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Update from accident

Thank you again for all messages of support.

Got good re car. IS repairable and hopefully will get back in a couple of weeks.

Quite stiff and sore so not gone into work this week but intend to go back on Tuesday.

Got hire car and drove it yesterday to GP appointment. Really glad dad came down he came on journey to GP. Was quite stressful and felt quite nervous but probably no surprise there!

He has gone home today and going to go for drive in car on my own soon.

I usually enjoy driving and am quite relaxed about it. Am sure that will come back - maybe once get MY car back again.

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Well good news re: car and I am sure you will get your confidence back but I imagine it will take time. Look after yourself, lots of love TAD xx


Good to here things are working out.


Great,you received good news! Don't worry,it's like getting back on a horse again! xxx


That is good news about your own car Bevvy and I am sure you will feel better when driving that. Good luck to you in the hire car though and do take care. xxxx


Good news about car but it may take time to get your confidence back. I needed to drive in my job and I didn't fancy practicing in a hire car, post accident, with someone I knew in the car.

I booked in with an instructor & drove the 70 miles return commute to work. I was fine.

Love Margaret x


Morning Bevvy, Glad to read that you are getting over your accident. I bet you were sore and stiff, So lovely to see your Dad,and reassuring for him to see you first hand. Have a good weekend,Regards Bulpit


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