COPD - persistent Problems

COPD - Repeated Chest Infections

Sorry to be a nuisance! This is the third time I have come down with a chest infection since a bout of pneumonia last November. I have noticed my breathing deteriorating each time and I feel it harder to recover! I am employed as a tanker driver refuelling military helicopters and aircraft and my reap nurse is now wondering if the vapour and fumes might be having a bad effect on me!

I am worried sick as I worry about having to retire from my job. I have just over 3 1/2 years till I retire!

Oh, and can anybody tell me if they have been able to get a disabled badge for car travel?

Thanks a lot fellow sufferers!

Goodnight and Godbless


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i know how you feel mate,i done nine year in the royal corps of transport,with constant infections and i was downgraded with it,we used to dip the tanks of our fuelers,thats when the fumes were bad,you could stay upwind when refueiling or is that a no go?.

chat your nurse to see if milk might help,we had milk in the spray paint sheds,hope this has put your thinking gear into cog,othwise you will have to take on another job.

i have a blue badge,you get it through your area authority

Thanks for that squady. Just been up to the council offices with the Mrs and she has got me

An application for the badge! Will complete it and see what they say! Thanks again.

hi glad it worked for you,when you make the form out,do as your worst day ever,not a good day,you it could be the drugs you take that are not killing off all the bugs,so a week or so later you get another infection,most of us take antibiotics and prednisone together.

its taken me 6 weeks to knock down my last infection,good luck for the future

Hello bluedel53, my husband suffers with severe Copd and still works full time. If it is any consolation he too has had three infections since January! I have put it down to lots of people coming into the office to see him with all their germs so have put a big jar of anti bacterial gel in the office. So now I insist on using the anti bac as much ask possible. I guess you probably come into contact with lots of people and things that are communal! It could also be the fumes - what about wearing a face mask when the fumes are very noticeable? My husband insists he can't wear them!

We applied for a blue badge online - for the first application he was called for an assessment but we took all the medical notes and he clearly could not walk up two flights of stairs so that was quite simple. And this time it was sent out automatically. Good luck, lots of love TAD xx

Tad, again thanks for the reply. Hopefully will receive some good news ref the badge which would help. Office always has driver colleagues, engineers, aircrew coming into the office so that could be an area I might have a look at, but I don't think there is a lot I can do about it! Fingers crossed!

Noted, lol !

I read an article recently which indicated the higher incidence of lung disease in the air industry staff. The recommendation was to wear a filtering mask Particularly during refueling. This was not just for ground staff but cabin crew also who show adverse reactions in the form of lung disease. May not be complete answer but can only help.

Nanny49, appreciate that! I will let My Line manager see this and see what we can come up with! Grateful for the reply.

Did you know that you can have a pneumonia jab if you have a lung condition. Ask your doc for it.

Red, never been made aware of this but will check it out! Strange that has never been passed on to me before!

In my area the criteria for blue badge is can you walk 20 yards comfortably?I can,t so got my badge,I,m in London.D.

Farmer just been up for my application

Hi Derek, I was hospitalised last June with a bad case of Pneumonia and since then, every 2-3 months I have had a chest infection. Have one at the moment and I'm fed up of it. First put on Amoxicillan and now on Doxycycline, plus of course Prednisolone. I have copd/severe emphysema and I don't work, as advised. I can understand how you feel about the recurrence, it's soul destroying. Hope things work out for you as I'm beginning to lose hope after so many.

Kind regards, :)

Seams, I fully understand what you are going through. I am becoming increasingly concerned about My health, but more importantly my job! I am 6' 2", 20 St, and this has brought me to my knees! I am petrified about the possibility of losing my home!

I don't know where and when it will end!



Del, I sincerely hope and pray that it all works out for you, both physically and financially. Our mortgage was covered by insurance when I was told that I could no longer work, so our home is now our own. Good job too as I discovered that I wasn't entitled to Pip or anything else and so we have to survive on my partner's wage alone. Hard going, so all the very best mate. Take care and good luck.

hi derick keep your chin up,im stage 3 cops and my ticker is taking the blunt of it,i get infections every two or if im lucky 3 weeks,my last infection took 4 weeks of preds and antibiotics,i know i will get hit again before im over this,the drugs are keeping me alive.ive seen peeps in the last few days of stage 4 and i feel sure you would not like it,so keep on fighting and stretch your time out as far as possible

I presume you are either aware of or are getting PIP which you might be entitled to for care or mobility or both. If you get the highest rate of mobility you should be able get the Blue badge. If you are not already getting PIP make sure you get help to fill the forms in and have plenty of paper evidence from doctors etc. PIP is for people working and not working

Hiya Hilda, also just applied for PIP on the advise of my reap nurse, so it's a case of waiting to see.



Hi there

Good luck with your PIP application. I've been waiting over a year. Appealed and awaiting a hearing date for a district judge to look at my case.......I'm in London btw..

I find juicing really helps my copd.....I bought a nutri ninja jucicer they're fantastic..maybe take a look. Good health to you. X

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