Its Monday but its also Sun Day

Yes here we are not yet seven and the sun is out and shining brightly across the fields, that's the view I got when I pulled back the curtains, so it really is sunny Devon to day, or in my part any way. One daughter came up for her roast dinner yesterday, granddaughter still not feeling 100% so dinner was plated and sent down and no Deborah now as she is nursing up in Southampton, so the table was down to three, it seemed most strange, but that,s the way life goes ah folks. I have a busy couple of weeks coming up, May 1st got to go for an X ray, then on the 6th its an ECG then back on the 8th for blood, that's to have some taken not get some, then folks I will be away for a short period as on the 13th its not a Friday I am off back into hospital to have the left lung sorted, then with any luck I will be sorted for a yearish or so. Right silly story........

This chap was driving down the motorway when a rabbit ran out in front of his car and even though he braked he hit it, he pulled over and checked and found that he had killed the poor little rabbit, being a sensitive man he began to cry, another car came along and pulled over and out got this lovely young lady (not a blonde) and asked what was up, he explained about the dead rabbit, she ran back to her car and returned with a spray can, went to the rabbit and sprayed the contents on it, within seconds the rabbit was up and started to hop away it stopped and waved, then moved on and waved again and did this till it was out of sight. The man asked what was in the can, she showed him the can which read.....

Hair spray.. restores life to dead hair and adds permanent waves.

Sorry about that I only tell them not write them. Have a really lovely day and keep on smiling.

xxx :) ;) Fred

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  • Morning from sunny Sussex. That made me smile. Ready to greet the day.

    😀 x 🐀

  • And a good morning to you, I like it when people and a little DozyDormouse smile, it looks like with any luck the sun is shining all over the country, wonder what's happening to our friends across the pond ? Speak later xx :)

  • Didn't realise you were in Sussex too Dozy. What a lovely place to be. We love it here. Hope you are well and enjoying the sunshine. xxxx

  • Sussex that must be north of Devon as not been there lol us Devon folk dont travel far oh arrrr. xxx :)

  • You should Fred, lovely place Sussex. Mind you, I do love Devon too and Somerset. xxxxx

  • Good morning from the Midlands, it is sunny here too but no fields to look at only urban sprawl I think is the word. Have a smiley day Fred xx :) :)

  • Morning to you to Kate, shame about your sprawl but you got the sun that's good, enjoy what ever you are doing today xx :) ;)

  • Lol...funny story. Good sunny morning back at you Fred, looks like it's going to be another lovely day. I hope your Granddaughter is on the mend soon Fred. :-) xxx

  • Hi there Lyn pleased you got the sun as well but I don't know about you but its still rather cold around the edges here :) Hannah will be fine I have not heard yet but I expect her to go into work as normal. Have a good day expect you will be pottering around in the garden once you are ready to take on the world or the garden at least. xxx :) ;)

  • Yes, definitely still cold here too Fred. I'm not sure what my plans are today...maybe a walk along the canal with my camera. There are lots of cute lambs around. :-) xxx

  • That sounds good Lyn , don't you worry if you think you hear something its only us lot walking with you in our thoughts, so if you feel like it you can chat with us in silence. Mind you love I expect you will be busy remembering other walks you have had along that canal. Stay well and happy. Love your friend Fred xxx :)

  • Hi there Lyn did you venture out and snap any of the little lamb, or did you just lounge around and potter. I did a bit of painting garden wall not canvas, then shopping against my will but being the driver no option really. Stay warm it seems we are in for a cold snap. xxx :) ;)

  • If flipping rained Fred, so I didn't bother. I went into town instead. Then when I got home I made some boiled chicken and rice for pooch. She has an upset tummy and she's thrown up a few times today. She enjoyed her tea though and its two hours since and she's kept it down. lol

    It's quite cold and breezy here now :-( xxx

  • We had the rain etc earlier today but at this moment I have had to draw the curtain so I can see the screen because of the sun, it should be setting very soon. Hope pooch is better now, speak tomorrow, I need to think of a joke or something now. ;) xxx

  • Mornin smiley ahhhh almost a rabbit stew!! Wow what a sun this morning at 5 am,well I was glad of that cold n rain damping down all the dust n pollen where I live,my neighbour sawing wood dust set me back a week ,I have been bad on full meds, as my kitchen n bedroom had dust coming in, and pollen at the front end so I have been trapped, should of gone away . On the mend now,but have to watch out for the pollen,get out down the beach, well have a lovely day n lots to eat,be happy.x

