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Why mask and not cannula? I have been told to use my mask as much as possible and only use cannula for ambulatory. This can be a nuisance when I have visitors in order to have a conversation so I use my cannula then is that o k ? I can't understand the carbon monoxide readings although it is staying at a reasonable reading while using 4 litre oygen for 15 hrs a day which I have only had to use since January after having a chest infection. I have Asthma and I P F

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A mask even though awkward to use gets more oxygen into your lungs as long as it is tight fitting, but OK use your nasal cannula to eat and talk or you could try periods of time switching from to the other see what your nurse says. I mainly use my mask for sleeping as my nasal thingy often parts company with me in my sleep.

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If you have a finger pulse oxymeter you could check one against the other.

When I was in hospital a year ago I was using a mask with a venturi. This means the oxygen was set at 4 L/min and wont change ( it gives the docs a constant reading ) giving me sats of 93%. When I asked about going home the doc said it depends on the readings with the cannula. So we tried the cannula and it also read 93%. I said to him is that on 4L/min ?

No he said, it's on 2L/min. He expalined that with the cannula I was also taking in the surrounding air.


hi honey

The carbon dioxide level raising can be a problem for some of us when we are on oxygen...i for one have problems with it its known as c02 retaining...if yours are fine that great dont worry about it

im on oxygen 24/7 on 5 liters and i only use cannula i dont have a mask at all so your fine using it as yours just to sit around and chat.

Hope that helps a little

Mandy x


More useless information. :)

According to my oxygen chap, masks can only be used at 2L/min and above.


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