These nurses are little angels of mercy because I live in a nursing home after their initial visit they were satisfied that all was in place for me here.

But they never left it at that, they ring me once a week and the nurse manager like wise, very often they can put things into place which could not be done without seeing the doc first.

I am Bipolar as well as my other faults and with such a debilitating illness as COPD is my moods have dipped not much helped by the prednisolone I am taking for my recent flare up. Straight away she offered to contact a CPN for me and start some counseling ASAP. I did think about this at first then in my closing I said I would like to consult with one.

Any of our HU family get offered this service please take it we are not potty (except for the proverbial box of frogs) we struggle day to day with a crippling disease and when like me you on go through a lot of flare ups with seemingly no remit we are bound to get depressed in time and talking things out with a person who is trained in that line of work can, will and does help A LOT.

And have no fear they have such a hefty case load once they assess you and come up with a plan to suite both parties once finished they may only give quick visits or telephone call to see how you are doing and if at any time you decide you may want to finish then just say so they are great prospectors of a persons right to autonomy.

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  • Well done it is never easy to admit to depression. So many of us put on a front with a smile. PMA does help but often when we are ill it never seems to end.

    Be Well

  • Thank you offcut, I mad the move then realized there must be more like me, hence this post


  • Look at those on here that have said it was just an awkward cough that did not seem to go away. Did not want to bother the doctors?

  • Too true offcut I was one of that ilk once before the emphysema got a good grip in hindsight I could kick my own butt earlier treatment would have prolonged the onset of its severity so anyone reading this you may have a ticklish cough that will not go away or your sputum may be a bit unusual SEE YOUR DOCTOR AND GET AN OPINION ASAP.

  • I think that is truly marvellous, I love thinking of you being taken good care of Ant, hugs huff xxx

  • Awe thanks Huff our outside phones are so far apart at times meaning the nurses can not always reach them they rang back with no reply so they rung me and asked if I could contact a nurse and ask her to ring them so the wheels for a CPN visit have started rolling, I am so lucky to be in an area that has excellent health facilities.

    Ant xxx

  • So so pleased for you ant. It must help you feel more safe and happy in the knowledge that they are all at hand when needed.

    Try to stay healthy and happy.

    Love Suzyxxx

  • It sure does Suzy it sure does just accepting and asking for the help has lifted a cloud and all does not look black.

    Ant xxxx

  • Depression is a horrible thing but I am very lucky in that my pma and happiness are topped up with medication. I am even more fortunate that I get the pred high. So picture the little mouse dashing around tail following on behind. 😀 x 🐀 x 💫

  • Oh! Dozy thanks what is PMA by the way I can only remember it from my social work days as paraMethoxyamphetamine a class A drug. And how do you do that quaint mouse just love it.

    hugs Ant xxx

  • Well your pma would work but mine is just positive mental attitude. You know the cloud is black outside but with help you should find if not a silver lining at least a silver grey. I work mostly on my phone and my mouse is just one of the smilies on it. Take care dear x 🐀

  • my expression is loaned from Winston Churchill "I wish some kind soul would take this black dog of mine for a long walk".

    Take care live long and prosper

    Ant xxxx :P :D :)

  • That sounds great Ant....

    So many people turn those offers down for various reasons but a lot of people think seeing a therapist just wont make any difference so im glad you posted that and were brave enough to be so honest.

    I too suffer with depression i think i comes hand in hand with this illness for a lot of us and it can cause more problems than my lungs at times x x x x

  • Thanks Mandy yes it often bemuses me why people turn down offers of help and support which is theirs by right under our health system and GP's are more than willing to give extra surgery time to mental health problems or as in my surgery pass it to the GP whose field it is. We have 8 doctors each bringing their own specialist subject. The Oz dr Darrel looks after my chest.

    So as you say it can do more damage bottling things up.

    Hugs Ant xxx

  • I think its difficult for the older and often wiser age group i often hear people say "talking about it isnt going to change it" when in fact it can change your outlook...on the other side of it though you have to have the right therapy with the right therapist or you could end up in a worse state than you started but good on your for taking a leap of faith into the unknown its very brave and i hope you get a lot from it x x x x

  • Great post Ant and good to see you are being well cared for. Depression can strike at any time but admitting to it and seeking and getting the right treatment is not always an easy thing. Well done to you and hope you will soon be on the mend with fewer and fewer flare ups. Take care xxxx

  • Awe thanks for those words of encouragement this site gels as one big happy family.

    Ant xxx

  • good on you Ant - we should take all the help offered xxxxxxxxxx ribit ;)

  • Thank you eyes yes we should never look a gift horse in the mouth we have a top class health system and used wisely it is great.

    Live long and prosper

    Ant xxx

  • too right Ant :)

    The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.

    eyes xxxx

  • only to true as Spock quoted in the 1984 movie The Search for Spock (1984), the crew of the Enterprise discovers that Spock is not actually dead, that his body and soul survive separately, and that it may be possible to rejoin them—which the crew proceeds to do. Once restored, Spock asks Kirk why the crew saved him. Kirk answers, “Because the needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many.” But to Spock it was not logic lol.

    Yes our health system created by Nye Bevan needs a good overhaul our Ambulances are not even reaching their response times now .

    well live long and prosper

    Ant xxxx

  • It is so good you are being well looked after Anthony. Seeing as you so rarely complain I think you are probably a favourite there and they watch out for you!

    Sara xx

  • yes it is Sara in my 11 years I have been well liked by most of the staff because as you say "I rarely complain but I am under orders now and hand is to swallow my pride and let the nursing and care staff do more for me. Over the years they alongside with the neurologist brought my epilepsy under control so I no longer have major seizures any more my meds for that are now at what the call a maintenance dose, I got through a stroke on discharge they helped deal with horrific bed sores obtained in hospital and the final thing is I am a ruptured aneurysm survivor damn thing about it I was not awake to enjoy the helicopter flight or to see all those marvelous machines I was attached to for 2 1/2 months but it was the nurses and care staff who nursed me back to full health once again.

    So yes I am lucky and there is no use in being being miserable and complaining all the time folks like you best if you can put a brave smile on your face despite what the dirty tricks department nature throws your way. :D :D ;D

    Ant xxxx

  • Dear Ant, yours is an amazing story . Take care

  • Tank you Knitter

    Ant xxxx

  • Yes,good to hear how well you are doing now ,it's what you deserve, X

  • Thank you


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