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Name of New Concentrator??

Hi everyone

My husband is in hospital again - another infection :-(. Anyway, he was trying to remember the name of a new oxygen concentrator, which he thinks is made by Phillips. Evidently it can produce more that 5L per minute and can also be run from a 12v car battery as well as mains electricity. Has anyone else heard of this new concentrator? If so please can you let me know the details?

Thank you


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I think the product you are looking for is the

Philips Respironics Simply Go Portable oxygen concentrator


Brilliant - thank you!


If you Google it you will find all the details. Looks fab !! X


Yes it cried simply go I took one on holiday last year very good machine and you get foldable cart with it little bit heavy to carry around without the cart but all in all a very good machine


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