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Bone Density

Hi everyone

Had a really nice Friday. Nice weather. Took a trip to the big mall. Hundreds of stores. Got some new clothes and a bite to eat. They were having zumba classes. I gave it a shot. Great music and a bit rough on the body. I loved it! You ever see them doing it? Its very invigorating. 😊😊

Today there having free health screenings in my town. Their checking-- eyes, hearing, B.p., glucose, bone density, and cholesterol. Made me think of you guys. Do you know yours numbers? Esp. Bone density with the inhalers. Will let you know how I make out.



Rubyxx 😊 😊

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Well done to you ruby and hope you get good results today. My daughter does Zumba but I don't think my knees and back would hold up! Pete could definitely not do that!

Lovely of you to mention Sokrackers and yes, our thoughts are with her today.

Love to you, Carole xxxx


Hi Ruby,

Sounds like you enjoyed your day.

What is/are rumba? Don't think I've heard of that. A dance perhaps?

Sara xx

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Now know what a zumba is! Lol


Hi Ruby,

Glad you enjoyed your zumba classes. They sound very energetic to me, although I have never heard of zumba, so wondering if it is typo error and its the rumba dance you mean.

That's good about your free health checks. I recently had a dexa scan which is for bone density, so don't know if that is how they do it where you are. My result was t minus 1.9 which indicates osteopenia which is the stage before osteoporosis, so I am glad it was picked up at this stage. At least I think that was the number I was told!

Good luck with your screening.

hugs from Huggs xxx :)

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Hello Ruby, isn't zumba a very energetic fast moving dance, great fun and exercise at the same time. 😊 I hope you have good results, and lots more fun this weekend, hugs huff xxx


Hi Ruby, i forgot to tell you re my bone density in the pm. I don't know the number but I have osteopenia. Im pretty pleased with that - my then GP said it is roughly what most women my age have. Considering all the steroids I have taken through my life and particularly the last three years, i would have expected it to be worse.

I don't take calcium as i think my diet is sufficient. But i take fish oil and vitamin D3, plus magnesium all of which are needed for calcium absorption, and work in the body synergistically with calcium.

Not sure zumba's my thing. I was doing tai chi before getting sick so will be taking that up again soon as i can get back to the class.

xxx :) :)


Morning Little Miss Ruby, what a good day you had,also good to get some real exercise. Great you are able to have free medical tests, at one time all the Doctors here had a Well Woman's /Mans clinic,you could go once a year,unfortunately they no longer do that,or at least they don't where I live, Good luck, Best Wishes, Bulpit


Hi Bulpit

I'm going to try to have more happy days in my life. I'm in such a rut, it feels strange when I laugh and enjoy myself. Thats not good. How bout you? Can you name at least one day this week you enjoyed yourself? I hope so.Have a great day. Have some giggles to go!

Little Miss Ruby 😀😂


Hi again Ruby, I do hope you succeed in your aim to have happy days, I really can't say that I enjoy my days now, It's 18 Months since my husband died,but sometimes I feel worse than I did when he died. It's not that I am unhappy,just have very sad times, Natural after 56 years of being together,but lucky to have had those years together, Keep smiling Ruby, Regards Bulpit


So sorry Bulpit. Your not by yourself, are you? I lost my dad a yr. Ago and my brother 2 yrs ago. I wasn't living with them. I try not to think too much. Distract my mind. Much harder for you though.

This site is getting terrible with those trolls!

Love Rubyxxx ☺


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