What happened to Vashti?

What happened to Vashtis' post today, has it been taken off, or is it just my computer acting up - again??

When I try to read the full story, it just flashes to the BLF site. I cannot imagine that she wrote anything offensive, although I know there are some that take offence if you dare to even sneeze! Anyone else having trouble with this post today?

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  • Maybe Vashti is having a break. Who knows but I am sure she isn't far away. I have in mind to go straight to her messages to read them all. I love the way she writes but but need to sit quitely (forgotten how to spell that Word) Good day all. xx

  • Hi pergola1, nice to hear from you today too and hope you are keeping as well as you can. Thinking of you. xxx

  • I have not seen the post Nikkers so don't know but I am sure all is well with Vashti. Hope you are ok too. xxxx

  • No, it's not that I'm worried about her, because she did write a post. But if you try to read it, the site says it's been removed? Why?

  • You are right Nikkers, happened to me too and no idea why. Perhaps she tried to attach a photo and it didn't work. xxxxxx

  • Thanks for that Sassy. I thought it was my daft computer acting up? The title did say something about it being "personal", so I guess some jobsworth has complained about something very petty as usual!? XX

  • Maybe vashti will post again soon. Take care xxx

  • Hi Nikkers It seems to be gone. Nothing would surprise me here lately


    Hannah xx

  • Nor me. we've had a few dodgy ones lately. :-D

  • How annoying :(

  • I replied to that too so not sure what happened?

  • Hi everybody,

    I read a post last night that she posted yesterday and can find no trace of it anywhere at all. Not even the start of it, its just disappeared. The post was about removing ticks from dogs, swatting flies, flowers and reminiscing about times gone by.

    Very strange that it has been removed.

    hugs from Huggs xxx :) :)

  • Yes, I think that was the one Huggs as I did manage to read the beginning of it! Strange how it's gone - but as I said, it's probably to do with some petty, pernickety idiot who thought it unsuitable and complained? Not that Vashti could ever offend anyone, we all love her stories. XX

  • Have people nothing better than complain! What next, Vashti stories

    Are great, how could anyone be offended? Beggars belief.

    Hannah x

  • I read that one as well. The bit after the tick- pulling was very intense and personal. Maybe she had second thoughts about sharing the content and removed it herself.

  • Yes, mine also went straight to the BLF site - what on earth is happening?


    No, No problems!!!

  • I've ha the same problem! Very annoying.

  • Its a shame vashti is a very humourous writer and entertaining, we all have health issues, that's why we are here, but its also nice to have friends who you can say things to without being on the defence or scared to say anything, hope you all are well, hopefully vashti back soon. Annette


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