Hi, this is my first post on here even though I have been reading posts on here every day since I joined two months ago. I was diagnosed with moderate copd seven months ago and was and still am devastated. The other posts have been a godsend for me. I have desperately been trying to quit smoking. I did quit for over nine months with the help of the e cig but like a fool went back to smoking. I have made numerous attempts since and have now not had one for 26hrs with the help of the wonderful, inspiring people on here. Thank you all for your great posts. They have really kept me going. I have been ill for a while with constant post nasal drip, headache and earache all these symptoms I've had since the copd was diagnosed. I hope quitting smoking will make a big difference to my health as I'm always doing something and can't bear the thought of having to slow down :(

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  • Hi

    Its not easy as im sure you have been reading how some of us have struggled with smoking but keep trying and dont be too hard on yourself if you have one it dosnt mean your a failure you can get there .

    Packing in is the right thing to do and we help each other as much as we can.

    Welcome to the family x x


  • Thank you Mandy. I can't believe how many people are struggling to quit smoking. It's so hard but easier when you come on this site isn't it. :)

  • Welcome Lynda hope you find things useful and helpful in coming to terms with COPD at least they got you early things can be made easier and prevent some of the damage some have developed.

    Take care

    Ant xxx

  • Thanks Ant. Hope you're doing ok xxx

  • bit up and down at present my COPD is at the acute stage now but like most of us on HU we all seem to m manage. Keep well try to ditch those fags I know most smokers find it hard and so I am told the E cygs are not an easy option.

    Ant xxxx

  • Hi Linda, I'm new too having been dx about 2 months ago. Knocks the wind out of your sails, literally doesn't it. I'm lucky though I quit smoking 12 years ago, still on nicotine gum though .I did the course of patches and when they had finished I was terrible, bought 40 cigs...smoked about 2 and then my friend said try some gum, and I've never had a ciggie since...I don't think e-cigs were around then. I stopped because my breathing was awful and it cleared up great until about 6 months ago when I noticed how breathless I was getting. Keep at it, it's the best thing you can do for your copd. They have now given me 3 inhalers and my fev is 78% which is at the good end of moderate. I keep thinking , goodness, on 3 now what am I going to be doing further along the line! Trying to exercise every day, half an hour on my exercise bike but I just feel so I tell myself exercise produces endorphins and I will feel better lol

    Just remember if you have a ciggie, it won't make everything go away, it will just make things worse (((hugs))) and if I can do it (30 a day) you can do it

  • Thanks for all your helpful and positive feedback. I really appreciate it. I am determined this time that I will quit smoking. I still work as a cleaner, did have 2 jobs but had to quit one because of the environment. I was cleaning offices and toilets etc in a freightliner depot but the diesel and everything really affected my chest. Am really thinking positive at the moment. Thanks for all your positivity. I'm so pleased for the ones who have already quit smoking. You are all my inspiration :)



  • Hello Lynda

    Welcome to our extended family, I have had so much good advice since joining, and I am sure you will feel the same.

    Not too sure about sister uses them as she needs to stop, she is now addicted to them also has the real ones sometime.

    I really hope you manage to stop Lynda, it was the best thing I ever did, I don't think I would be here if I hadn't stopped......

    Lynda sending you hugs hope you have a super weekend.

    Love etch45 xx

  • Thank you so much :). I wouldn't use the e cigs again even if i could. It was a few months after I'd gone back to smoking that I was told I had copd. When I did try to quit smoking with them again my chest hurt and I could hardly breath (this was before being told that I have copd). The smoking plus where I worked were the main culprits but I do strongly believe that the e cigs put the icing on the cake so to speak. If they do help people quit then that's great but they can be addictive because I was addicted to them and my friend has been on them for three years!

  • Meant to ask you etch45 how long have you been quit smoking and well done!!!!

  • I stopped smoking November 1999.

    I had the good insentive to stop, I had breast cancer and as it was my second cancer... Well thought I must stop.

    Just to put a lighter vein in I had the hat trick this year....I really do wish you well Lynda and many people on here will give you support.

    Love Sheila aka etch45 x

  • Omg you've really been through it haven't you!!! I have so much respect for you. It makes me realise when I read other people s lives just how lucky I am and quitting smoking should be easy compared to the illnesses you've had but it shows how strong you are because you've fought and won!!!! I admire you so much xxxx love luck and happiness to you always :)

  • Nice to meet you Lynda. Please don't give up trying to quit. Now you've come to meet us, many will engage with your fight directly if you post about it here.

    By the way, some of those symptoms could be reflux, even if you don't experience heartburn. There is a kind of reflux - I have it - that is called "silent" as you don't get the usual acid symptoms but the acid can get aerosolised into the top part of the lungs and cause irritation. Worth asking your GP about this.

