Come on everybody its boogie time. :D

Time 0630 weather down here at the moment cold overcast in fact other than it not raining there is not a lot you can say about it really so I wont bother. Never got around to sorting out the garage or cleaning the car as Kate had the day off and she asked if I could help her with a few things as with her health problems she has trouble if she has to reach above her head or if the item is heavy, but the garage can be sorted anytime and I will pop down to Morrisons car wash sometime today and have it washed the lazy way.

Listening to the weather lady make the most of this sunny spell as it seems we are in for a change over the weekend with rain and colder temperatures which we should be having it seems this time of year, but I would rather have the sun and warmth.

Right this elderly couple had a chat with their doctor as they were having trouble remembering things, and the doctor suggested that they started to write things down,

That evening they were sitting watching TV when the old man got up out of his chair, "where are you going" his wife asked. "Into the kitchen for a drink" he replied, "Would you make me a cuppa tea please."

"Yes" he said, "You better right it down" she shouted," No I will remember it." "I would also like a bowl of ice cream as well" "Alright" he said, "You better write it down" she said, "No I can remember that."

"Can I have some strawberries on the ice cream please" she said. OK was the reply.

"You better write it down" she shouted, "No I will be alright" he said. "Oh and would you put some whipped cream on the top, and you better write it down."

"There is no need I can remember that" he shouted back.

After about an hour he came back into the lounge with a tray with a glass of orange and a plate of Bacon and eggs. The elderly wife said "I told you that you should have wrote it down, you forgot my toast."

Have a good day and be careful out there where every you are. xxx :) ;) Fred

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  • Good morning Fred, nice and sunny here. Yes we should make the most of it. Well my patios are beautifully cleaned and the pots are weeded and topped up with fresh soil, so the garden's all ready for planting at the end of May. My car needs a wash too....hmmmm. Have a good day Fred :-) xxx

  • Hi Jolyn

    Ah you sound like you have had a Charlie Dimmock day and

    Everything is spotless. I also did a bit of pottering on my balcony

    And tidied the plants and pruned and repotting was there too.

    I was tired I can tell you, i do miss a garden .

    Enjoy the day.

    Hannah x

  • Right enough of this gardening talk Hannah you are making me a bit only a bit guilty, I have a list of jobs mostly small ones that I want to get down and there is one larger one and thats the front garden that is tiered and really needs sorting and somehow I got to get rid of all that wild garlic. Oh well will have to give it some thought. Have a good day Hannah maybe Lyn can give me some hints on how to get rid of it, if she is the new Charlie Dimmock of this forum, she was a blonde as well. :) ;) xx

  • Lol...I'm certainly not as clever as our Charlie...what an amazing gardener she is too. I used to love Ground Force.

    Our last garden was tiered Fred... the back garden, it went up 5 elevations. I kept it beautifully until I broke my hip, then it all got a bit difficult. So, we moved to a bungalow with a nice SMALL back and front garden about 4 years ago and it's the best move we ever made. It was a big downsize ready for our retirement...sadly my boy only had 3 years of it. The positive thing is, I can now manage it on my own. My son helps out with the heavy bits.

    I wouldn't know how to get rid of wild garlic though Fred but I'm sure you can google for some advice.

    Getting cloudy now but the sun's still popping in and out. :-) xxx

  • Lyn the bungalow sounds just right for what you need for the future retirement and your hip, with just the right size gardens to be able to handle as you say every thing you need except the one missing person love, but it sounds like you have a lovely son on hand always there to offer help when needed. Like you I also enjoyed Ground Force and always wondered how Charlie seemed to end up with a wet white tee shirt. :) ;) Fred xxx

  • You are definitely organized Lyn, what with the lawns mowed pots weeded, patios cleaned and garden's ready for planting most impressed, I am a bit worried about that bit namely car needs a wash too....hmmmmm is that a hint ? I think if its going to rain tomorrow I will leave mine out the garage and let nature do the job for me.

