Neaed some advice please

Hello all im new to bfl i meed some advice my partner was diagnosed with copd 3yrs ago he has 2types of inhalers he has had rescue packs which is steroids and antibiotics anyway he used his rescue pack about 2wks ago now hes haveing a bad flare up coughing terrible his ribs hurt so much with all the coughing he said he feels he carnt get no air its horrible i feel helpless should i go back to drs for him and get another rescue pack i didnt know if he could take another lot so soon or should i get him into drs to be seen he also has sponjulosis of lower spine and fibromyalgia so hes not a well person without copd thankyou for any advice

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  • Hi, welcome to this great forum.

    Often the first round of antibiotics don't work and we need a another round to clear an infection.

    He will need to be seen by doc to clarify if he still has an infection or another one.

    Make an emergency appointment for him. Tell them when you call that yes, it is an emergency, your husband has COPD and needs his chest listened to urgently (it only takes a few minutes).

    Go with him. If they offer amoxicillin just say we'd rather try another one thank you (it rarely works for us).

    Hopefully the doc will request a sputum sample so they can test it to clarify what the bug is and which is the correct antibiotic to use.

    Also, tell gp he's used his emergency pack so needs another one.

    Whenever you use the pack you must inform the doc and request a new prescription for it - it always happens at weekends!

    Hope this helps. P

  • Thankyou peegee ifor your advice i just feel hopeless at the moment its hard watching some one fighting for air i will get him in drs first thing tomorrow thanks again

  • There are also some breathing exercises which could help.

    Pursed lip breathing is one. Also deep, diaphragm breathing, in through nose & out through mouth. It takes some practice but it will help. Try looking on YouTube for a demonstration vids.

    Night night

  • Hi shortytree

    Welcome to the site, I won't be much help to you as only have had COPD for 1 year now, I have never had cough with it, just severe breathlessness, or never had rescue pack, didn't know you could get them, so you have helped me, but I would suggest going to see GP on your husband behalf and make it clear how much he is suffering, there will be others on soon who can help you more than I. Good luck and keep us informed. Annette

  • I have c.o.p.d and have had for 5 years now in answer to u r question yes he can take a new batch but he should have them at home all. The time it's home mangementplan but see his doctor about this does he have a consultant at u r ĺ oval hospital and has he got or need home oxygen he's guys be hard work so u need a support network around u fame could help an give ùr some u time as I know it's 24 hour job my famey are my network ppm offer u help take it u cannot alone I hope my advise helps u yours maggie

  • Welcome to the site Shortytree, hope the replies have helped you with your partner and things get sorted out today. May take a while for the cough to die down. Come back to the site if you need more help.

  • Hi shortytree, welcome and hope you poor partner gets the help he deserves and needs. If he cannot get to the GP then call the doctor out to him. It is not good to see someone you love suffer like this but do try and stay strong. I look after my hubby who has sarcoidosis (24 years) and COPD (4 years) as well as other ongoing health issues. Being a carer is not easy sometimes. Do let us know how things go and take good care of yourself too. xxx

  • Morning shortytree, I too have a husband with severe COPD - it is heartbreaking watching the person you love gasping for air. I agree completely with the great advise given by peege and others.

    I have found with bitter experience it is better to get back to the doctors rather than leave it. Sometimes it has taken my husband three or four courses of ab's and steroids to get better. Does your husband use a blue (ventolin) rescue inhaler? If he does it might be worth asking the doctor for a spacer - it is a device that delivers the medicine much more effectively and my husbands finds it invaluable when he is gasping for breath. And sometimes a handheld fan blowing in his face helps.

    Good luck and let us know what the doctor says. Lots of love TAD xx

  • Oh excellent advice re the spacer and fan. I'd forgotten those. My little granddaughter has asthma and when she has coughing spasms I blow gently on her face and it works!

    Also Shorty, get your husband to request to go on the 'pulmonary rehabilitation' course. (PR for short). You could go with him and you'd bothy learn loads to help with managing his condition.

  • Sounds to me like he should be in hospital this time. All the above advice is good though. ABs and steroids should be on hand all the time, if it's bad then up the prednisone to 40 (8x5mg) mg a day. Good luck to you both.

  • I am afraid that one course AB's does not cure all it is very likely that he may need a different one or stronger. different AB have different targets so maybe a sputum test might be a good thing to see what is causing the problem. I wish you both well!

  • Hi Shortytree,your partners health and condition are quite similar to mine so sorry to hear he is quite poorly,good advice as ever from our H.U family members,i was dx with Copd in February dealing with my first flare up going to Dr's today used my rescue pack for first time . Please get him to Dr's definitely get another rescue pack,I'still have lots to find out have some questions for today's app: I have started writing down questions find it helpful ,hope your partner recovers quickly and like other members i would say please look after your self do get all the support and help you can,keep well and God bless naresh62 x

  • P.S,you both have us as a family now so don't hesitate to ask ,all have been fab:on this support forum God bless naresh62 x

  • get another sputum sample,get the doc to give more anti-bios.always get the emergency supply replaced immediately,lve been on several anti biots for the last 3 months and still havent got rid of this bug.l can understand how you feel.

  • Hi shortytree, I personally suffer with copd namely EMPHYSEMA so I can empathise with how your husband feels, it is horrible and very frightening when you cannot get your breath. However I have very good treatment and support from my GP Respiratory specialist nurses and Consultant in managing this. I would suggest that your husband is referred to specialist respiratory nurses asap for a start. He may need an NIV inhaler (non invasive inhaler) which disperses air and blows off excess carbon minoxide in which you put water in to keep air moist, I find this very beneficial at night.

    Attend a COPD rehab course which usually runs for 6 weeks and then weekly thereafter to maintain some fitness if you can. Always have emergency antibiotics and steroids at hand so first sign of an infection (green sputum can be an indicator/symptom or severe pain, breathing getting worse). Hopefully your husbands condition can be managed and with support get on with life. Wish you well and good luck. Unfortunately I have deteriorated and now in the process of a transplant or lung reduction, but it is early days yet, keep fingers crossed. You can speak to me anytime.x

  • Hello again everyone thank you for all your advice and airport I'm sorry I haven't got back to you all individually my partner took a really bad turn it frightened us both I really thought he had drew his last breath had to call ambulance at 3.30am his oxygen levels had dropped to 73% blood pressure 96/56 pulse98 so he really was in a bad way he has been admitted into hospital on oxygen and nebulizer every 2hours there holding to have him on respretory ward tomorrow done loads and loads of blood tests xray lots of different things don't know results nurse gave us some info that he will need to stay in hospital and will need nebulizer and oxygen at home and some sort of home management she didn't elaberate she said respretory Dr will give more advice tomorrow so looks like were going to need help thank you all again looks like I need to do lots of reading x

  • Dear Shortytree,

    I know it may not feel like it but your hubby is probably in the best place at the moment. It will give him time to get over the bout and give you both time to start to get used to this condition. I hope he has started to get back on an even keel.

    I have found so much support and helpful advice since I joined the site and hope you keep in contact with us.


  • Thank you baylyray looks like I will be on here a lot I know were going to have a lot to take in at least I no there is people on here that have gone or going through same thing x

  • always ring chemist and renew emergency pack

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