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morning cough

i was diagnosed with chest infection or allergy and put on proximexa five days ago. my sputum was brownish but when i started medication, it changed gradually to a lighter color. i dont cough as much during the day but i do very early in morning till i produce this significant amount of sputum then i feel better throughout the day. only get difficulties in the night as i try to sleep. is this a sign of improvement?

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I am no doctor but I care for my husband who has severe COPD - in my opinion if the sputum is lighter and the fact that once you cough it all up you feel much better, I would say that is an improvement. But do be careful that you dont overdo things and watch the colour of the sputum - sometimes my husband needs more than one course of antibiotics to clear up an infection. Take good care, lots of love TAD xx

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I should think this is good (in my experience).

Don't stop the medication tho and be sure to go straight back to doc if sputum changes colour agai - as Tad says, it's very, very common to need another course.

Drink loads to keep the mucus moist and loose. Good luck. P


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