    Enjoy your sunshine up there still grey here. xxxx :) ;)

  • Yes it was a hint Fred...thank you in :-) xxx

  • Lyn the chance of me getting up there to clean your car, makes me think of a line from a song.... You would be so lucky lucky lucky lucky, you would be so lucky. :) xxx Wales is that area up around the corner from Cornwall isn't it ?, I will have to see if I can borrow that boat we used yesterday again lol :) xxx

  • Lol...oh well, it was worth a try. I'll have to do it myself then Fred. I usually do anyway. lol :-) xxx

  • It keeps you fit and in shape ;) xxx

  • And xxx

  • Right I never got to cleaning mine or take it to the car wash, so how did you do are you Knackered or just all toned up or did you not bother with it today, what ever steady as you go feet up and have a lovely quiet evening. :) xxx

  • I picked up my sons dog instead Fred. It was such a lovely afternoon, I took her for a walk in the woods. Then when we got home we played ball in the garden. Then I blew bubbles...she likes to chase them all over the place. lol :-) xxx

  • A girl and her Granddog :) xxx

  • Lol great as ever xx you're right fred, the garage can wait...much like my housework... I'm sending you some sun and's 34 degrees celcius here...gaaaahh too warm to venture out makes for very difficult breathing aircond is cooling things down and the house work can wait...I know it's not going anywhere...might take a swim instead :) ... Enjoy your day :)

  • Morning there our kiwi chick I do not know whether to envy you or not when I was stationed in the far east I loved the sun and warmth but hated the humidity that was what got me. Yes leave the house work and get in that pool it might help you with the breathing. Maybe we will all do one of our day dream trips out to see you. :)

    Steady as you go just wave the duster around. xxx :)

  • Yea Fred the humidity is horrible. .. plus I like to think gettin out and about to get some fresh would be great bit the pollution...gaaah not good! Oh yes u wanna come for a swim? No scones here bit there'll be a nice cold whatever want waiting for you ;) xxx

    btw...the duster didn't see the light of day :) :) xxx

  • When I was stationed in the Far East we visited Manila which was an eye opener at the time , mind you that was in the 60's I was stationed between Singapore and Hong Kong a nice cold Tiger beer I can just taste it now. :) ;) xxx

  • Lol tiger beer is still here... I've got with ur name on it :) see u soon xox

  • :) ;) xx

  • Morning Fred, 8.44 here and not as nice as yesterday but the sun is trying to peep through. A bit chilly when I went round to feed our daughter's cat, glad I had a coat on. Thanks for making us smile again. Hope you get a few things done today and what a lovely man to help your daughter out like that.

    Lots of love, Carole xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :)

  • Hi Carole thats what dad's are for or so I am told by my daughters, but I do not mind at all as I will not be here for ever so I want to do it while I can. You say about me and there you are going around the feed your daughters cat.

    Have a good day Carole xxx :) love Fredxxx

  • Dads are amazing and mum's don't do such a bad job either Fred. I love helping my three when I can too. You have a good day. xxxx

  • You are such an early riser - like my husband!!!! Glad you had a good day yesterday with your daughter. Have a good day today lots of love TAD xx

  • Morning TAD I think its just what one gets used to, what with my live in the services and the police I was working all hour shifts and just never got out the habit, plus its so quiet and peaceful in the morning, before the rest of the people are racing around getting ready for work etc. Enjoy the day xxx :)

  • Thats just what my husband says I however have different thoughts!!! xxxx

  • Grey and dull here this morning but at least it's not too cold. Because we moved into a new-build bungalow last Setember, we also have a new garden - which means I'm digging builder's rubble rather than soil!! I've lost count of how many tubs of stones, bricks etc I've taken to the tip 😊😊. Hopefully, one day I'll be talking of getting ready for summer planting but in the meantime, I'll just continue being a labourer lol

    Jan xxx

  • Oh dear Jan what a load of rubbish, no not what your talking but what you digging up :) but that seems to be standard they just bury every thing in the garden or hide it under the floor boards, but you will get there in the end and have a beautiful garden in the end. xxx :) Fred

  • Morning Fred. Love the joke. You sound like the best father and grandfather in the world - I wish I had had one like you :) Have a good day neighbour. xx

  • Sorry love abit late in replying, I might be old but not old enough to be your granddad. You sound rather well neighbour, that's good news :) xx

  • Ha ha no but you could just be old enough to be my dad. :) x

  • Hi Fred well it's about twelve hours later, the sun is shining brightly here in the Midlands now but the rest of the day has not been so good weather wise very overcast. I'm still trying to fit in a boogie, but guess I will have to wait till I'm on holiday in May. Hope it is dry on Saturday as I am out collecting signatures on a petition to save the NHS. Have a nice evening :) :) xx

  • Hi there Katie the sun only pocked its head out late this afternoon and is still rather pleasant now, I hope the weather is good for you, but if we go by the weather man/Lady we are due rain but it just might miss you. The NHS has been very good to me over the last 8 to 9 years and kept me alive, best of luck out there xxx :) :)

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