Washed my hair and cannot do a thing with it

Washed my hair and cannot do a thing with it

Well it is one of my favourite days of the week. Who am I kidding when you do not go out to work, weekends are just the same as week days.

Having said that I am surprised that you did not see fireworks, flying pigs and pink elephants above my house yesterday. Mr Dozy spent the day Spring cleaning. I am now afraid to go downstairs in case I make a mess.

Well that's my excuse for lazing on the bed watching the London Marathon. That and the fact that I have had one of those showers that we ladies have to have now and again. So I am smooth and soft and sweet smelling. And cream crackered.

Think I might have recovered enough to get dressed and perhaps do some washing and if he is very good, cook a roast dinner.

Or I might just stay here. Answers on the top of a pin please.

Mr Dozy is out hunter and gathering. Not really he is field target shooting. That is shooting metal targets with a small white spot, the target, which is on a metal animal lookalike. I personally prefer to watch paint dry, just not smell it.

Do hope that your Sunday is as scintillating as mine. Take care all

😀 x 🐀

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  • awwwww poor fuzzy mouse.Lol

  • Well I think my day is worse Dozy -my hair is in desperate need of a good cut and even then I can't do anything with it :) And I have just got back from the pub and watched my footie team lose 3-0 :( x

  • Hi DD,I,m energetically watching snooker,sheesh it,s hard work lol.😅

  • Hhhh

  • I spent the morning cleaning out my shed, but didn't find my resident mouse....I like your fuzzy one better....I want one!

    Fell asleep this afternoon...a really wild Sunday.

  • Love the fuzzy mouse - looks like he's has a very tiring day lol 😀😀

  • If theres a knitting pattern for your mouse, please let me know, hes lovely! Your day made me laugh, too tired to do anything, (me) too bored to sit any longer. And cant get warm, wish the weather would warm up a bit. why am I moaning, on the TV as I write all the suffering in Nepal is on the screen. love Iris x

  • Here is a knitted mouse pattern, he can also be felted.


  • thats kind of you Azure, but Im afraid its Dozys mouse or nothing! Ive fallen in love I believe! Must be old age! iris x

  • Soot Sat here pooped! Evie & I watched the marathon too, she spotted Big Ben & Buckingham Palace(where the Queen lives Nain ;) )

    Debating whether to go & bathe or just sit & veg in front of boxes lol, I can see a bath coming on as nowt on box & I,m getting square eyes.

    Catch you soon cariad


  • O, poor soft, soft, very soft, snuggly little furry munchkin! :) xxx

  • I have just read your post Dozy - a bit late its Monday morning! But we had a sort of non eventful, hard to do anything Saturday in fact I could have easily fallen out with anybody on Saturday!!! Hope the rest of the weekend was much better. Take good care, lots of love TAD xx (Ps the picture looks just like me - couldnt believe the likeness!)

  • Love the pic' Tina, looks like my hair when it's first washed! lol XX

  • My hair looks like it's been through a hedge backwards when I wash it. Hence my weekly visit to the hairdresser.

  • I did have a very energetic day with grandson yesterday. No time for sitting and watching anything other than CBeebies. Lovely time though and they are not little for long. Hope you are feeling good today Dozy. xxxx

  • Your a crazy lady DD so that crazy hairdo kind of suits don't it. At least you ain't got dandruff so things aren't so bad eh' Ha Ha.

    The wind is blowing out there today so unless you want another bad hair day best stay in.

    Tony xxx still looking out for his wing lady :)

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