Aspergillus update

A little update for those of you who sent such kind and such supportive messages to me. Today, I saw my consultant. He didn't make a very big deal about the Aspergillis growth on my sputum sample. He said that people with conditions like Bronchiectasis often grow Aspergillus without it necessarily being significant or permanent. I had bloods done, a CT scan arranged for 6 weeks time and will give another sputum sample tomorrow. He said that more anti-fungals might be necessary but he didn't mention steroids. So the instruction was ' don't panic' and for once I'm doing as I'm told :)

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  • Thank you !

  • Good news Argana - pleased for you hun.


  • Very good news argana pleased for you take care

  • Thanks Jimmy ! Hope you're doing OK.

  • Yes, one thing knocked off my 'worry list' for now. Thank You !

  • Oh that must have been music to your ears...just relax now x x

  • I did take your 'stop fretting' advice on board Mandy. Fretting is a major waste of energy and we should be saving our energy. Thank you !

  • It takes a lot of practice to stop though Argana, i think its took me till i was about 45 x x

  • Brilliant news argana, so carry on doing as ur told 😃 take care xx sonia xx

  • Thanks Sonia ! How's your foot doing ?

  • Still the same, the redness didn't spread so the abs done their job, but I still have an eyeball lol, going docs in the morning for a blood test for raynauds ( think that's how u spell it ) so I will get him to look at it. I've ran out of dressings too, so all day ive had dressing gown on ( couldn't be bothered today 😃) with a grubby dressing that won't stick so I put a black sock over it, I liked like Tom and Jerrys mom 😜😜 will let u know more tomoz but thank u for asking,

    Take care xx sonia xx

  • Hi Argana,

    That's good news to hear so you can relax a bit more now. You must be feeling so relieved. Good luck with the scan.

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • Thanks Huggs, nice to get a little good news for a change.

  • Yeah! Good news xxx

  • Thanks Tad !

  • Pleased to hear your good news as I worry as I have Bronchiectasis and Aspergillus. Could I ask you? Are there any foods you avoid because of the Aspergillosis. Xxx

  • Hi Ranworth, I was going to write a message to you on the other thread. Coming back down to earth, obviously I won't know until the bloods and scan results back if it's Aspergillosis or not. But the fact that the consultant was mattter of fact about it, reassured me at least for now. It sounds to me like you might have ABPA because some other members here mentioned having blood tests to gauge what level their Aspergillus was at. As regards food, I only know those foods that were recommended on the link that stilltruckin' gave you. When I have an update I'll let you know.

  • I don't know if it's makes any difference but I have blood tests. To see how my Aspergillus going.

  • Hi Argana,

    Glad to hear your news. Wishing you all the very best and good luck with the scan and bloods. Relax :-)

  • Thanks Modola !

  • Glad you are managing to be more chilled Argana. Hope you can stay that way.

    Don't we have a lot to deal with besides our basic conditions? No wonder we're exhausted most of the time. Anyway good luck with the tests. Take care :) :)

  • We do indeed trees. I hope things are improving a bit for you.

  • Definite improvement Argana. Globe trotting - well, london visit, both sad and happy events up there, now safely home again. But thrilled i could do the trip without mishap as I had been concerned something might go wrong. :)

  • :)

  • :) to you too Jens, Thank you !

  • I'm not a 'told you so' type of person but in this I'm extremely happy to have been right! We don't need extra burdens with lung disease. Take care, Bob

  • Well in this case, I really hope you are right Bob and you can say I told you so as often as you like :)

  • Well done PMA!

  • Thank you Offcut !

  • Thats great news Argana it must have been a weight off your mind. xx

  • Thanks a lot Sheila !

  • Good to hear argana i need to learn to stop been so anxious good luck x

  • Good luck to you too Jackie !

  • Hi Argana,it seems fighting our own mind games takes up a lot of our energy.Good you,re learning to control the gremlins,kick 'em into touch!D. 💪🏼

  • Fighting the gremlins is a lifelong battle but for now, if I can just kick the aspergillus into touch, that will do me fine.

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