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chest infection/ difficulty sleeping at night

i was recently diagnosed with a chest infection, and put on proximexa. i have difficulty breathing in the night when i lie down and have to sleep in a particular position with my upper body elevated if iam to get any sleep. its been five days now on those drugs and despite the fact that sputum is almost gone, i dont see any other improvement. Any advise?

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Ah just read this after I replied to your other post! Having seen this if you don't see any other improvement go back to your doctor. My husband is usually given a short course of steroids to help his breathing when on antibiotics. The one thing that I have learned with this illness is that it is best to get checked out - again and again if necessary - things rarely get better without help. Take care, TAD xx

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No chest infection but i to have difficulty breathing, have to sleep sitting up with 3 pillows, i have been doing this since 2013 stay in hospital, Tripple by-pass and tissue valve fitted, also have copd,,so i'm not out of the woods yet, also have Pleural Plaques ( asbestos related) on Pamsvax Xl for prostrate&tail ulser caused by a pill i was taking in 2013, stopped pill in august 2014 but still have problem been referred back to see surgen who deals with tail end matters., i know i have went on a bit more than your breathing problem, as stated i too have the same breathing problem lying down at rest at night, hope i have helped you in a small way.


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