Good morning sunshine

I am a little bit later this morning as for some reason I am feeling rather rough today, have had a night of lower back pain , its not something new but its just not happened for rather a long time, so I have been wondering around a lot over night hoping it would ease, but its easing some now and I know it will go. Years ago I did go to the doctors about it and honest folks he said the trouble is you are to tall, anyone know where I can get a short pill. The sun is in full swing this morning and yesterday evening my granddaughter did a wonderful BBQ for her mums birthday and it was still warm enough for us to eat in the garden it was lovely, so why am I complaining about a bad back, I am alive arn't I.

The Brunettes challenged the Blondes to an ice fishing contest on a frozen lake in Canada. So both teams got ready and chose their spots on the lake. They were given a rod, bait, a saw and a basket, the team to fill the basket first would be declared the winners.

Right from the start the brunettes were catching fish very quickly and the blondes started to get worried about this, so one of the blondes said she would sneak over and see what they were doing different, as the blondes had not caught any yet, so off she went. After a short while she came running back shouting they are cheating the have cut a hole in the ice.

Right folks have a lovely day and may the sun shine on you all, I have been told I am going shopping today, so I hope the pain killers I am taking cuts in soon. Keep smiling its only pain after all.

XXXX :) ;)

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  • Sorry your not A1 this morning hope it improves as the day progresses. Sounds like you had a brilliant day yesterday celebrating. It is my daughters and sisters birthday this week, ones on holiday and other is working so no time for celebrations. True pain can be controlled for most of us so we can keep smiling, enjoy the rest of your day xx :) :)

  • Morning Fred, foggy here at the mo till the sunshine breaks through......

    Glad u had a good day yesterday and ur daughter enjoyed her birthday....

    Love the way ur " told " ur going shopping ha ha ๐Ÿ˜ƒ women power

    Hope the painkillers help ur back.

    Take care xx sonia xx

  • Hi there Sonia hope the fog has started to lift then you can have some of this lovely sunshine. Yes it was suggested that we go shopping today and seeing it was the Royal We than shopping it is. Speak later xx :)

  • Loved the joke Fred but not too happy about you having a bad back. Hope the pain killers work well for you. I do sympathise as I often have lower back pain and we won't go into how Pete is suffering. I am only 5' 3" so your GP would probably say I was too short! You can't win can you.

    Have a lovely day today, sun shining here. Glad the BBQ went well.

    Take care and lots of love, Carole xxxxxx :)

  • Hi Fred

    Glad the BBQ was a success and your granddaughter enjoyed her day.

    That's what it's all about.

    Your joke reminded me of ice fishing in Ontario. Boring! Always a bit scared the ice would break too so in the end always begged of. Sunny here too and warmer than yesterday. Hope those painkiller have kicked in by now. Have a good day. Happy shopping!! Sara xx

  • Morning Sara hope you got the sun, I think I would be the same and worried about the ice starting to crack, plus it would be to cold, I would rather get my fish from the chippy. Keep smiling love Fred xxx :)

  • Good Morning Fred, sorry your back is playing up, do you take anti-inflammatory painkillers for it?I hope it eases soon ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ž The sun is trying to get its hat on here,this morning there's a bit of frost brrrr! I have to do a little shopping this morning and I'm hoping I get my oxygen soon..๐Ÿ˜† those brunettes are very clever ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜‰ hugs huff xxx

  • And a good morning to you to huff and lets hope it gets better and you get your oxygen, why the delay ? The sun is out but like you its a wee bit chilly still using my winter dressing gown at the moment and the pj's not that you really need to know that :) hugs on their way back to you. xxx :) ;)

  • Morning Carole pleased to say the pain is easing ,sorry about Pete, had a chuckle about your back pain at 5' 3", I used to be 6' 2" but down to just under 6' 1" now not sure how that's happened maybe the soles of my feet have got thinner. Stay safe and smile xxxx :) ;)

  • Hi Fred

    We had a miserable day weatherwise here yesterday, no sun and not above 9.

    Pain gets us down doesnt it. I wondered if at the bbq you sat in a different chair, thatcan do it for me with my arthritis. different shoes can bring on the foot pain too.

