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Not a good day!

As if I don't have enough to deal with - COPD, CFS, DIABETES AND chronic sciatica.

Today happily driving to work and had a car crash!

Other driver went through red light into my side of car!! He accepted full responsibility and even told his insurance that already.

I had excellent check up from ambulance - 45 mins.

Feeling bruised and sore now but warned probably happen and am grateful not hurt but very shocked.

If he had been concentrating would not have happened.

Not gone to work today and dad driving 4 hours to see me.

Hope to get hire car so can still get around and more important HOPE insurance agree repairable....!

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So pleased you were not badly hurt it must of been a shock for you! You probably will be sore later and hope you get the car sorted without any fuss. Take care. Jan


Oh Bevvy

Sometimes it just seems like one thing after another.

Be prepared for delayed pain. Make sure you have everything you need to hand just in case.

When will you get an answer from the insurance company, I hope you are not stranded for long. I feel terrible when I haven't got my car.

I am so glad you wernt hurt. I doubt the other driver will have learned a lesson. Shame.

Well let your dad take care of things for you when he gets there.

Keep us updated and wishing you a comfortable recovery.


I'm in hospital with my daughter appendix just what we didn't need so close to GCSEs


Hope your daughter is doing ok Sokrackers. Do let us know. Wishing you well too. xxxxx


Hope you are getting over your fright, I'm so glad you have not come out of the accident with worse injuries. Be so nice for you to see your Dad.hugs huff xxx


How awful for you Bevvy and so glad you are not seriously injured. Good luck with your insurance claim and wishing you well. What a shame. Take care and hope your dad had a good journey to visit you. xxxx


As others have said be prepared for bruising and stiffness in a day or two,ring insurance again tomorrow about a hire car,the other drivers insurance will pay for everything so there should be no problems,take it easy,you may feel a delayed shock reaction perhaps a few tears,hope you get everything sorted and feel better soon.


Thanks for all messages.

Still feeling bit shakey, but other driver admitted full responsibility and my insurance being very good.

Got hire car coming this morning and will go for drive. Need to do that ASAP I know.

Dad arrived here safely.

Not sure if will go to work tomorrow will see later today.


Don't worry about the car, thats for your insurers to sort out. Just look after yourself. May take a few days for the shock to wear off.


What a nightmare - I live in fear of car crashes. Thank goodness you are not hurt and you have the reassurance of a good check up by the ambulance crew. TAD xx


Glad to hear that you are not badly hurt must of been a shock for you. It does seem that they try to get more cars repaired now rather than scrap them.

Be Well


Morning Bevvy, you certainly have got a lot to put up with,now an added problem due to someone else's negligence. Nice of your dad to travel such along way to see you. Hope you soon feel better, Take care, Best wishes, Bulpit


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