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Someone has pinched the Bright Golden Haze

Well we had the rain over night what time it started I have no idea but the ground is wet and the plants look happy, it's stopped now and there is a mist rolling down from the little moor so no idea what we are in for today, not that I am going far as the friendly electrician is coming around again this morning to update some of the light fittings, its something I would have been able to do myself a few years ago but not anymore. Right what about this one than ...........

A chap was going out to meet a friend and ordered a taxi, it arrived on time and off they set into the city, he wanted to speak to the driver and lent forward and touched him on the shoulder, the driver jumped in the air, yanked the steering wheel over, the taxi mounted the pavement, demolished a lamp post and came to a halt just inches from a shop window.

The passenger said he was sorry he never meant to frighten him, he just wanted to ask him a question.

The driver said " It's not your fault, this is my first day as a taxi driver, I had been driving hearses for the passed 20 years.

I hope you all have a really pleasant weekend and are able to do what ever it is you want.

Keep smiling now. xxx :) ;) Fred

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Good morning Fred.

I haven't looked out the window yet but it's looking a bit dark so will have another cup of tea before I do.

I wouldn't mind a bit of rain for the garden. Cheer the plants up as you said.

I have a lot of blossom on one of my pear trees which is a good sign but last year there was plenty of blossom but no fruit any ideas on that one?

I have been busy doing jobs but you can't see where I have been - shame.

So as it's rainy I will get my indoors ship shape ready for inspection.

Have a fantastic day all



Morning our lovely kracker good to hear from you shipmate, your sounding nice a cheerful, yes you need to get busy as there will be a ship inspection at 1100 hrs so as you said time to get every thing ship shape and Bristol fashion :) As for load of blossom but no fruit strange, our apple tree was the same one year and then back to normal with Loads of Fruit so sorry no knowledge there. Right I wont hold you up kracker as you need to get cracking xxx :) ;) Fred


Pleased to say since my first entry today the sun has now got its hat on and has come out to play Hoorah xxx :)


Lol...that one made me chuckle Fred.

Our rain started around tea time yesterday. It got quite windy too, I'm sure there was a roll of thunder with it, but it didn't come to much. It's back to coats and hats again for me.

My sister's home this weekend for her birthday, so I'll be catching up with her later.

Have a good day Fred. :-) xxx


Morning Fred! Just love the joke, certainly wasn't expecting that lol 😄😄. Not sure what to expect of the weather today - looks like we've had some rain overnight but it doesn't look as if we've had much. I'm hoping to go to our local nursery today to get some plants for our new garden - I've actually got a couple of beds now with SOIL in them, rather than builder's rubble lol. 😉😉. Enjoy your weekend and take some time to "chill". Jan xx


Pleased you got some of the garden sorted and clear of the builders rubbish.

The weather forecast for the country seems a bit of a mixed bag, so its hit and miss. Me chill I really do not know the meaning of the word I just can not sit still unless the health makes me, but will try and do as you say. Enjoy your trip to the garden center. xxx :) ;) Fred


Well thats you sorted for the day than I expect you got loads to catch up with, does you sister normally live away and is she your young or older sister ? nosey devil arn't I :)

Right enjoy the weekend and stay warm Lyn xxx :) ;)


Morning everyone,

Hope you all have a great weekend. I don't have anything exciting planned, I am sorry to say. I just have to make sure I stay away from the outside of my door which my neighbour kindly painted for me yesterday. Feeling better today so will likely do some tidying around and a friend is calling later, as I can't get out just now.

It got really cold yesterday, and continues today with the rain. Enjoyed the joke Fred, which I heard before but its just as funny hearing it again.

Take care,

hugs from Huggs xxx :)


Hi there Huggs when I read your bit about the door, I thought of Tom Jones and "Green Door" funny how the mind works, or mine anyway. Hope you enjoyed your friends visit. Hugs on there way back. xxx :)


Hi Fred,

lol My door is white, sorry. I shouldn't have invited trouble by saying I had nothing exciting planned. I forgot my neighbour was doing the gloss coat today, and when I went out to feed the birds she heard me coming and shouted at me, not to come out. Naturally, I didn't listen, lol and saw she had spilled the paint all over the veranda. I had covered up my nose and mouth, so ran and got turps, while she did the same. I thought I was well protected from the fumes so thought it would be funny to take some photos of her cleaning the mess up. lol I ended up copping a lungful of paint fumes and turps for that, so had to get treatment but fine now, and my friend arrived in the middle of it all and couldn't get into mine because of the paint. Total calamity and hilarity ensued until the coughing and wheezing started.

Its all sorted out now though, and everythings back to normal.

You just have to laugh.

hugs from Huggs xxx :)


Huggs I am sorry in advance and pleased that you are alright but I could see what was coming and saw it in slow motion in my minds eye, if only it was on video and I did try not to smile honest. Thanks for that it almost brought the sun out. xx :)


lol lol I bet you were laughing your head off, as we all were and still are actually. I just wished I had it on video to post for you. lol I must have been a site as I had gone out with a scarf over my nose and mouth, and was in my dressing gown too. ha ha ha Its a good job I have a neb now. It was so funny and my neighbour was covered in white paint and when her husband came down to see what all the fuss was about he brushed against the newly painted door, so he got in trouble for that so made a speedy and wise exit. lol It was just a comedy of errors, that happened all at once.

We have to laugh at these things though, no point in getting upset over them.

Hope you have had a good day and feeling okay or even better than that.

hugs from Huggs xxx :) :)


I am a bit thick this morning Fred,had to read it twice,but then got a giggle,lol


A bit slow maybe but there is no way you are thick , far from it I think rather a clever lady, but I am glad you had a giggle. xxx :)


Well it was a bit early for me this morning,thank you for the compliment,I like to think I am still on the ball,Lol


Good one Fred made me laugh :-D

Not doing a lot today except put away the shopping that was delivered yesterday, I was too tired then so will give it a go in a while.

The sun is shining here at the moment but a bit windy.

Have a good day everyone.

polly xx

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Hi polly late in coming back to you had a workman in , but he has finished now did a good job and cleaned up fully after , a good worker. Its raining at the moment and misty. Stay safe. xxx :)


Good Morning! :D who needs the sun to come out and play when we have you Fred!

New light fittings sound like music to my ears, I wonder is it expensive, my big fellow ( 6'6" ) has broken most of ours by banging them with his head.

Hope you have a happy day, hugs huff xxx


Hi there huff sorry late in coming back to you but as you know had the man in to sort out the lights, a dome type in the bathroom some wall lights in the bedroom , I am only 6' 1" so don't have that trouble but did when I was in submarines. As for the cost not to bad infact very good its a local lad who is fully qualified and dare I say its all cash work. Keep smiling huff hugs also on there way to you as well. xxx :)


Up at 6am too Fred but as it was raining got the newspaper and went back to bed with a cuppa. The sun is trying to peep through now so maybe we'll get lucky in London. Hope you get your electrics sorted. Have a good day.

Loved the joke! Sara xx


Electric's all sorted and a good job done, raining here and very misty, I just can not go back to bed once I am up, but suppose I could be tempted lol anyway have a good weekend Sara xxx :)


You have a good weekend to Fred, loved the joke! xx


Thanks Sheila will do not that have any thing planned, still not tidied the garage and with the rain car not cleaned either. xxx ;)


the sun shines in our hearts on dim days like this then what the Problem!


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