    You might need a comfy coffee shop mid morning. love Iris x

  • You could be right Iris we were all sat on wooden garden chairs for the BBQ and it could be that the chill got to my back, what a load we are, all with our troubled bits and pieces. I hope that the weather has cheered up for you today, so keep warm, I will lookout for a comfy coffee shop that also sells cream cakes. xxx Fred :) ;)

  • Hey Fred, you can complain darling, you're allowed. You can still love to be alive and you do enjoy your life more than most people i know, you obviously treasure every good bit. I hope the back eases off as the day goes on. Sending pain-free healing vibes, :) :) xxx

  • Thanks your a gem and likewise you also get on and don't let to much get you down. I try to look at the fact we have no idea how long we are here, so lets get on with it and enjoy it in anyway we can. Thanks for the vibes they tasted of strawberries lol Warm hugs from me to you 02 xxx :) ;)

  • Sorry to hear that you don't feel great today. Lets hope by the sunshine comes out the painkillers will be working and you will be able to enjoy your shopping! Take good care, lots of love TAD xxx

  • Thanks TAD painkillers working now it could be the excitement cutting in about going shopping as well, believe that you believe anything, I am one of those men that would rather stand outside the shop looking bored :) but will try hard to look as if I am enjoying it. Love Fred xxx :)

  • Morning Mr Smiles. Sorry you're in pain this morning Fred, its no fun is it and when you're not getting your rest it's waring. I hope the meds kick in soon and you have a pleasant morning shopping. Glad the BBQ was a success. Have a good day Fred :-) xxx

  • Love the swans in heart shape really lovely, am in a rush will explain when I get back, its not a problem xxxxFred :) ;)

  • Ooh ok Fred :-) xxx

  • I am back Lyn, I had just had a call from Hannah my granddaughter who was at work in Exeter asking if I would go down to here house and get her phone charger and drive it up to her,as she was having to get a train to London for a meeting and its an over night stay and she would need her phone which unlike mine does every thing. So like a good grand dad that's where I was rushing off to As I said I love that photo but not as much as your smiley one.So back is sorted and now, and have to get ready to go to Torquay, shame it could not have been done in one trip, but one of us was not ready. Hope you have a good day and you got the sun shining down on you, did you pull the wish bone ?

    :) :) ;) XXXFred

  • These grandchildren keep you busy don't they Fred. lol.

    No, I didn't pull the wishbone. I forgot about it. My son and Granddog came over for lunch then we went for a walk over the park. :-) Beautiful sunshine now so I may sit out on the swing after lunch. :-) xxx

  • Sorry Lyn as much as I would like to after the shopping etc I am to tired to give you a push so have a little hug as Hugg would say xxx :) :)

  • You need to feed yourself up look all :-) xxx

  • You are funny Lyn ;) maybe I will go for a piece of cream cake. The dolphins above the skull are what you get presented with once you qualify as a submariner, and the skull and cross bones where painted on the conning tower of the sub when a kill was achieved in the 2nd world war. I thought I would give my smile a rest lol xxx:) ;)

  • Lol xxx

  • Time for bed said zebberty xxx :)

  • Morning Fred, glad the pain is going now, we have beautiful sunshine here this morning although a little chilly.

    I will soon be warm after I have tidied up before the cleaner comes (why do we do that)?

    Have a lovely day.

    polly xx

  • I have to laugh at the way we are, its like when we buy a new cooker and the men will take the old one to the tip, we give it a good old clean before they arrive. Have a good day polly xxx :)

  • Morning Fred! I'm so sorry to hear about the back pain, you're always so concerned about other people so, this time you definitely need some TLC ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š. "Enjoy" the shopping lol. ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰. Jan xx

  • As you might have read I had to do a mercy run for my granddaughter so the back had to be put on hold as she was off to London on the train for a meeting and did not have her charger with her and she was staying over night, how did we ever manage in the passed. Thanks for the TLC :) ;) xxx Fred :)

  • Often wondered that myself - but admit I'd be panicking if I was going away and discovered I'd forgotten my mobile lol. Hubby says I think more of it than him ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š but he's only joking - I think!!!! xxx

  • I am awful with the dam thing I leave it every where, and then spend ages looking for it when it rings, I am sure your hubby is only joking :) xxxFred

  • Oh dear Freddie, I really hope the back eases up soon.

    Sunny here too in Gloucestershire.

    Happy shopping!


  • Thanks love back on the mend better up than down , pleased that the sun is shining for you. I and my brother do our family history and in the late 1600 my family were living in North Nibley which is up your way I think. xxx :)

  • Hi, I've not heard of North Nibley Fred. I'm not a local though, london born & bred.

    I did live here when my children were younger though and have just returned (3weeks ago) after some years in back London and this winter in South of France near my son.

    This sunshine is helping me to settle. I really didn't want to leave my beloved London.

    Hope you're having a good week. Peege

  • I am not surprised that you have not heard of it than, as its only a small place and if you ave not een back long why would you. I hope you do settle love, may I ask why did you leave London or should I mind my own business . I remember you being in France we were a bit jealous when you told us about the views etc. Stay happy Peege xxx :)

  • I don't mind at all. 1, My rather large mortgage was due to be repaid in a couple of years. 2 it was beginning to need more than a repaint. 3, pollution, asthma was getting worse. It was a tough year all in all.

    Have a lovely peaceful evening - I'm going too!

