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Hope you all doing as best as you can, I have a question as I am relatively new to COPD symptoms, so learn as much as I can hear, I was diagnosed with mild COPD for about a year, the nurse says it is mild, but I can hardly breathe after going up 13 steps, that is the stairs in my house, I nearly cry at the thought of going out, be fore this happened I used to walk at a very fast pace for more then an hour, now I walk so slow its unbelievable, this did not happen slowly over time, but breathing difficulties came on very fast, I've had heart checked that's okay, I was told small bit of lung damage which they say is COPD, I've never had lung infections, mucous, cough or anything like that, doctor won't send me to see a consultant, he says not bad enough yet, or I cannot go for pulmonary rehabilitation, sorry going on like this, what triggered this speech of was just took my rubbish out, and could barely breathe when I got in, just 4 steps from my house, I am on Symbicourt 200 it did work at first but not now, just wondering does COPD symptoms come on fast like this Annette

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  • Annette trust me when I tell you I started Feb 2014 And I hit me Like a brick without warning, it scared the Hell out of me when I couldn't take the dog out as I live in a very hilly area and every time I couldn't breathe I widdled myself. Stopped going anywhere because of it, but thank god I have a great doc - matron- COPD Clinic and heart guy And this site for constant support and humour I can cope with the not so good days,I thought my days were numbered and eventually like everyone on this earth they will be but watching the folk on here made me realise I can live as long as anyone ( maybe without jiving any more lol)

  • Thanks Softwabbit

    I really needed to hear that, thought doctor made an error, I did exactly what you did, but have started going out again, painful as it is, I am determined to put one foot in front of the other, in fact I say this to myself for about an hour before I go out, so I am changing the way I think, otherwise as you know it becomes unbearable, thanks again for advice, and keep well yourself. Annette

  • Good Morning, I am so sorry to hear that you are suffering like this and not much support from your Doctor. Firstly I would suggest that you ring the BLF helpline and ask their advise with regards to treatments that are available eg. a reliever inhaler for when you are very breathless and/or an inhaler that opens your airways. You can call the helpline on 03000 030 555 Lines are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. ALthough my husband is now classed as very severe - he has been on a variety of inhalers.

    My husband was also told that he was not bad enough to go for pulmonary rehab but I insisted, I talked to the respiratory nurses and asked and asked until he did get a referral. It was life changing for him because it not only increased his fitness levels and taught him some breathlessness is OK but gave him lots of information about his illness.

    My husband has had this illness for over ten years and I have learned that you have to be proactive and ask and ask. If you don't feel well make yourself a nuisance. You do have COPD but you are entitled to quality of life. It is no fun living in fear.

    So please ring the helpline and ask what they can advise with regards to treatment etc. Take good care of yourself, lots of love TAD xx

  • Thank you so much Tadwaw

    I really don't know what I would do without this forum, this is the only place I get advice, and all advice given I defiantly will act upon, I am fed up with the GP and nurse, they know I also have liver disease which has lead to cirrohiss no alchohol related, that's horrendous to cope with as it gives so many other problems within the body, it has also given me portal hypertension which has caused me to nearly lose my life in 2013 owing to 5 pint blood loss through mouth, diabetic type 2, really not feeling sorry for myself, although I might sound it, I have to cope with it or go under, but they know all this and still they want to fob me off, well thanks to all you caring people here, I now am going to demand any help I can get for this COPD, with also doing what you all advised me here, thanks again hope you keep well. Annette

  • Hi Annette, I too have felt like you do at the moment, but I do have better days as well.

    I would go back to your GP and tell him/her exactly how you feel, maybe a different inhaler may help...they will know.

    Have you rung the BLF helpline for advice ....they also have leaflets and an exercise booklet .

    Have you tried the pursed lip breathing technique, some people find this helpful when they get short of's on You tube.

    I find gentle belly breathing with a relaxed diaphragm and in through the nose only, not shallow upper chest breathing helps stop my panic.

    Take care and ask for all the help you can get.

  • Thank you Knitter for your reply, I have not rung BLF but that's next on my agenda, I will also look on utube for the breathing technique, why the nurse can't tell you this I don't know, maybe its because she a nurse for everything, not just COPD. Thank you once again. Hope you are well. Annette

  • Hi Annette, i have had a copd diagnosis for over 10 years now. I was mild when first dx but i had lots of bronchitus episodes. I wasn't at all well. I have swung between moderate and severe , at times found walking very difficult, wet myself when coughing, been embarressed by the cough and wheeze. But, i do get very well periods, i have some limitations but i enjoy days out etcetera. Don't smoke and get your meds right, ask for an exercise video, these are really good . Take care, love Margaret x

  • Thank you Scorpiolass

    Thank you for your kind and response, thank god I gave up smoking 10 years ago, what concerns me is I have no cough, and no wheezing on chest, most people I have meet with COPD have these conditions, so glad yours seem to be under control and yes doctors will have to get my meds right, I have asked to see consultant for this disease, but gp said not bad enough, I tell you he is not walking in our shoes is he. Annette

