Hi everyone, I posted quite a few weeks ago, saying that I had to go into hospital and have an operation, and my concern was how they were going to do this operation with my copd condition not being good. Well I am pleased to report that I had the operation on the 13th April, and all went well. I was given a spinal block and a general anathestic as well, a bit scary, but the consultants that were looking after me were wonderful, I had a radical hysterectomy, was in hospital on IV antibiotics for 4 days, I had no prob whatsoever with my COPD, I am at home now and although I have to take it easy for quite a long time, I don't regret the decision to have it done, I felt safe at all times with the team that was taking care of me. So trust in the people who know best about your procedure,

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  • Really pleased for you all went well hun. Lots of r and r now for you. Hope you feel a little stronger every day.

    love cx

  • So pleased all went well for you and you are now home and recovering in comfort.

    Thanks for the update. It is very reassuring to know that when it is necessary, we can safely have surgery in spite of our copd.

    Take care of yourself. With best wishes, Jan :-)

  • Hello , Meike I am glad the op' is behind you now and it went well! Just focus on resting up and a full recovery in good time ! :) hugs huff xxx

  • That's good news...now you can relax at home and continue getting better xxx

  • That's wonderful, I can feel your relief here. No don't spoil all there loving tender care by over doing things. Take care. Love Suzyxxx

  • Good for you Meike. Very pleased for you, now to take it easy for gentle recovery x

  • So happy everything went well for you, take it easy now give yourself plenty of time to heal.

    polly xx

  • Glad to hear meike

    That your operation was a success, and not nearly as bad as what we think sometimes, I think the thought is worse that the deed, glad you also had faith in the medical profession, that goes a long way, stay well. Annette

  • You take care and have the perfect excuse to do nothing. Do hope that after recovery you will feel so much better.

    😀 x 🐀

  • Glad all went well. I had a hysterectomy getting on for 2 years now. Plus had to then have emergency 2nd op 3 days later!! But anesthetic was fine.

    Now all over LISTEN to your body and give yourselves time to recover. It's not that long ago people had 6 months off work!

    I went to GP 2 weeks after op complaining I still felt ruff - GP fell about laughing and pointed out I just had major surgery!!

    I tried to go back to work 10 weeks after op, lasted a week then had another couple of weeks off. Just too difficult initially.

    Get well soon

  • Get well soon, glad it all went so well for you x

  • So glad it is behind you.Amazing how fast they have women out now ,that used to be roughly at least a month in hospital ,same with childbirth 10days with a straight forward birth 3weeks with a cesarian.Take it easy and no heavy lifting.Get well soon melkr mags x

  • That's great news, and very reassuring, hope you make a speedy recovery, rest up and take good care of you xxxx

  • Smashing news meike, chill out now, it's a big op to have. xx

  • speedy recovery. Stay well and ŕest ì am new to the this site my name is maggie xxx

  • Great news - so pleased that it has all gone well for you. Very scary procedure but how lovely to have such a good medical team. Wishing you a speedy recovery, take care and take it easy, lots of love TAD xx

  • Great news meike and glad all went well for you. I have found that reassuring as my hubby Pete has to have a back op in Southampton on 20th May. He will be well cared for I'm sure and you have helped me feel less anxious so thank you.

    Take care xxxx

  • That's great news, wishing you a speedy recovery.😍😍

  • Thank you everybody for all your get well soon messages

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