Coconut Oil...Is Magic!

I've been racking my brains to come up with something light-hearted and cheery to write about...the only thing I've come up with is Coconut Oil.

Ever since I've been on oxygen and the nebuliser I've had cracked sore lips...especially the corners which have actually bled sometimes...lip balms often have petroleum in them so they were out...ordinary facial moisturisers just didn't work. Then I read about Coconut Oil and how it's organic and totally without additives of any kind and you can use it for cooking and spread it on bread to replace butter...yuck...and can be used as a skin moisturiser.

Tesco's had big pots for sale so I parted with five euro and started using it. It is very only need a tiny bit...but after using it two or three times a day for the past couple of weeks the cracks at the sides of my mouth have gone and healed up. Now I'm using it after a shower on my legs and more itchy skin.

There's nothing in perfumes or additives or preservatives...just mashed up coconut. To be honest, I'd have to be really desperate to use it for cooking...the smell of it would put me off I think. It's grand for skin... the scent is perfectly acceptable for a cosmetic use.

It can also be used on dry and brittle hair...though you might need to experiment with how much to put may take much washing to get rid of the residue.

Apparently Jojoba Oil is much better than Coconut, but it's also far more isn't as greasy and a very small amount goes a long way.

It's the almost insignificant side effects of this disease which are often the most troublesome...finding an answer is a godsend.

Remember that what works for me may not work for you...but if you also suffer from itchy skin or painfully dry lips and find the Coconut Oil doesn't can always spread it on your morning toast instead...

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  • Snap....I've been using it for the last few weeks too as a lip balm and body moisturiser. No way could I eat it though. My youngest daughter bought me a little tin of what I thought was lip anointed lips with it until I read the label wearing my glasses....cuticle cream ..Mmm

  • Oh have made your lips disappear altogether!

  • Hi vashti

    I use coconut oil as a face moisturiser, its brilliant, glad its done you good as well !! Annette

  • It was coconut oil that I used to use as a tanning lotion in the 70s. You could say my goose was cooked. 😀 x 🐀

  • There is much talk on FB about how good coconut is for dogs, we have a Westie who suffers from allergies and I am very tempted to buy her some.

  • " Aww! Xris..When i worked.. i worked all my working life with dogs....and farming..and the one thing that we always used on various breeds of dogs was coconut oil..its marvelous for any type of skin allergy's.... irritations..wet or dry eczema... it can be very greasy...but a small amount rubbed in daily into the coat... or even a small amount added to your little dogs diet works just as well...x Megan...."

  • Thank you Megan, my hands will benefit along with Rosie's skin. I have just remembered I used to use udder cream on my hands and that was good.

  • Strangely my mum uses a product called dog oil for arthritis!

  • Vashti you may have just solved one of my problems...................ive run out of butter :) x

  • I've used it for cooking and it's lovely. Think after reading yiur post hun I will use it to moisteroise. Good tip for those on 02. cx

  • Thanks for the tip !

  • Hi Vashti that's very interesting about Coconut Oil. Now I had very bad cracks

    At the corners of my mouth and my GP said it was lack of Vit B2. So I took a B Complex

    Supplement and I never got them again,

    Just thought I would share this with anyone.

    Hannah xx

  • I too had cracks that bled at the corner of my mouth, and I. Read it was lack of Vit B so I now take a supplement, so far so good. Love Iris x

  • I cook with it - love the flavour it gives to the things you cooking in it. All Kerolean food is based on coconut flavour and i love that. Its meant to be good if you have thrush in the mouth, you let it melt slowly. Good for digestion too.

  • Know of it's use in cooking, but thanks for the tips Vashti on benefits to skin. Will pass this on to some of my other lady friends when we meet next week.

  • Thanks for that. Husband doesn't use oxygen but still often gets very dry, cracked lips - I'll be off to get him some oil in the morning. xxx

  • Ooh, that sounds like an idea! I have pustular psoriasis, delightful sounding i know. It means the skin on my hands and feet get either tiny hard yellow dots to massive blisters on my feet. It then forms wide open cracks on my feet and fingers which continue to get more blisters.

    I finally got a diagnosis and some tablets to take, the side effects being very dry lips. The only thing have found is Elizabeth Arden 8 hour stuff which is great but I'm just taking out a second mortgage for my next order.

    I shall be hunting it down to try! You never know it might help my skin too, had a break out due to the hospital stress and using Elizabeth Arden 8 hour hand cream (should be getting some freebies from this plugging) and bio something on my feet. That a sign of true love, my back doesn't let me near my feet so hubby massages my manky feet at night before I put one of those skipper things on to retain moisture? I just think it protects the bed sheets!

  • I find it's great for cooking and skin!you can get great deals on line too😆 xxxx

  • I will mention coconut oil to Pete vashti as he suffers terribly from itchy skin on his arms, legs and wherever. He has gel from the doctor but maybe the oil will work better. Can but try. Glad it worked for you anyway. xxxx

  • My skin is extremely dry and have eczema so I am going to give it a try, thanks Vashti x

  • thanks Vashti for that tip. I have been having a terrible time with my skin and cracks around my mouth. Just to let everybody know that at the moment Holland and Barrett have a penny sale on. I just bought one jar for £15 and got the second for 1p. I reckon that has to be good.

  • Hi Vashti, cracked corners of lips are associated with low vitamin B12 ( B12 deficiency or even Pernicious Anemia) your Doctor might have done a B12 blood test and said fine, nothing wrong because your B12 bloods are 'within range', as mine were, but even with low 'within range' B12 bloods you can still have a B12 deficiency or Pernicious Anemia.

    I too had cracked lips at the side, not so bad now I am supplementing with B12 (Methycobablamin is best) also keeping your B12 above 500 as they do in Japan and some other countries it helps keep Dementia and Alzheimer at bay. Less D and A in those countrys.

    Do google 'B12 deficiency' as many illnesses are linked to B12 deficiency, both Hubby and I had no idea we were both low in B12 before our B12 blood tests.

  • My late adopted Father worked into his 80's and part of his job was to keep the boilers going in a fairly large building. The heat gave him a terrible rash across his forehead which he constantly scratched and made it bleed. Then someone suggested coconut oil and it completely cleared up. He put it on before he opened the boilers and again afterward. He never had any more trouble after that - wonderful stuff!

    When you think about the countries where coconuts are grown, it makes sense. I've seen native people rub coconut on their skin while working in the sun - so they obviously know of it's qualities?

  • Coconut oil rocks Vashti - I used it for tanning in the 70's too, I think we just got slow-grilled though; have very dry itchy skin and use it constantly, also shampoo and conditioner. Never thought to use it on cracked lips so many thanks for the tip.

  • I am going to try it.

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