doctors for me today~

doctors for me today~

Morning all. gp app to ask about 'new' symptoms ,that I first started having on good friday. I was getting a yukky aching pain on my right side of tummy, directly under my bottom rib. The area was swollen and noticeable through my clothing (as pointed out by my brother during a family get together-thanks Iain!) I have had the same thing happen several times since but with worsened pain. Has any one else had similar symptoms? Keep well, chflynda x

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  • Sorry no idea but let us know how you get on at docs.

    Another lovely pic of your friend - who clearly loves the camera!

  • Thanks for your reply, I shall let you know outcome. As for jerry, im affraid his photo shoots are a less frequent now~ he hasnt got the patience he once had. Many photos are from past year or so. Take care, chflynda x

  • Morning, sorry I can't help either, let us know how u get on at the docs though. Take care xx sonia xx

  • Hello, thanks for reply. will let you know what gp says, take care, chflynda x

  • hi chflynda it sounds very much like a stomach hernia mate I have one it comes out accasionally you could leave then alone and they would be ok but if they become a strangulated stomach hernia then they are very painful and you have to have something done then an operation most likely matey of course it may be something you ate sorry about that mate '' just kidding'' it seems a bit high up for a simple hernia but I would get it checked out for your own peace of mind matey peter jones queensland Australia a psp sufferer

  • How wonderful that I can be contacted so quickly from so very far away~( I am new to advances in tech. And www.etc and have lived a quiet life, does it show!) Thanks for the reply peter, ouch! Doesnt sound nice, hope you are feeling ok with your hernia. I will keep that in mind and I am hoping it may just be down to the colombian coffee mousse that ive been eating almost daily for weeks!! Take care, chflynda x

  • Hi chflynda, sorry I don't have an answer, but I just read peters post suggesting it could be a hernia? Anyway let us know how you get on at the doctors.

    Look after yourself. LeeLee. X

  • Hello Leeleebird, I am not sure what it is but hopeful that gp will. Keep well, chflynda x

  • Oh I love your pussycat. 🐱

  • Sorry cant help but wanted to say I hope that the doctor can find a quick painless remedy! Lots of luck and love TAD xx

  • Hello and thanks, so do I, take care, chflynda x

  • Hi Chyflynda, sorry can,t help but hope the doctor sorts it. Good lock, love margaret x

  • Thanks scorpiolass, so do I, take care, chflynda x

  • Good luck with it chflynda and I hope it is something which can be sorted easily and quickly with minimal pain. Love your puddy cat. Take care xx

  • Hello coughalot1, thanks for replying about my gp app. Well I have seen the doctor and she isnt sure why my pain and swelling has happened but she is pretty confident that its connected with my liver. She has given my details to the ultrasound dept who shall contact me with a date soon. Keep well, chflynda x

  • hi chflynda I don't know about the www.etc I had enough trouble with your name mate its very unusual hi chflynda I do not know about the www . business either I had enough trouble with your name matey its very unusual is it indian or made up of two names anyway whatever good luck at the drs with your little bump mate I hope it is nothing serious but please would you let me know your results from the drs ;;;; i believe mine has got a bit bigger but I have had mine for years thanks mate peter jones queensland Australia psp sufferer one of the other mob but with psp I did not think I would bother see yer take care of yourself

  • Hello peter, just to say my bump and I visited the doctors today. After examining the area she is only certain that it is liver related but why she is not certain of. I am going to be contacted with a date to have an ultrasound on my liver which hopefully will tell more.

    My name is lynda, the reason I put chf in front of it is because its short for chronic heart failure which is one of my conditions. I hope this reply finds you keeping well. Take care x

  • hi chflynda I am so glad that you went to the drs mate

    at least you will know now after your ultrasound mate let us hope it is nothing to serious and your life will be back to normal whatever normal is its a job to tell when you have something wrong with you isn't it anyway chin up and best foot forward matey take care oh and thanks for the explanation of your name mate best wishes to you and your cat see yer peter jones queensland Australia psp sufferer

  • Hi Chflynda, I think it could possibly be a flare up in your Gall Bladder. Mine was caused by too much cheese rarebit. Any surfeit of rich or fatty foods can cause it to complain. Usually treated with diet changes. Get well soon. XX

  • Thank you, funny enough the doctor said first off about the possibility of gall bladder but it doesnt seem to swell after eating etc. Another symptom ive had pretty much since christmas is that I cannot finish a meal as feel full after maybe half. I am far from wasting away but I have lost nearly 3 stone in as many months and most days feel quite nauseous? I am under Papworth hospital for my ph management and it was them that noticed I had lost the weight. I will not know for sure until my scan but I thank you for your reply and of course all help is greatly appreciated. Take care, lynda x

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