Airsep Focus Oxygen Concentrator

My husband bought one of these last year and he found it brilliant for using on aircraft and on holidays. He unfortunately passed away three weeks ago. The company he bought it from don't have a buy back scheme so I am hoping to sell it privately. It has only been used when we were on holiday and comes with 2 batteries, car charger and of course works from the main electrical supply.

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  • Hi Ballyboffin,

    I'm sorry to hear of your loss. I really hope you are doing ok.

    I may well be interested in your husband's concentrator for my mum, as my brother and I would like to take her out to see the bluebells one last time, and are limited by number of cylinders we can load in the car safely.

    Are you able to give me any more information on it?

    How high in terms of litres of oxygen/ min does it go? My mum is on a fast flow.

    Can you attach a purified water beaker to it, to humidify the oxygen? Not so vital if only to be used outside the home.

    Whereabouts are you based, and how much were you looking for?

    Thanks so much


  • Hi

    The Focus is fixed at 2 lpm on pulse delivery system.

    It is the smallest and lightest on the market I use one on a daily bases.

  • Hi, thanks for your reply. Sadly my mum is on 9 LPM so it wouldn't work for us. I hope you sell it soon. Thanks again, and kind regards. X

  • Hi how much for the unit please and were do you live

  • I live in Northern Ireland but Im sure that it could be posted anywhere in the UK. It was bought in August last year and has only been used on 2 holidays since then so it is as new. The price was £1500 and I would sell it for £1000. It also comes with a pouch that you can put on a belt to carry it and a padded bag for protection. I also have the manual.

  • Hi ballyboffin, just wanted to express my sympathy for your very sad loss. Take care. xxx

  • Thank you sassy for taking the time to express your sympathy, it's very kind of you.

  • Hi Ballyboffin sending hugs to you on your sad loss, would you take any less than £1000 ?

  • Hi thanks ballyboffin I am still interested were be in northern Ireland do come from as my cousin goes over every week from cainryan I am from west coast Scotland Ayrshire if you give more information about the focus like the warranty how long is left on it thanke

  • Hi Jimmy. I'm afraid that it's a mystery box to me. It was bought from Pure02 in Manchester and I'm sure that if you look on their site, all the details will be on there. The shipping date was 15/08/14. It has only been used on two holidays. I live on the North Down coast near Bangor.

  • Hi thanks ballyboffin what is lowest price you would accept and what about delivery costs and how do I pay looking forward to hearing from you

  • I'd accept £900 and pay the shipping cost. You could transfer the money to my account.

  • Do you have a PayPal account

  • No I don't sorry.

  • Thanks ballyboffin but I have decided not to go ahead with this purchase at moment but I hope someone comes along and purchase's very soon again I am very sorry

  • Thanks anyway.

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