  • Oh Colours they were getting you from every angle , as you said it would have been best to have moved away, but after thought is a wonderful thing. Pleased you are on the mend so onward and upwards, so off to the beach , stay safe and go easy, stay smiling xxx :)

  • Yes, Fred its funny at our house too - back to three again as the big ones have returned to uni! Glad you had a nice day yesterday. Wishing you all the best for your hospital visits. Lots of love TAD xx

  • Morning TAD so you are a bit quieter in the house now, bet it seems strange, but they will soon be back hungry and broke again. Stay safe, love Fred :) xx

  • Good morning Fred the sun is shining here in Suffolk to, hubby has the week off work though he will be working in the garden whilst i sit and supervise! Then maybe out for lunch. Sounds like you have a busy time ahead. Have a great day xx

  • Morning your right it is a good one and it sounds as if you are going to have an easy week with the hubby under your feet for a week, I have said before its good to be a supervisor at times as long as the worker listens to the way it should be done. Stay smiling. xx :)

  • Morning Fred

    That was so bad, I had to laugh! At least it wasn't a blonde. She wouldn't be that dumb! Have a good day in your sunshine. Moons out. Nighty Night.

    Rubyxx 😊 😊

  • Right you are Ruby its nearly time you were awake so I can answer you now, since we spoke its got really cold, it rained and was dragged shopping but home now in the warm , so now its only about six hours before its my dream time, so byeeeeeee for now xxx :)

  • Hi Fred, your joke is so silly it made me giggle. Hope your granddaughter recovers soon. And you Fred. As predicted no shoes yesterday but orderded some on th net. Stage 1, if these are not ok, it's stage 2, order aa shoes on net, lovely fit but costa lot, so trying to avoid.Sunny here again but coldish. Dave at dentist today, poor love, i am going with him.... love Margaret, aka, slimfoot. Xx

  • Hi there Margaret hope that Dave got on alright at the dentist. Now about your shoes I have a feeling you are heading towards an expensive time or else it will be Margaret no shoes, it does seem strange you cant be the only person in the country with slim feet, or has every one with that size moved to the States. Keep smiling xx :)

  • Morning Fred, loved the joke :-) Sunny here, got all the windows wide open.

    Exciting day, daughter starting new job today, hope she loves it.

    polly xx

  • Hopefully Polly by now you might know how your daughter got on with her new job, always a bit of a worry when you change jobs as to how will you accepted, will it be the job for you, etc etc etc. xxx :)

  • Hi Fred, beautiful day here on the South Coast and lots of washing out on the line. Might as well take advantage of the sunshine. Your Deborah is doing a great job and who knows she may even get to meet Pete on 20th May when he goes into Southampton. Glad you enjoyed the roast dinner anyway and hope your granddaughter feels better soon.

    We had our almost 3 year old grandson for the day yesterday which was brilliant. Great fun but no time for relaxing. Thanks for the jokes and you do make me smile. Good luck with all of your upcoming appointments and wishing you well as always. Carole xxxxxx :)

  • Carole I knew you would have had a good time with the little Grandson I bet you were worn out in the end. Yes Hannah went off to work or so I was told. As for Deborah she is 50 this year and has been nursing since she was 18 but she now runs a unit for people with Mental Disorders but within the NHS its mostly young adults, she loves her job and only moved because there are better facilities up there. Cheers Carole keep smiling. xxx :)

  • Well done to Deborah, doing a great job and not an easy one at times I should imagine. Lots of love, xxxx :)

  • Hi Fred,it's evening here,& I'll be off to bed very soon!

    Wanted to wish you well for the 13th,sending positive thinking your way!

    I do always read your jokes,even if I don't comment!

    Take care,

    Huggs,Wen xxx

  • Wen its just lovely to hear from you when we do and to know how you are getting on, hope you have a good sleep with sweet dreams xxx :)

  • Hello Fred, hope you have warmed up it was cold in the wind today! I have been to get my ear checked and hoovered, okay for a few months hopefully :) I have a fire lit and the heating on. I loved your joke and I'm permanently waving and sending hugs to you :) huff xxx

  • It warmed up here in the end, so no need for the heating at the moment but you seem cozy, so your ear all sorted at the moment so you can hear us coming now. Stay safe and warm. xxx :)

  • Lovely start to the day Fred, hope you are well

  • Yes I am fine thanks, well I must be as I woke up which is a bonus :) ;)

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