    Look forward to more posts from you, take care, :) :)

  • Thanks for that. Will see if quitting smoking helps if there's still no change will speak to gp. Hope you're ok. The response I ve had already is wonderful. So glad I found All the great people on here and it makes you realise that you're not on your own with these illnesses doesn't it. It really is like a big extended family :)

  • Yep, and you're part of it now Lynda :) :)

  • Thank you :) xxx

  • Hello there, I am also new to the site and had read the posts for sometime before adding a post myself. I too used to smoke and had smoked my first cigarette at the shockingly young age of 13!,! When I first was admitted to hospital just over a year ago with chest pain and respiratory distress i decided there and then I needed to give up. I focused on my 2 daughters and how they must feel knowing I was still smoking, when it would make my medical situation much worse. I am not saying it was easy, as it was very hard, especially when most of my friends smoked ( and still do). I am confident that you can give up, as like myself- you want to. Persevere and you will beat the cravings, as you have when you stopped for nine months. I found it helpful to not be in my usual routines that I had when I smoked. Good luck, and keep well, lynda x

  • You too Lynda :). I should have quit straight away but couldn't find the willpower. I have now though and am not losing it again. A big well done for quitting straight away. I have such admiration for you!!! :)

  • I too are struggling to stop smoking i got diagnosed 4yrs ago all we can do try at least cut down i got told to smoke tabbacco instead of cigs as they more harm full its also cut me down dramatically why dont give it a shot

    what you got to lose good luck


    rearemember to take it 1 at a time but really true say we biboth know quitting is the best thing we can do frfor our copd ,

    all the best girl 😆

  • Good luck to you too! I tried cutting down but they gradually crept back up again:/ but if it works for you then well done. We can and will conquer this with this brilliant forum and such wonderful people who are willing to help each and every struggling person. :)

  • I was diagnosed with Moderate COPD this week and I stopped smoking about 7/8 months ago.

    I started with a chest infection and could not walk more than ten yards without breathing like a landed fish - I went to docs and now use inhalers - clynil and ventolin - and as I said, stopped smoking and can now walk up to 7 miles up and down slopes as well as on the flat.

    WELCOME to a wonderful forum Lynda :D

  • Awwwww well done!!!! Hope I have your strength. That's how mine happened only the gp kept saying my chest was clear. Had xray but gp said it was normal. Still kept going back at least twice a week for 6weeks then was finally sent for a spirometry test. What puzzles me though is I don't really get breathless just very mucusy and coughing of a morning.???

  • what were your results if you don't mind me asking - everyone is different and have differing symptoms :)

  • Totally agree eyes about everyone having different symptoms, some people cough, some people can't seem to get air in (me), but what REALLY annoys me is, they have on your record the details of your smoking, so if you are a smoker/ex-smoker that's it! Spirometer test, X-Ray... COPD!!! I'm not saying we haven't damaged our lungs big time by smoking, however what about ECG for heart problems, blood tests for anemia, thyroid problems too! these cause shortness of breath and coughing too....By gum when I'm Prime minister I'm going to change things ;)

  • by-gum there speaks a Yorkshire person :) Welcome to the forums :)

    and yes your bang on right in my book :D

  • Not Yorkshire eyes, not far away though , Co. Durham :)

  • Hi Lynda and welcome to the site. Stopping smoking is easier,once you've got the right mind set. You'll find the worry carrying smoking is not worth the stress it causes. If you feel your mind is made up - you'll do it. You'll feel much better mentally and eventually, physically for stopping.

    The devastation comes to most of us but, it eventually turns into a kind of begrudged acceptance.

    Keep coming on here for support, we're a very friendly bunch. xx

  • Hi

    Have you asked your GP about Champix tablets? I stopped smoking using them but they don't suit everyone. Good luck

  • Welcome to the family Lynda. Put it like this.........if you continue to smoke, you won't slow down - you'll almost STOP altogether! I smoked for nearly 40 years, enjoyed it and did not want to stop. When I was told in no uncertain terms that I would be in a wheelchair before I was 60 if I continued, that awoke something in my smoke addled brain, giving me the strength to do something about it. Yes, it was hard ...B***** hard, but the alternative was not acceptable.

    It's easier now than when I did it, with so many aids to help you - YOU CAN DO IT! I'm not going to say that you'll never want another cigarette (even 25 years later I still feel the need sometimes) but think of the joy of being able to say "NO, I don't smoke."

    I hope you are able to conquer this Lynda. Try to find something to occupy your mind so that you're not thinking about it 24/7. It will slowly - but surely- become a thing of the past and you will feel so proud of yourself. Good luck. XXXX :-D

  • Welcome Lynda, and well done. Now YOU are the inspiration to others. xx

  • Hi OP

    You can find some helpful information on giving up smoking here

    Hopefully there will be some tips you find useful.

    If you haven't already, you can see if one of our Breathe Easy support groups is near you. They may be able to offer the support and motivation to keep it up. Just type in your postcode on the map here

    As I'm sure you've found, our HealthUnlocked members are very supportive and inspiring also.

    If you'd like to find out more about how we can support you, you can call our helpline on 03000 030 555 Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.

    Good luck and I hope it goes well :)

  • I was a 40 a day smoker and tried so many times and failed. Once I ended up in hospital on Oxygen for 10 days I never smoked again. The Doctors should have a quitting process in place and worth trying.

    Be Well

  • Hahaha that's just a name one of the girls in work calls me!!! Wish it were true!!!! Lol xx thanks for the information though :) x

  • I have read about your wife and it is truly amazing! I'm all for alternative medicine and vitamins and do believe they can make a difference. I am going to buy some vitamin A and see what happens. Thank you for sharing this information and I wish you and your wife well for the future xxxxx

  • I wish you the absolute best, and pray you no longer desire to smoke. It will take several months for your lungs to clear the garbage out from smoking. While doing that you will have increased coughing and mucous to deal with. Remember that we are each created uniquely and not to fall in the trap of "this should be better by now or it works for so and so". You know your body better than anyone and knowledge is your best friend. Not everything on the internet you read is true, look for case studies regarding the medication you've been prescribed, and go to trusted sights. Best of luck in every step along your path.

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