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Hi all, I am having so much difficulty with constant coughing, I have been given exercises with weights to make me cough but this is getting more and more tiring and I end up staying congested.

I was wondering about the Flutter device, maybe that would be less tiring and work better.

For those who use this what are your thoughts please?

Also anyone in france happen to know if they use it here and what do they call it?

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  • Hi RiverFrog

    Sorry to hear things are difficult at the moment.

    I would have suggested calling us to have a chat with one of our respiratory nurses about the flutter device but since you're in France maybe you could drop us an email at enquiries@blf.org.uk and a nurse will pick it up on Monday :)

  • That is very kind of you, I will send the email, thank you.

  • Hi Riverfrog, please check out this website you can make a positive pressure device to loosen mucous using a bottle and tubing (or straws if you have no tubing).


    Then you can see if it helps you clear mucous- I think you will find it useful. Flutter works on same principal but can be carried around easier. My favourite is Acapella Device, you can use it in all positions even lying down. YOu can get it on prescription in the UK- maybe France Too?. Good luck.

    ... oh forgot to say exercise is good for you, even just a little so don't stop that....

  • Thank you jenss, I will have a go with the water and straw and see if that helps.

  • use a couple of straws at the same time to roughly get the diameter of the tubing. Good luck and let me know how it goes...

  • The flutter device is used to mobilize secretions. What it does is, when you blow into it, it then puts back pressure in a flutter to loosen secretions. It is to work on the inside instead of CPT,chest physiotherapy. I hope this helps. I have seen this work quite well with pneumonia pt's. Nadine 😊

  • Hi Riverfrog - Do you have access to a respiratory physiotherapist. They would go through all the mucus clearance methods and PEPs such as the flutter, acapella etc. We are all different and it is a bit of trial and error as to what works best for us. A physio would help you.

    The flutter can be used only in an upright position, whereas the acapella choice can be used in any position which is useful for anyone who does postural draining, or who finds it more helpful to lay down whilst mucus clearing. There are lots of clearance methods - active cycle of breathing - postural draining - autogenic etc. this is why seeing a respiratory physio would help you.

    Good luck


  • I have severe copd and bronchiectasis and i use my flutter or a similar device called acapella daily. If you get clogged up with phlem it will help to clear it aswell as aiding in the reduction of infections. Great little devices in my opinion. Hope you have some success and that you feel better soon :-)

  • I have asthma and bronciectasis and purchased a flutter device from evergreen. They are good at loosening the junk on your chest. It does take some practice, but worth persevering with it. If you don't cough anything up immediately you will find that you you will later on, because it has dislodged and moved upwards ( if you know what I mean) you can go on u tube and good instructions on how to use . Hope this helps x

  • Hi Shirley - you can get both the flutter and the acapella choice on prescription now. cx

  • Thank you everyone for your helpful comments, I had tried the water bottle and straw and can see that it is working a bit, I need to practice the idea. I think that one of devices will be good. I will find out if I can get one here if not I'll send for one online. Thanks again.

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