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hi all not been on line for a while,been sick as a pig

i am still wating to see the heart specialist,my doctor reffered me back when she had to increase myvarapamil up to 120mg three times a day,the hospital put me on the minimum dose once a day,but im still tachy and my heart rate is dropping to 55,cuff readings 0600hr today 109/54 pulse 89 tachy,

the hospital responce was i had to do another 7 day holter test three weeks ago nothing heard since,i forgot to say they put me on asprin once a day to stop blood clots.hope this finds you all fighting the good fight

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  • You have certainly been through it squady and I do hope that you can get the help you need and be stabilised. Wishing you well. Take care xxx

  • thanks sassy59 you are right i do need stablising,i have to do the emergency pursed lip breathing all the time im on the move,went to the docters and they said give it two weeks and if no joy come back,but dont stop the meds.

    done a bit of shopping and had to stop my heart monitor showed 125,they say the devil looks after his own,must be some truth to that you take care to xx

  • Hi Squady

    Good to hear from you but not so good to hear you are being messed around. Can't you light a fire under your GP and get him to move things along for you? It's initially his job to see that the hospital are getting on with tests etc. that need to be done, or at least he should be able to put your mind at ease if nothing is urgent.

    All the best my friend.

    Sara xx

  • hi butterfly done all that,no responce from the cardiac mob,they have probably sent the results to my chest clinic,like the last time,ive got the rehab team my doctor and the chest clinic all looking for the result,being a veteran im should get priority treatment,but that is none existant in tempted to dump on the a &e,but that in my books is unfair,thanks for you reply

  • I am a PH, AF and tachy person also. Mine has now lowered to 109/120 from the 135/150 .

    I will say that I am surprised that you are on aspirin as they have found it as much use as a chocolate teapot to stop clots/strokes.

    There are other products much better such as Warfarin or the new NOACS ( which do not have an antidote for yet!)

    Be Well

  • i had the asprin out with the heart clinic,they said there is a change of heart over its effectiveness more like the cost in my books.

    im on varapamil three times a dayfor the blood preasure,but i take my blood pre,i am now waiting to hear about mt 6day halter testssure once a day by cuff but it is all over the place.the diastolic this mornig 0600 was 55 114/55 pulse 82 tacky,waiting to here from the specialist


    Tell them that using runes is not the way forward?

  • thanks offcut,i will see my quack monday,that is a shocker,full credit to you you for knowing the facts. you should post it to warn other mugs like me,i took his word for it

  • I am on the AF forum as well and this has been spoken about for months now. The biggest issue with medicine is they are instructed by people that learnt from the past, if that makes sense?

    I helped a medical rep with a charity many years ago and he sold surgery equipment. He said that it was a harder job than you would think as they would rather use a scalpel than a laser to cut skin as they were trained that way. I am of the age that asthma was treated with Valium as it was thought to me a nervous condition!

    Progress is slow in medicine unless there is a war?

    Be Well

  • that makes perfect sence to doc wont alter my heart pills,as the heart clinic put me on on inputing this with a pulse of 110,i will go to the a&e tonight

  • A&E will not change tablets from a clinic but they will refer you to someone that can or move you to ambulatory care. They do not consider 110 as high trachy.

  • that was at the time i was doing the reply post,the max is140,what really is bothering me my diastolic is dropping to 55 this is a new think for meits never lower than50, my omron moitor shows tacky 3 out of five readings,any ideas what is going on


    Is a post I did on the AF forum the Monitor will show irregular heartbeats but not tachy. The only true way is to check the pulse over a full minute. the old fashion way. You could try to strain as if you are finding it hard to go to the loo as strangely it can put you back on track!

    Is the BP monitor a wrist or upper arm? They do tend to be more accurate on the arm.

    Be Well

  • i have an arm monitor and a wrist 24hr heart moniter,those readings are from the arm,there is also a indicator for the readings being tacky,i went for the pretest for the next rehab course,but they refused me because of hi bp and tacky,she took the pulse from the wrist and a good 5 min,thanks for all the help,have a good night

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