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Doctors and COPD

Do some of you find with certain doctors when you say COPD they dismiss it.

I have been struggling for the last 2 months first with a cold and then a chest infection and now this stupid cough that is so exhausting and will not go until the reflux has retched.

I have tried not to waste a doctors appointment , so 2 months ago it was the nurse practitioner, then the next 2 appointments was telephone consultation.

By the other day I had had enough and decided a doctor was needed to be seen.

I walked in and her attitude was awful, let me say a few words, dismissed that I had an underlying illness.

my temperature was fine my oxygen stats were good, so that was it.

I was informed that I was not the only one with this cough and that she had seen at 4 others the same as me, and that I had a viral infection, she spoke to the computer and seemed as though reading off parrot fashion. when we tried to say something she just repeated what she had already said.

Ok if it is a viral infection but there was no bed side manner, there was no talking to me as a person, no acknowledging I had other illnesses so was not in the best of health.

We tried to say about my pain down my side, and if she had read my notes had already been looked at back in February, her answer was well with all the coughing they are going to hurt.

Then her next words were when the weather gets better......... it was a lovely warm day with a slight breeze?

oh well thats one doctor we will not see again......

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We all have our moments I guess :)


I completely agree with you, see someone else in future, I would be very upset and annoyed at the response you got.


They are under so much pressure at the moment ,too many cuts , I have persevered for 2 years to change the system a bit by keep presenting myself at the docs so they had to get comunity nurses involved or it was hospital,so they had to welcome change and yesterday I went to docs to pick up prescription and was told I can see a doctor anytime I like ,I can just walk in and see one no problem, Infact they would not let me go and gave me a nebulizer and lots more meds. That is a complete turn around so be patient and you will get what u need. Take care,x

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Hello Jackie,I have probably been a bit spoilt by having good doctors,mostly.Our health is so important I won,t stand for any nonsense,They get paid well enough and with enough training there is no exuse for a bad doctor.The practise manager is my first port of call with my complaints and usually gets it sorted.Regards D.


Hi Jackie sorry to hear about your bad experiance. Get another doctor and ask if they have a pulmonary nurse mine is better than the doctor.

I have moderate to severe COPD and got a number to ring the nurse direct if needed. Rose

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Hi all thank you for your comments

I used to have a pulmonary nurse and she was brilliant. The only one that sat and went through all my notes and decided I was being treated wrong. but alas she has moved on, to new challenges.

I was telling a friend about the doctor without giving names, and they came back and said oh that wasn't DR .... so without giving names she is known for her attitude.

I am just taking it easy at the moment and signed myself of from work for a few days to give all chance.


I have just read your post on another post interesting , when not so late at night,(tried cutting the grass today worn out) will have a good read.


I would most certainly be looking for a new GP if I were you. This and many other posts I have read make me feel really grateful for living in Australia where I can get to see my GP whenever the surgery is open and also have access to after hours doctors who will come to the house. That is not to say that there are no doubt GP's here that I would not stick with. I fortunately have a great GP who treats me in a holistic way not just writing scripts.

Having said all that we do not, as far as I know, have the community nurse practitioners that seem to be available in other parts of the world.


luckily there are other doctors in the surgery, far better than her. so will see them, if I get no joy next time I will go and see after hours doc or walk in centre .

Thank you for all your replies and support


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