurring subject. You can check this in the search.

However, I take Vit D, Vit A with cod liver oil and Vit C with zinc, the zinc is to boost the immune system.

I am too with either 91% O2 to 95% O2. But exercises can and will help improve your health, I speak from experience, as in 2010 my lung function was 30% while, as it was tested last week, it’s now 42%! My consultant found me transforme, the CT scan proved that instead of sever, I am no only mild bronchiectasis.

Yes, you should see your consultant for a check-up and perhaps suggest to him to be enrolled on pulmonary rehabilitation with a pulmonary nurse, the pulmonary nurse is a real boost and a good follow up. She would help you with all the questions you could ask.

Exercise is vital. You can start with as little as you wish, in that way you can build yourself little by little and be amazed, even after just 6 months. Good luck, Mic

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Hi Heligmic. I hope I am replying in the correct way to your message. I have been on a rehab course 2 years ago and my doc is putting me forward for another now the weather has improved because I have deteriorated in the last year and my breathing is really poor when I walk more than about 5 yards. ok while I sit still but of course this isn't getting my exercising improved. Thanks for your reply. Keep well Judy


Judy, believe in yourself. REmember that you are in charge of your own body. (I learned this through my own experience, and Cesar Millan who trains vicious dogs to behave. The summmary of hos principles is: discipline and exercises every day, good food and play. This is the source of success and overcoming illness too.

What a wonderful idea to join again the Pulmonary Rehabilitation. I hopw that , once you have done the 6 weeks, you carry on with exercises. all teh bdest for better days. you can do it! Cheers, Mic

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Hi Mic. Thank you for your interest, I have been in touch with Helannin12 and have started the vitamins he suggested and will ask my doctor to refer me again for the rehab course. My breathing is very poor at the moment so started my emergency supply today. Also phlegm is gone from white to pale yellow, so if it's still the same tomorrow will start my emergency antibiotics. Will keep fighting this horrible disease and hope the vitamins help in the future. Hope you're keeping well. Judy


Judy, See helenann12 post on vitamins. This is an amazing account. I am following this couple because the husband has really interesting to say about his wife's treatment with Vit A and D.

Be better, Mic


Hi Helanin12 Many thanks for your reply. Silly me saying I was taking Vit B when infact I should have said Vit A 5000iu and Vit D3 5000iu. I notice these are a different strength to the ones you say - are mine too strong or should I change to the Vit D2 500iu. I don't want to overdo the dose. Regards again to you both. Judy


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