Is the air in the Midlands bad?

Hi Peeps. I was out people watching in our town centre yesterday while the wife popped in and out shops near by. The seating was a stainless steel tubular design which did not look at all comfortable but to my surprise was. We have always been a multicultural city for many years. In the short period I was there, I think I heard all four corners of the globes dialects. Why do we say that when the world is round?

The Sun was shining and I was enjoying watching busy people go about their business or pleasures. I was probably there about 40 minutes and the wife came for me to go home.

As I am going down the sloop to get the car my breathing was so tight and once in the car needed a little more than few seconds to get my breath back before driving. Once home we got the washing out the machine and onto the airer pushed up to the open back door. I got tighter while at home and closed the door and eventually levelled out a little. I am still tight this morning but have not seen anything about the air in the Midlands being bad?

Is just ME?

Be Well

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I was bad yesterday evening and early this morning after having a great day (north east), maybe pollen? I have 2 cherry trees in full blossom so maybe pollen


I have a sore chest in both lungs peak is good but RLD is not a good thing to check oxymeter is ok but I am so short of breath still?

I cant answer that for you but i would like to know why we are suddenly getting this problem ive never known it before

I have written a few times about how I all of a sudden seem to have a problem?

I meant the whole thing.....when did all these dust clouds etc start

I am old enough to remember the smogs we had before smokeless zones. I had to feel along a hedge to make sure I was not walking in the road once it was that thick.

Sixty years ago thick smog descended on London, contributing to the deaths of an estimated 4,000 people.

Yes, I remember the last smog in London, when I was 8: looking out of the classroom window at it as it advanced like a monstrous wall across the playground. We were sent home early that day, and I too had to feel along the hedges and walls to make it safely home.

Not according to the defra pollution forecast

but that doesn't mean that it wasn't bad where you were. Particularly with this warm still weather and traffic fumes. Hope you are feeling better now.

I checked too. It does have a little bit on the bottom that states *Adults and children with heart or lung problems are at greater risk of symptoms. Follow your doctor's usual advice about exercising and managing your condition. It is possible that very sensitive individuals may experience health effects even on Low air pollution days.

Hard to say Offcut but I have not heard anything on the news. Hope you are feeling better now. Take care xxx

At the moment I am feeling worse. Sore in my chest both sides and had to empty dishwasher in more stages than usual?

Wishing you well. xx

I too have a sore chest today, keep checking temp to see if its an infection, but that is ok. feel tired too. never thought about air pollution until this thread. Its overcast here now. this is in Herts. iris x

it is getting stranger?

Same here,I had to go back to bed for a while.It is very heavy here and humid.Maybe having washing drying didnt help.We have loads of pollution and not just here.The sun 2nights ago was a very intese red as it was going doen,also the nights here are quite chilly.Hope you feel better soon mags


No respite so far :(

We used to live just outside of Ashby de la Zouch and hubby was continually struggling, just by chance we received a letter from the local Council advising us that they had conducted an air quality test and it was unacceptable. We moved shortly after to the south coast and the change in his breathing has been amazing.

Goes to show how things can be so different. I have found south Wales and Somerset is not a great place for my breathing but Suffolk, Norfolk is great? I am still tight today :(

I live in the South West and I am having a real bad time with my breathing. It's the worst it has been for 5 years.

Maybe aliens we are getting more northern lights though solar flares? ;)

Hi Offcut,

I have the exact same symptoms you describe, tight and sore chest, out of breath and yet having a decent peak flow.

This happens when the pollen season starts, sometimes as early as February and despite what the pollution and pollen forecast might say.

I find that taking cetirizine helps me breath better and opens up the tightness. However, I was having a lot of side effects so I stopped taking it.

As a more permanent solution I changed the carpets for wooden flooring and bought myself a dehumidifier with HEPA filter that helps with the allergies, and that helps cope with pollen and pollution (I live in London, close to City Airport)

I suffer from both normal asthma and allergic asthma however and bronchiectasis on my right lung, and I know you have other things going on.

I hope you feel better soon, if it is what I have experienced, it can be pretty uncomfortable.


Thank you for your concern. We have no carpets down stair at all now. Still like a carpet in the bedroom. Do have a nasal spray for the pollen season but I have found I get nose bleeds at night with it sometimes. I cannot take antihistamines as that makes me tighter :(

Just hung out the duvet cover to dry it was hard work. I know I have limits but this is getting me down!

Be Well

I just read your reply to coughleigh - I'm sorry to hear you still feel unwell, you must really feel miserable.

Have you tried Buteyko breathing exercises? It is meant to be for asthma, and some people say that it has helped them with COPD. When I had a bad episode like the one you're describing, I tried one of the Buteyko exercise and helped me open up the airways. You're probably thinking - but this is not an asthma attack - but the exercise works on the same principle which is to relax the constricted airwaves.

I leave you a link should you want to try, it might help you bring some relief.

Hope you feel better soon.


I have seen this used and is a great way to stop panic breathing. I use a very similar technique to control my breathing. I do have asthma but my biggest problem is the RLD and paralysed diaphragm which makes the lungs use of negative pressure more of a problem. I had a very severe Empymea in 2008 which could not be removed with a decortication so I have lost a lot of my lung elasticity. Plus I have heart conditions to help the whole process?

Thank you for your kind thoughts.

Be Well

Aw, hope you feel better soon! You awfully positive on other posts considering all that is going on - really admire you.


This may sound morbid but I am not afraid of death and want to live with what I have to the best I can!

I will always have a smile for anyone in front of me. I have a motto " We all have something to share"

This episode will not beat me only slow me down.

Be Well

Hope you feel well soon offcut.You have been a big help to me.We have wooden floors and a dehumidifier with charcoal.Sara you are right the pollen is flying around here and the council are cutting back all the hedges as well.Also the air pressure is very high,I find that makes a big difference to me.Oh well as Scarlett o Hara would say "Tomorrow is another day " Hoping we all feel better. mags x

I do now think pollen may well be making it worse. My youngest son is in a real mess with headache and runny nose. Still struggling today so far :(

Just checked pollen level and they are moderate where I am but will drop tomorrow hope that helps and if it does I need to look at pollen levels as well?

Hope you feel better today offcut.It is a bit cooler here today so my breathing is easier.Hope you have s good night when you go to bed. mags xx

Me Too. Got runny nose and eyes now, off to bed.

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