I wana tell you a story

A farmers old donkey fell down the well and no matter how hard he tried he was not able to get the donkey out. Oh well he thought he is an old fella and not a great use so it can stay down there, I need to fill the well in anyway as its dangerous. So he called over his neighbours to help and they started to shovel the earth down the well onto the donkey, who made a lot of noise to start with crying and ee aweing, but then the noise stopped. The farmers looked down and were amazed at what they saw, as the earth landed on the donkeys back he shook it off and stood up on it, the more they shovelled down the higher the donkey came up the well.

Its was not that longer before the donkey got to the top stepped out and trotted off.

NOW........... The donkey trotted back a short time later and bite the farmer on the ass so badly that it became infected and the farmer died, from septic shock.

The moral of this is.......When you do something wrong and you try to cover your ass, it will always come back and bite you.

Morning all you lovely people its misty and rather dull here this morning but still dry as they reckon we are in for some rain, if that's true I am pleased I never washed the car, Quick Lyn get it out the garage

:) ;) xxx

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  • Lol...that's a good one Fred. lol.

    A little overcast here this morning and rain forecast for this afternoon. I was just reading that we could have sleet showers next week. We could end up back in Narnia... lol

    My garage needs a sort out like yours Fred...we'll see. Not sure what my plans are today. Whatever the weather, have a nice day Fred. :-) xxx

  • Oh if only just think how lovely that would be to be able to nip in and out of Narnia when ever the fancy took you. I get some funny looks in funiture shops when I climb in all the wardrobes in the hope of finding that special one. Oh well back to dreaming Lyn. Have a good day, I shall not be going far as Kate has asked to borrow the car as she is going to a farewell party to night and Hannah is driving up to a friend in Birmingham after work for the weekend, so if I do want to go into town its the bus with my bus pass for me.

    XXX :) ;)

  • Lol...yes I'm sure you'd get a funny look wandering in and out of wardrobes Fred. Would be good though....if only...I'm a dreamer too. What would we do without an escape route through our imaginations.

    :-) xxx

  • So true Lyn without our imagination we would have to sit in the wardrobe then waiting for opening time lol :) xxx

  • Fred good story,going to show it to grandson, he told his girlfriend he was staying at home last night and didn't , he went out with his mates, I told him to tell her ,but he thought he would get of with it,:::Wrong:::haha he came in nearly bubbling she had finished with him, Sun has been out a good half hour here and a blue sky ,fingers crossed for a good morning xxx

  • Oh dear hope they make it up in the end, the mist is thickening here no sun around this end. xxx :)

  • Morning Fred , good story today, misty and cooler here in Dublin, and having

    My morning cuppa. Have a nice day Fred.


  • Hi there Hannah look after Dublin for us, always wanted to visit but the nearest I got and that was not even near, was when the ship I was on visited Londonderry, mind you we had a great time the people were great to us sailors. Enjoy that cuppa xx :)

  • Brilliant Fred and so true. It is misty and dull here too but hopefully may brighten up later. Have a good day and keep smiling. xxxxx :)

  • Morning Carole misty and chilly now but as you said we got to keep smiling no matter how hard. xxx :) :)

  • Have a good day Fred xxx

  • Cheers TADAW same to you, its getting colder here. xxx :)

  • Morning Fred, the sun is out in Manchester this morning but a bit chilly. We had glorious weather at the Harrogate Flower Show yesterday. Sorry no photos as I was too busy trying to balance the oxygen and yet more plants on my mobility scooter. Have a good day.

    Mandy xxx

  • That sounded as if you really did have a great time Mandy would have likes a photo of you doing the balancing act with the flowers, oxygen etc. Enjoy today what ever the weather. xxx :) Fred

  • Good morning Fred and all

    The sun is shining and all is well

    I'm starting with my 'ultra' positive mode again today.

    I got 'into' my garage yesterday and made some room. I will give it another go today as the weather is due to change. All my seedlings are through and my hanging baskets dusted off in readiness.

    I have planted my tomatoes upside down this year so will be interested to see how they turn out.

    Think I will make a carrot cake today but my chicken eggs are a bit strong for cakes.

    Oh so full of ideas and plans. Now I've got to live up to it so gotta go.

    My scan was comfortable last night another week for the results so will keep smiling and keep busy.

    Take care my friends


  • How great to hear from our our Kracker and you sound ready to take on the world, look out garage here she comes, love the bit about the tomatoes I am sure they will do an about turn. Stay positive love Fred aka the old submariner xxx :)

  • Hi Fred, a funny but cautionary tail ! Sun is out here, has been all week but when we went to Duxford on wednesday, it was cloudy, windy and a bit chilly. Smashing to see all the aircraft though and a Spifire kept us entertained. Going to get my hair trimmed later but in the meantime will explore the wardrobes.. Have a good day, love Margaret x

  • Yes I bet that was good to see all the old aircraft, one of my uncles who was a Fleet air arm pilot died in the second world war flying an old Swordfish double winged plane in an attack on a German battle ship in the English Channel, they had no chance he was married and 22yrs of age, so far since 1939 there has been 10 of our family in the Royal Navy so far, Oh Life on the Ocean waves. Keep checking the wardrobes Margaret.

    xxx :)

  • Good Morning Fred, It is beautiful here at the moment but the forecast not so good for the rest of the day. I have got some Breathe Easy work to catch up on so will be sitting at the laptop most of the morning.

    So true that joke of yours. Have a lovely day.

    polly xx

  • Good day Fred

    That was a great story! The farmer got just what he deserved.! Chilly weather here today. More like fall. Hope all is well with you.

    Rubyxx 😊

  • Hi there Ruby the sun has just come out as the mist lifts, they say the rain is coming lets hope it changes course and heads away to sea. All well this end love or as well as its going to be.

    xxx :)

  • Hi Fred, mornin' on your misty dull day. Bright and sunny here (gloat!) but due to get much colder and rainier too i think, so won't last.

    Whatever the weather, Im sure you'll find something to tickle you today Fred.

    xxx :) :)

  • Its good to find something to tickle your fancy, hope you enjoy today love so go for it, see you in the wardrobe at some point. xxx :) Fred

  • Morning Fred. Loved the joke. Much funnier than blonde ones :) x

  • A blonde by any other name is still the same lol xx :)

  • The title reminds me of Max Byraves.

  • You win the prize, I was wondering if anyone would think that :)

  • Oh hahahahahah

    I love that thank you x x

  • You are most welcome Mandy xxx :)

  • You really do have such a fabulous attitude . Your posts are always so lovely to read x

  • xx ;)

  • Loved that one,lol

  • Hi Glenice hope your bearing up with things, weather rather over cast and chilly, enjoy your time doing what ever your doing lol. xxx :)

  • Hilarious Fred - now that's what I call joke with benefits! lol XX :-D

  • Hi there Nikkers pleased you liked that one its also the sort I like when I can find them, hope your all right speak soon. xxx ;)

  • very good thank you xx

  • No thank you for being on here. xx :)

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