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I have c.o.p.d although 12 months ago I was doing fine. Swimming albeit slowly . Walking dogs,and generally doing okay. In fact, after giving up smoking, a few years back I was doing great.

Then gradually, I seemed to have a tightening of the lungs . Back in Fenruary I became so uncomfortable whilst on a short stay in the Cotswolds I took myself t A and E. I was diagnosed with a viral infection in my R lung. I was given steroids, I was given yet more steroids by my dr. Still getting worse (now hardly able to walk a few steps, I was given antibiotics and several inhalers. I was admitted to hospital . Put on a drip and had chest X-rays and numerous other tests. Nothing found.

My dr 3 week sent me to the Astma nurse. Who said she believed it was allergens and to note when I felt better or worse.

Week before last , I was again returning to the Cotswolds. I had only driven about 30 miles and I started to feel so ill. Tightness in lungs and really bad wheezing. To cut this long story short, it turns out to be, my van which was the culprit. Everytime I put my blowers on I was poisoning myself with u burnt diesel fumes, due to a fuel leak under the bonnet.

This has been happening for months. Van now in garage being sorted.

I'm well on the mend and really improving rapidly and life is great again.

Beware diesel fumes

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How scary for you but brilliant that the problem has now been identified and you can concentrate on getting well. Thanks for the warning!


WOAH! That is incredible how bizarre. Thank you so much for posting - thank goodness you have found the problem and are now recovering. Take good care, TAD xxx

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Not in my wildest dreams did I suspect my van, I carry my dogs in it too, goodness know what has been happening with them.

Reply Hi Jessica im glad you found the cause diesel is harmfull for anyone with lung disease,,


So pleased you have found the cause , the van has been repaired & you are on the mend. I used to work in oxfordshire, i thought you were going to name the rape fields.

keep well, margaret x


I live in Yorkshire and regularly walk in the wheat,rape, etc fields so I couldn't figure out what was different in Cotswolds. I have only had this van about 9 months so suspect that is the amount of time I have been taking in the fumes, which I should add. I could not smell. As an ex smoker my sense of smell is very good these days .

Anyway as everyone says. I am well on the road to full recovery and I think I have been extremely lucky. Thank goodness I was told to be alert as to when I started to feel worse.

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Well done for sorting that out Jessica. You will soon be back to your normal self. Silly van - I would hit it with a branch (Fawlty Towers). :d x


We all live in fear of getting worse so, I can imagine how relieved you must have been to find the source. xx


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