Coughing Badly

I am really fed up, a month ago had a cold which went onto my chest as we knew it would, that seems to have cleared but now I have this stupid cough. feels like the cold has come back, my throat is so sore. My cough goes into overdrive, as though trying to clear something that is not there, this is making me retch and at times vomit, I am exhausted from it and spending quite a bit of time in bed, tying to get some sleep in-between bouts. When I phoned doctors, I have had a telephone consultation and advised it was stuff from my nose irritating everything and been prescribed benztdamine a spray for the back of the throat, which I have to say is not working. With all the coughing I am also being woken up in the early hours with the most intense head pain, its not migraine. this morning it was across the temples and down the sides of the face, a couple of tablets and it was gone within half hour.

so now with COPD and this extra coughing with retching i feel like my life is on hold, having to cancel everything..

oh well thats my moan over hope your all doing well

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  • It will get easier

  • Hope you feel better soon. I had an infection like that for some time earlier this year, before I was diagnosed with COPD. It took weeks to shift, but I have recovered now. I kept trying to eat healthily and drink lots of fluids. Plus the teaspoon of rosehip syrup a day!

  • I use something my mother taught me. Keep heat on your chest. I use an electric blanket and keep my chest wrapped up and warm. The extra warmth seems to effect the natural healing effort and I have had virtually no lung problems since I started this over a year ago. Before that, I had lots of chest colds and Pneumonia many times.

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