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British Lung Foundation
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BLF research into lung conditions

My BLF newsletter came yesterday, and there were two items about research grants that were given to investigate into lung conditions....one to help young children. People in my Breathe Easy group have campaigned and raised funds, even though all have breathing difficulties or are their carers themselves.

Plumbob posted previously showing a photo of son in law and friend who were doing a sponsored bike ride for the BLF.

I would like to thank all those people who have put their energy in a positive way into helping others.

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I second that knitter, as often we forget to thank all the people who are fundraising and doing research to help find causes and cures for various lung conditions. A huge thank you to everyone who has helped raise funds.

hugs from Huggs xxx :)

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Knitter -I have also got an ex work colleague doing a 100mile cycle race over the Yorkshire Moors (the fool :P ). He's been training for months to do it, so it isn't just the actual event it's also all the preparation too . (details of sponsorship to follow soon - Tho may have to ask Flibberti about putting link on :D )

Not like son in law who's suffering today after a few miles but it's the effort that counts + the charity night he's putting on in Newport and the funds raised

Like you say, well done to all those people who go out of their way to raise money (whatever the cause - where would charities be without them :P )



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