  • hi i think you should go back to your docter and tell him about yourr problem with mild copd 4 steps is low,and tell him about your symbicort 22 not working.i am on stage 3 and use simbicort 400,do you have a ventolin inhalor if so try a puff of that ten minutes before you walk or go upstairs,i feel your doctor should refer you to a physio to show you ways tobreath easier

  • Thanks Squady

    Yes I agree 4 steps then breathlessness is ridiculous for mild COPD no I have no ventolin inhaler which now I am going to ask for, thanks for your help, will let you all know how I get on Annette

  • hi,change your doctor,ventolin opens your airways,and helps you to breath easier,i dont cough or bring up much sputum,there is two types of copd,one dry the other wet,i also think your simbicort is to low mine is 400,push for a one on one phsio session,dont leave it to lung to see him

  • Thanks Squash you are right, I'm going to see my gp Monday, and am not taking his word for anything, he is not going through this, ventolin yes I had a couple of puffs of a friends inhaler, I'm sure I could breathe easier. Thanks again. Annette

  • about the ventolin aske for two,then you have one for the car

  • Will do Squady, you think of everything thanks. Annette

  • any more info just call it,hope youre doc sorts himself out and more to the point sorts out youre meds xx

  • Yes Squady I most certainly will, I am so prepared for this doctor Monday. Annette

  • good for you,nail him to the wall,last course of action is a second opinion,take care xx

  • Thanks Squady

    Will do and let you know how I get on. Annette

  • good luck at the doctors today,thinking of you xx

  • Thanks Squady

    This is unbelievable, I didn't take Symbicourt 200 last night, and unbelievably breathing absolutely brilliant can't believe it, what do you make of that. Annette

  • im chuffed for you,symbicourt must close the tubes,i use it twice a day 4 puffs,you need to see your doctor and he will take you off it and have youre notes to say you cant use it,take care xx

  • Thanks Squady

    I could not get to see doctor yesterday, so am going to get an App: for this afternoon, I know I should not have done it but I took myself off it, a friend who has asthma gave me a purple pump 2 puffs twice daily, and today although bit breathless, at least I walked for 25 minutes, without chockeing to death, I did not put this down to the symbicourt, but for the last few months, my hands would shake, fingers I mean, that has stopped within 24 hours, I will also show him the pump I was given to see what he thinks, but never will I go on symbicourt let you know what happens. Annette

  • hi,what i meant was inform the doctor that you stopped it,not just come off it,walking for twenty five minutes is great,if i walk ten minutes my heart rate is 140.look forward to hearing how you got on xx

  • Oh I see Squady, thanks, can't wait to see him only thing, I keep forgetting to say is for about a month my left ankle swollen, better mention today, let you know when I get home, thanks for being such a friend. Annette

  • how did you get on.let us know please

  • Just put everything on site Squady, you will get a surprise I think. Annette

  • Hi, I can't add much except to say that this doesn't soundright at all.

    I hope you will call the BLF helpline to get some guidance on what to do next, how to get the treatment you deserve.

    Is there another doctor in the practice you can see?

    I do sympathise, it took me two years of illness before GPs took me seriously and gave me a referal, another few months to get the meds right, another few months to rebuild my immune system plus all the support here have me loads better.

    Keep at it, don't accept being fobbed off.

    I would be fighting for a CT scan which would give a proper diagnosis.

    I did PR. They were glad to have me, I was told that the modern way is to get people in early and not wait until they are 'worse'. It helped me enormously in not getting worse, I learnt so much.

    One big thing I learnt was that I'd been taking the inhaler wrongly for three years!

    Good luck. Make that call.

  • I most certainly take your advice, something is telling me its not right, I had what they call a massive GI bleed in 2013, my breathing was fine up until then, I was then told it was due to lack of iron, which is plausible, after 8 months iron level went back to normal, breathing didn't, have to take iron rest of my life, they left me one year with this problem, as they said it would take a long time to get over it, I kept going back was sent for xray heart fine, also had heart scan that's fine, they said small bit of damage on one lung which could be cops mild form, I will definitely contact BLF and going to pursue this with my gp I am going to demand to be seen by someone who knows, because I know for a fact with liver disease you can also get breathing difficulties, thank you so much for advice and caring attitude from all on this site. Annette. Thanks Peege

  • Hi Peege

    Me again I made a spelling error, meant to put COPD instead I put cops that's what I feel like doing calling the cops to escort me to A+E LOL ..annette

  • Hope you get it sorted you have to fight for everthing so wrong my husband has copd it seems we fighting for everything keep strong x

  • Hello Shamus01

    Thank you I know, I have 4 chronic diseases, I am trying to cope with, and these doctors just give you more stress and pressure, they think they know what we are going through, if they haven't got it they don't hope you and your husband are doing as well as possible, if it wasn't for the good people on this site, I think I would have given up, the only real help I've got for COPD is here. Annette

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