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Here we go again happy as can be all good friends and jolly good company. :)

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Well the sun is out and there's a bright golden haze on the meadow, well its not a meadow its a couple of fields cross from where I live, but its close enough as their green. So it looks like we are back on the sunny team today as it was rather chilly yesterday evening and I was very tempted to turn the heating on, but declined in the end and put a jumper on instead. Right I have a chap coming around to do some electrical work for me today as I want some extra sockets fitted I should be doing it myself but to be honest I can not be bothered, and he will be so much quicker and I am certain he will not have any trouble getting up and down from the floor like I would. :) I hope you are all waking feel Happy today (shame my names Grumpy) ;) naughty Fred.

A blonde was walking down the street and sees a poster that reads Cruises only £50. So she goes along to the address on the poster and hands the money to the receptionist in the room who then nods to this big burly chap who is reading a paper in the corner, he goes over and knocks the blonde unconscious.

The blonde wakes up and finds she is tied to a log and is floating down the local river, she glances to her right and sees a blonde friend of hers and shouts "Do you think there will serve food on this cruise."

The other blonde replied "They never did last year."

A Naval ditty. As you all know a Royal Toast is always taken standing up, but due to the fact that when King Charles II was returning from exile in Holland on board a naval ship he stood for the toast and he banged his head due to lack of room, so he instructed that from then onwards Royal Navy officers could toast the monarch sitting down. This honour still applies today even when on dry land.

Have a lovely day where ever you are on Sea or Land or maybe even air :) ;) xxx

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Chuckling at you Fred. Good cloudy morning to you, very gloomy here, the sun IS trying to make an appearance every now and again though, so I'm sure it will brighten up later. Yes it has turned a little chilly Fred...brrrrr. I've been painting the fence in the garden...more to do later then it should look tidy for the summer. Have a lovely Saturday. :-) xxx

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holly17 in reply to Jolyn

Thanks my lovely little Robin red breast, am I allowed to say breast on here? You go steady out there with that fence, are you painting it or using a stain, either way its an old clothes day for you than, that,s when just as you have it all over the place on you, someone comes to visit out the blue, but I have the feeling(I get it now and again :) that you are the sort that looks great even in an old pair of overalls covered in paint and a sun hat on. Ok then you enjoy your day and maybe you can make out a few days for the next outing but not under canvas, maybe we can all have a sleep over at a stately home this time. Keep smiling xxx :) ;)

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Jolyn in reply to holly17

I'm painting the fence woodland green Fred, it looks nice too. I may sit on the garden swing with a cuppa and a book if it turns out nice later. :-) xxx

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holly17 in reply to Jolyn

If I get a gap in my window today I will pop up and give you a push, is it a garden swing or a swing in the garden, as there is a difference isn't there ? :) xxx

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Jolyn in reply to holly17

Its a garden swing don't push me too high then. lol xxx

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holly17 in reply to Jolyn

Are you sitting comfortable than I will begin, careful you don't spill that tea. xxx :)

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Photogeek in reply to holly17

Good morning Fred , ah you do make me giggle. It's a bright day

Here in Dublin, but it's still chilly in the shade.

Yesterday my Spanish neighbour took me to a Spanish Restaurant

For Tapas and it was very enjoyable. She is an amazing lady in

Her seventies but does lots of stuff.

Hope the weekend is good for everyone. Enjoy it and your

Right to get your sockets done, Electrician will have it done

In jig time.

Hannah 🌷

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holly17 in reply to Photogeek

Morning Hannah pleased the sun is shining for you in Dublin, what a good neighbour you have, and Tapas for dinner , my Granddaughter makes lovely tapas, I am hungry now and I have just had my toast. xxx :)

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Photogeek in reply to Jolyn

Hi Jolyn,

Woodland Green sound lovely, enjoy your swing with cuppa

And book 🌳and swing, what more could you want.

Have a lovely weekend.

Hannah x

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Jolyn in reply to Photogeek

Thanks Hannah, have a lovely weekend yourself xxx

Good morning Fred, glorious sunshine here but a bit on the chilly side, still no heating to go on which is good.

Loved your sillies today made me laugh tks.

polly xx

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holly17 in reply to pollyjj

Hi there polly I just been outside and your right, of course you are your a lady and ladies are always right (or so I am told) it is chilly out there but have a great day xxx :)

Hi Fred, i would love a cruise but i must try & remember to avoid the log jam! Laughed at this one. Very sunny here but still need the heating on in the mornings but then i am a wooze. Enyoy supervising your work person but i bet it,s a man. Nothing like watching others work. Love Margaret x

Very good joke Fred and thanks for putting a smile on my face. Lovely day here, sun shining brightly and not a cloud to be seen. Hope the man does his job well and you will be happy with it. You take care. Enjoy your day. xxxxxx

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holly17 in reply to sassy59

I think we will be alright he is qualified and lives just down the Avenue and I know the family well.You enjoy the sun. :) xxx

Margaret I will only show him where I want the sockets then I will leave him to it, as I hate being watched when I am working. Yes watch the river cruises as it gets busy this time of year with cheap offers. xx :)

Good Morning Fred, 😁 loved todays funnies!all this merriment has brought the sun out, hope your new sockets make life a bit easier😀 I had mine put in much higher so easier to reach 😊 have a lovely day,hugs huff xxx

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holly17 in reply to hufferpuffer

Hi there bit late in coming back to you, like you having some fitted in a more manageable place save all that bending, weather has been perfick as is said in some parts of the country, have a hug huff xxx:)

Hi Fred,

Hope you are getting over your grumps. Sounds like you had a rough night? Aches from the golf still?

Very interesting about the navy and toasting. Doubt many of us land lubbers know that.

Beautiful sunshine but a little chilly here so far.

Thanks for the great funny. Sara xx

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holly17 in reply to butter-fly

Yes I am fine Sara rather tired today could be all this sun, not that I am complaining, hope you had a good day xxx :)

Morning Fred,

I enjoyed your joke, and hope your weather improves. I am not rubbing it in or anything, no nothing could be further from my mind but its a lovely day here. So warm and lovely blue skies without a cloud to be seen. Makes a pleasant change for here, so going to sit out for a while.

Hope all your electrical work gets done and out the way.

hugs from Huggs xxx :)

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holly17 in reply to huggs

Thanks Huggs some hugs on there way xxx :)

Was that the travel agent from my village? They're called Sold Down the River. 😊 x 🐀

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holly17 in reply to DozyDormouse

I like that one , rather amusing must remember it xx :) ;)

Morning Fred, What a mine of information you are,all very interesting. Chilly here this morning,but nice and sunny, have a good day with your girls, Yum Yum, roast dinner, Regards Bulpit

Aways good to hear from you, hope the chill goes and is replaced by the heat of the sun. xxx :)

Hi Fred its been quite a cold wind where I am { midlands} central heating is on they say it will start to get warmer next week

Sorry you are not getting the same weather as us west country people its really good its been lovely and sunny and warm and the sun is still hanging around at the moment and its now 1945 hrs and I am able to watch the sun set behind the fields opposite .

Lets hope you have better weather this coming week. xxx :)

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