Thank you all

Thank you everyone that wrote to me sorry I haven't got back to you all individually my partner took a really bad turn had to call ambulance at 3.30am I really though he was taking his last breath his oxygen levels were 73% blood pressure 96/56 pulse 98 so really was in a bad way he has been admitted into hospital he's on oxygen and nebulizer every 2hrs loads and loads of blood tests xray don't know any results yet nurse said they hope to move him to respretory ward tomorrow and said he will need nebulizer and oxygen at home and some sort of home management and surport so looks like I'm going to be doing a lot of reading and need lots of help and advice thank you all x

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You'll get a lot of support on this site. Good luck.

Wishing your husband a speedy recovery , lots of love to you both xxxx

Hoping your husband gets well soon, you will get support and good advise on this site.

You need never to feel alone.

with warm regards etch45 xx

We're all here to help. Take care xx sonia xx

Hope your husband gets well soon we are all here for you and you get the all the help you heed

Hi I hope your husband makes a speedy recovery , it must be very

Hard for you, please look after yourself.


Hi shortytree, he's in the best place, hopefully he will get over this set back and get all the home treatment in place at home to help you both. One thing I will say is when hubby feels like eating , you probably will have to feed him as the nurses do not have time. When Dad was in hospital poorly with COPD it was because Mam sat with him and fed him a spoon at a time that he regained his strength. When you are that poorly you look at food & haven't got the strength, will, breath or stamina to feed yourself and the nurses are just so busy to do it! The medics will look after the breathing. And you take some time between visits, do what YOU like to do, shopping, h*usework ,walk in the park, reading.. Do not forget about yourself!

Thinking of you Both,



Hello Shortytree, not good news about your partner, bet it was scary for you. But now he is in the right place to get things sorted out and help for yourself for the future care.Thank you for letting us all know . How are you after the shock.? When your partner comes home the community care team will be on hand to advise you more and a phone call away in future emergencies. As well as all on here who have similar experience of lung problems. Best wishes to you both speak again soon to you I hope x

Hi Shorty sorry to hear about hubby, hope he's soon feeling better. You are in the right place here for help and support. Take care Xx

Hello Shortytree,Sorry to hear your partner is in hospital.As Katie says it is the best place right now.Please also look after yourself.We are here for you ,thinking of you both mags xx

Good Corning Shorty tree. What an awful fright you have had. Well done you for acting quickly and saving your partners life. I hope he's a little better today. Lots of hugs & best wishes Nan

Thinking of you shortytree and wishing you and your husband well. Bless you both and we are all here for you. xxxx

Bless your heart and I am saying a prayer right now that all will be well .!

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