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Low FIO2 Levels

This is the same thing that happens to me but only when I am in an exasperation, however; by the time I get an appointment with the pulmonologist I have started to feel better. So my FIO2 may drop but not as drastically or as much. So they have always looked at me like I was crazy. There in were the problem lies! So here I sit feeling like crap, my lungs hurt especially if I have to take a big breath, (yawn, sigh, cough...).And even my own sister and brother-in-law thought I was drinking too much, no I told them that I am hypoxic, and that's why I am unsteady on my feet! Thanks for listening, Take Care to all! Nadine 😊

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I have hypoxia it not nice that's why I am on oxygen ñ for my breathing but for my brain and my heart that's were I lack oxygen an uses u alway feel better when u go çute doctors then they send u off within a week u r ill again the thing I hate the most is being so dam useless not being able to.do the things for my self ÒF I do try but always end up.thatbreathless I have to. Sit ages to come round an try not to.panic as if I do I. Am in real trouble then. Xxbobbydoda


Hi Bobby, I am so annoyed with my Dr. right now, I know that this has increasingly getting worse over the past couple of weeks. I have also been diagnosed with Dysphonia and Bilateral Vocal Cord Paralylization. So he states that they all have the same symptoms, however; COP-BOOP-COP is the only one that one where I would have a drop in my FIO2, and it makes me feel like I am crazy or he thinks that I am. And you are right when I do get upset it increases my SOB! Thanks and Take care, Nadine


Your welcome nadìne there àll the same they don't give you ènòugh info until ì T's to ĺ ate there all the bloody same in my book hugs for u nadìnè x


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