Hi all. A while ago I was posting about PIP. I was awarded standard rate mobility...... No care. I asked for a reconsideration and they stuck by their decision. On the advice of a lovely member on here I decided not to give up so I sent latest cons letters. Today I got a letter saying I've been awarded ENHANCED rate for both. If you are in this process DONT give up The advice I got on here proved invaluable xx

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  • Great news!!! TAD xx

  • Thank you Tad x

  • Thats what this site is all about...supporting and advising each other.

    Great result thanks for sharing x x x

  • Thanks Mandy xx

  • Great news you must very happy you deserve it so well done

  • I am jimmy. It's s huge relief ! Thank you x

  • That's brilliant! When I applied for DLA years ago I was turned down. 3 times all together. I was told to persevere, dd so and ended up with higher rate for mobility and care!!!! PERSEVERE.

  • Exactly !!! It's what we are entitled to after all. X

  • How wonderful. Great to have some. Good news.

  • Thank you. It's such a relief it's all over x

  • Well done you deserve it x

  • Thanks. We all deserve it tho x

  • Yes - all those who are bad enough. I wouldn't qualify being mild/mod. I do currently get a bus pass though coz my lovely doctor does me a letter saying I need one. But have just been told that from next year doctors letters will no longer be accepted and I would need to be on high disability to get one.

    As I live in a very hilly area and am poor it will severely limit my ability to get out and about :( Bus fares are very expensive round here. x

  • Then you will need to apply for PIP. The mobility component will open doors for you Awards are based on how your disability affects you daily life. Not on what stage of the illness you are at x

  • Copd obviously does affect me quite a bit but I am reasonably ok walking on the flat but just find it very hard to manage hills and steps so I don't think I would qualify. They don't take into account the type of area you live in do they? I am sure I would pass all their breathing tests on the flat. x

  • Get a clinical need and apply for a blue badge

  • Thanks for that Callum. I've had a blue badge for 3 years Had to have an assessment last oct to renew it x

  • You must apply for pip, get a social worker that deals with physical needs. They then channel into disability rights benefit advisers who are trained in filling it out. It's assessed on what you can't do on a very bad day. I have complex I gave sleep apnea and my blood gases are down leaving Nd breathless, but also on waferin to stop pe and dvt which leaves me severely breathless and arthrieties etc

    To have help from social services it must be severe or critical needs now copd is. A chronic illness on a severely bad day

    Hope it helps and you get the support you need if you don't have help from social services see your mp or in Wales you can see an assembly member too. Who can fight your corner

    Good luck

  • hi I was same awarded standard mobility nothing for daily living. I asked to have it looked at again still waiting here outcome.

  • I was fed up with it all but was encouraged to carry on and it eventually paid off. Good luck with yours x

  • Get a welfare rights adviser to help you

  • I posted yesterday that my pip claim had been successful. I was awarded enhanced for both x

  • Good news - pleased for you - it will make such a difference to your quality of life. cx

  • I'm sure it will I nearly gave up with them but perseverance paid off. Thanks x

  • Great news !

    and it goes to show that its worth while sticking to your guns and knowing what is right !

  • It is ! Just shows that when a different person reviews a claim the outcome can be so dramatically different. It should not be the luck of the draw. It affects people's lives x

  • well done to you and all those who advised you!

  • Yes. Fantastic advice and support from this lovely family on here. X

  • Brilliant news 201246, and good advice for others. Enjoy the extra things you can do with this

  • I will thank you. Great support on here xx

  • I,m so happy for you.If you are an honest person and take everything into account I think you can pretty much tell if your life is badly enough affected by your illness that you really need the help.I still hear stories of people who probably do qualify but are put off trying too hard by the attitude of this government,if you are ill enough you are not a scrounger it is your right.Hope you can relax a bit now,money worries certainly don,t help our condition,good luck.D. 👍🏿

  • Thank you for that. My life is s daily struggle I was diagnosed 13 yrs ago and have never claimed a thing until now I think they do know when folk are honest but wear them down by the process hoping they will just give up I'm so glad I did didn't x

  • Meant glad I didn't

  • I currently have high rate mobility and low rate care, but that should now be going up when i claim for PIP around Aug time, as i have now also been diagnosed with CIDP, whuch is beginning to affect me greatly.

    i fully intend to ask/pay for letters of assessment from my GP and consultants to include in with my PIP claim. i am Not depending on the assessors to contact my health professionals

  • That's awful. Affects the nervous system. I didn't ask or pay for any letters. I get copies of letters sent from my consultant to my GP. and sent them with my claim. Main evidence is how it affects your daily life on your worst day x

  • When they came out when I showed the hospital consultants etc it helped a lot. They assess you now in how it affects you in a very bad day not a normal day. The day I got assessed I was really bad. But like what others have said I've had problems for 12 years but got there in the end'

  • That's good. Pays to persevere x

  • Yes but what makes me cross is when someone pretends to deprive someone else

  • It does seem like they will award the bare minimum in the hope that you will not respond for a reconsideration?

    Be Well

  • well done xxx

  • Cheers x

  • Well done but we should not be put through all this our condition will never improve and they should understand this and award us pip automatically

  • You're right. It's a slow downward slope. We shouldn't have to battle when we are poorly x

  • I fear this will be the norm now it seems the Tories and Labour are hell bent on giving the vulnerable a hard time and can't see them changing this is why this site is a good place to be for support

  • This site has been my salvation x

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