I was lost in the post !?

I was lost in the post !?

Hello all, apologies to those who had asked for an update reguarding fridays app with gp. I had ( I thought ) sent a post but I now see that its gone awol.?! (I was extremely tired when writing original post and fell asleep straight after sending lol.) Attended surgery for my app, explained symptoms, the

doctor listened, examined area of swelling etc and thinks it is liver related. She has referred me for ultrasound -date tbc. Hope you all Keeping well, chflynda x

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  • Hi lynda, fingers crossed for ur scan, keep us updated. Take care till then xx sonia xx

  • Morning, thanks sonia. I will let you know, hope you have nice weekend. Keep well, lynda x

  • Hi Lynda

    I saw you posted an update. You posted it on your original post and sometimes these get over looked when they come later.

    Its good to hear you got yourself checked out by your Dr. Now its just a waiting game until you get your scan.

    I'm in today for hopefully a 'conclusion' to my abdominal pain - so it will be a good day for me - I'm sure.

    I will keep my fingers crossed for you. In the meantime drink plenty of water and keep active with a healthy diet.

    Kindest wishes


  • Thinking of you today SK. Hoping all goes well for you.

    With warmest wishes coming your way. Etch45😀 xxx

  • Good morning SK. Thanks for explaining about my missing update, I think I understand lol but my brain will engage at some point today and that will help.! Will be thinking of you today and hoping you get your answers to your pain. Keep well, lynda x

  • Yes, good luck for 18th. P x

  • Thanks etch

    I am feeling so hopeful and optimistic - not long now. Bring it on.

    I hope this feeling lasts.

    Every minute is a minute closer to getting this blasted thing sorted.

    Thanks for all your kinds words and support - it really does help.


  • I know it's a silly statement but please let us all know as soon as your able.

    Time to get up.... Need to move Jack & Gill they are stretched out over my legs, and they are not light. .....

    Take care

    Love and hugs.


  • Morning Etch45 (and Jack + Jill.) I shall keep you updated. Hoping you enjoy your weekend. Keep well, lynda x (+ jerry×)

  • Hiya Sk,praying for good news for you that's the spirit God bless naresh62 x

  • Hi, good your being sorted _ good luck margaret x

  • Thank you, hope you are keeping well ,lynda x

  • Hope all goes well for you with your scan chflynda, and glad its getting attended to.

    Take care,

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • Hello Huggs, thank you will be fine I reakon. Nice cat in your profile pic. Have good weekend, lynda x

  • Glad you are feeling better, and hope you get your scan soon.

    My cat is called Felix, and he only has one eye, so sometimes I call him Nelson! Poor wee boy.

    Hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • Oh poor little lamb! What happened to him? and does he cope well with the use of just one eye. My cat jerry has had a few medical issues in his time, he has only a little hearing left in one ear as needed several operations to remove tumours from deep within his ears. Since his operations he has now become very loud with his meowing, especially during the night calling out to see where I am- think this is why I am so tired most days lol. Give Felix a hug from jerry and I. Keep well both of you, lynda x

  • He got attacked by a feral cat which is running rampant throughout the village and killed a kitten and attacked all the other cats. I have tried absolutely everything under the sun to get the feral cat, but its too fly to be caught and none of the authorities or cat people have been able to do anything as it belongs to no one. Felix doesn't get out now as its too dangerous with the feral still hanging around which is a shame. He has adapted well, and knows no difference now and just carries on, although the surgery left him with epilepsy which is mild.

    Poor jerry, having all those ops to remove tumours from inside his ears, but its great how they adjust. I hope he doesn't get any more of them.

    Purrs to jerry from Felix lol

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • Aww, poor felix and others too. I would have kept jerry safe a home too if I lived near you, as the feral cat is sure to attack again. Jerry for 12 years of his life had the freedom to roam (+ sadly to hunt) as we lived in a very rural area. Then 2 years ago we had to move as our rent was almost doubled and I could not afford to stay, poor jerry moved into a private cattery for 2 months until I finally found us a flat in a town 9 miles away. Now he is 100% a stay at home puss and he has adapted fantastically, he doesnt even attempt to run out- thank goodness. Im sure Felix like jerry is content with being fed, having the safety of your home and of course being pampered and loved. Keep well, lynda x

  • Dear chflynda, I hope you are feeling less tired today. Going to see doctors can be very tiring. Asking and answering questions then wondering if you forgot anything.

    I remember seeing your post. As Sokrackers said it probably got overlooked among the other replies.

    I hope all goes well at the scan.

    Love AS xxx

  • Hello to you, yes thank you, after nearly 13 hours sleep I did feel less exhausted today. I often forget things not only when at doctors but many other times too, so now I am almost always prepared by writing notes to myself. Hope you are well, lynda x

  • Thank you Lynda, It is good to hear you had a nice long sleep.

    I get confused and forget things. I sometimes wonder if it anything to do with COPD. Lack of oxygen to the brain? Or in my case old age.

    As x

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