  • That seems plenty of reasons to move out of the city , lets hope the rest of this year is a better one for you and with the cleaner air the asthma eases off. Enjoy the evening. Love Fred xx :)

  • Yeah Fred's on form :-))) hoping your back pain goes soon Fred there is nothing worse, I have had spinal surgery to put plates in, to stabilise it.

    With all my aches and pains think I was at the back of the queue when the health gene was given out >>>>>>>>>>lol

    Enjoy your shopping trip..... love etch45 xx

  • Oh poor you hope you do not have the pain to often, mine is nothing really I just like to moan a little like all men so I am told. :) :) Now about that shopping are you sure I have to enjoy it.? xxx :)

  • Oh Yes walk your socks off going round ALL the shops....enjoy.. lol

    I hate shopping, internet is great for it and no crowds... :-))) xxx

  • "Well Fred!..... It's a Good Afternoon from me to the time your reading this you will have gotten back from your shopping trip.....hopefully your back pains will have subsided and your now sat sipping a nice cuppa tea on this beautiful sunny day....Keep safe....xMegan."

  • Oh Megan love if only, not even left for the shops yet leave alone back sipping tea, but then its only 1145 so it seems no rush, but you never know maybe the shops will all go on strike. :)

    I am so pleased for you with that lovely news you told us about, but you must still speak with us. xxxFred :)

  • "Yes!!....Fred...I will keep you up to speed with my brand new life....and my new love of my life that i never for one second dreamt could happen to or for just goes to show Fred...out of talking daily..then nightly....and now every single moment that's available to us.... We talk....We chat on webcam mostly..... But soon and we will be as One..i just cant wait....Have a lovely and safe day Fred.....xx Megan."

  • Megan your lovely and she will be /no is one lucky lady xxx :) ;) hows that Megan xxx

  • "Aww!! Fred...Fred...Fred.Sorry But my new love in my life is a beautiful 56 year old Lady called Cherie.....we met up 4 years back online.for she as health issues.....Not the same as mine..her's are of the eye's...she Has a disease of her eye's..... which is slowly rendering her blind.."Its called AION"... ANTERIOR ISCHEMIC OPTIC NEUROPATHY" and "PSEUDOEXFOLIATION GLAUCOMA"..There are many miles between us.... and a massive Ocean..she lives in North California...But!! Very soon in little ole sunny England with Me...Yeah!!....But we just grew closer and closer over the years and now we have met which she was really scared of never being able to seem me due to her Eye disease getting worse these past couple i am going to be her new Eye's and she will be my new breath..she Breaths in...I breath out...But!... Fred...Thank you for your lovely warm words..i am so Happy......xx Megan"

  • Megan I will change it to she is a very lucky lady and that goes for you as well as it does not matter who your partner is as long as the two people are happy. See how quickly one jumps to the wrong conclusion but that was because I do not know you all well enough love. As I said before I am so happy for you both .

    Love Fred that's to you both xxxx :) :)

  • " Aww Fred..Thank you..Your a Beautiful Man..i am so happy that we are friends..have a lovely evening....xx Megan.:).."

  • Oh dear Fred i hope your feeling better now. Trust you got your coffee, i always do a Costa with raspberry and almond bake if i get dragged out! Detest shopping and i'm female! Xx

  • I rather like the sound of that rather yummeee. Back fine and the shopping was not to painful pocket wise. Hope you are alright xxx :) :)

  • Hi Fred :) hope ur back is feeling better by the time u get this xx. I love ur new emblem but I do miss ur face xx Grandkids ah? Always there to make u feel young :) bless em. U take care now that ur not pushing urself too hard. but I must tell u, u inspire me so much Fred... To live life and get out there... U have made changes in my life without even knowing me... so thank u for being u... I'm a better person knowing u and all the wonderful people on here that inspire without knowing... I am glad to be part of this group xox.

  • Come on our little kiwichick you will have us blushing in a minute , I have found that this lovely site made up of all sorts give strength to each other and that includes you as well, plus whats seen on the outside can sometimes be a cover for whats going on inside, so all we have to do is be positive and yes you guessed SMILE it can work wonders. xxx :) ;) Fred

  • Hi Fred, sorry about your back pain, hopefully it will have gone now as it is tomorrow. I loved the joke and the update about the bbq. Love Margaret x

  • Morning Margaret yes thanks I am fine today just waiting for the sun to appear then I am ready for the new day, stay safe love Fred xx:)

  • I had two slipped discs in 1998 following damage from an RTA in 1977, and find going to an osteopath really helps with my back pain. Also, alternating a hot water bottle (or warm radiator) and an ice pack for 30 secs a few times - a cheaper option. And more exercises...!

  • Thanks for that eregendal good to hear from you, hope you join us more often, we are a mad lot but a really friendly and helpful group or so I find it, and we also have a good laugh as well. Keep smiling x :) :) Fred

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