Oh what a beautiful morning Oh what a beautiful day, I got a ???????

Please fill in the gaps of the song, Mind you I am not certain that's how it starts, anyway it really is a lovely morning, as I look out the window and see the little birds hopping around seeing whats there for their breakfast and its so quiet its deafening (does that make sense?) Any way its just right for what I want to do today and that's go out with a good friend and knock a few balls around a smashing golf course, the only thing I am sorry about is that I can not walk the course any more I need to use a golf cart, but I should not moan as some people are not even able to do that, I am due to tee off at 1100 so plenty of time for breakfast and a shower as the club is only about a 20 minute drive away. There are a few different types of birds out in the garden now, but the little robin seems to have gone on holiday as not been around for a couple of days, might have popped up to Wales to see a relative. :)

This lovely blonde lady was walking along the road carrying a sack type bag.

A car drove up, then stopped and a young man got out and said "Excuse me what do you have in that bag"

The blonde replied "Its chickens"

The young man said "I tell you what if I can guess how many are in there, can I have one? and if I am wrong I will give you £5,"

The blonde said "Lets make it more exciting, if you guess right first time, I will give you both of them."

Right you all have a lovely day and I hope that any pain stays away today at least. :) ;) xxxxFred

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  • Ah you cheer me up. Enjoy your Golf, it's quite dull sky where I

    Am in Dublin, for ye are having all the sunny weather, enjoy the day.


  • Morning Hannah hope the sun comes out for you as it also brings out the smiles, I love that name Hannah it could be because I have a beautiful granddaughter named the same. Have a good day. xx :)

  • ...wonderful feeling everything's going my way...lol. :-D

    Good sunny morning Fred. I'm glad its a beautiful morning for your round of golf and it's good to catch up with friends isn't it.

    Looks like I'll be mowing the lawns today, best keep them down while the sun shines.

    Have a lovely day Fred. :-) xxx

  • Hi there my lovely little Robin there's me going out to dig up the grass and your cutting it, it sounds very posh when you say you will be mowing the lawns, if we are talking of a large area you go steady and watch out with those sun rays Lyn. Anyway enjoy your day and also make sure you drink enough whilst working. I did enjoy your singing as I bet you did sing those words and I hope every thing is going your way. :) ;) xxxxFred

  • Yes, I sang at the top of my voice Fred...with a mouth full of toast....lol I've got honey all over my fingers now so I hope my keyboard's not going to get messy. lol...lol :-) xxx

  • That could call for another song... Sweet for my sweet, honey for my baby! now what did you mother tell you about singing with your mouth full lol :) ;) xxx

  • Mum always told me not to speak with my mouthful Fred...but she didn't mention singing...so I thought that would be ok...lol :-) xxx

  • OK you win, time I made a move, stay safe xxx :)

  • Morning Fred. The next part of the song says, "I've got a beautiful feeling, everything's going my way". At least I think that's right - haven't done amateur musicals for quite a while now 😉😉. But whatever, as the kids say, I hope everything goes your way today - and for all the other lovely people on this site.

    Of course, it goes without saying, I loved the blonde joke 😀😀

    Jan xxx

  • Cheers Jan you have a good day and enjoy life :) :) xxx

  • Morning Fred, enjoy your golf, its lovely to be able to get out and about again now the weather is better. Still cloudy here but looking forward to some sunshine later, makes us all feel better i think! Xx

  • Thanks Sheila I am just about to get sorted, enjoy your day xxx :)

  • Been singing it in the shower Fred. Will have frightened the neighbours. Enjoy your golf, it's a bit cloudy here, so hope you get some sun.

  • Laughing at you knitter....what a visual...lol

  • Knitters I missed you in the shower, that's me always in the wrong place, at the wrong time, you said it was cloudy there was that inside or out the shower. I had loads of sun, short sleeves but not short trousers as with my legs people would think I was wearing blue tights. xx :)

  • Lovely day for a round of golf - thank god for golf carts!! Enjoy xxx

  • You are dead right about the golf carts my days of walking the 18 are long gone. :) :) xx

  • Glorious day here for golf Fred. Haven't played the game for years now but remember the great times I had on the course. Enjoy your day and don't forget the sunhat! Hope your robin comes back. They often disappear when they are starting to make nests, at least mine does. xx

  • Yes you were right it was a glorious day for golf we tee'd off at 1100 and no one in front and no one waiting behind and that was what it was like all the way round, used a buggy as rather hilly in places and I would not manage walking anyway. My golfing partner is my ex boss and being ex I don't have to worry about beating him now lol. As for the Robin it will return when ready and till then there is that other lovely one here on site. xxx :) ;)

  • I'm late today,mornin smiley face.,I'm not in a rabbit pie yet! Yes I do get your blonde jokes not too complicated for me. Ha. Toooo much fog and dust,had attack 3 this mornin at least I had back up meds, at last,so I'm back on the steroids ,yea, I'll be doing a marathon along the sea front today. Be careful with driving as I get soooo High on them, ruined my brakes once while on steroids,they are horrible things But one must take them now n again. I get loads done ,appetite comes back ,start my paintings. Get my photography up to scratch. I can feel them working , have a great day out ,I'd prefer a buggy than walking ,cause you can relax more and enjoy what your doing more than struggling like I do when I can't breath. It's warm I'm gonna pack a lunch, smoked salmon with dill Mayo.coconut water,coke cola,crisps. Have a lovely day.x

  • Hi there Colours yes I missed you before I went to golf first time I have played around for ages, it was good exercise for my lungs all the stretching etc, maybe you should have come along what with your steriods there would have been no stopping you there would have been balls flying every where. Hope you enjoyed your lunch sounds good except the Coke Cola thats not for me. xxx :) :)

  • Awesome Fred, have a great golf day :) hope the weather is lovely for you too. Can just see u in your golf cart! Go get em :)

  • Cheers kiwichick it was really good out there on the course had the place to ourselves really, so much easier with the buggy, it was a bit scary as the ball went where it should have gone, doesn't happen very often. xx :) ;)

  • Hehehe sounds like you had a great time :) hmmm the ball went where it was supposed to...did mention to you that us gals had a talk to those balls beforehand...just as well they behaved for you! My golf experience...well... I'm lefthanded, was told they'd have plenty available... told it was going to be a brilliant sunny day all day, told we would have buggies...rocked up...no lefthanded putts... all good, I'll use a right handed one..how hard can it be right? It started pouring torrential rain about 10mins into it...did tell I I wear glasses?? Hmmm pretty picture, used fingers as wipers... oh and no buggies so we walked/crawled/rolled our way around the whole course, wet, blind and screaming with laughter (thank goodness for tena...sorry fred :)), lord knows where the wee balls got to :)...but the upside, a bunch of great friends and a wee/med/large tipple at every hole...best day ever :) ;) xxx

  • Nice one kiwichick that sounds my kind of game, I am left handed but play right handed and my golfing buddy is right handed and plays left handed funny old game. Keep smiling xx :)

  • Hi Fred lyrics

    There's a bright, golden haze on the meadow.

    The corn is as high as an elephant's eye

    And it looks like it's climbing clear up to the sky.

    Oh, what a beautiful Mornin'

    Oh, what a beautiful day.

    I've got a beautiful feelin'

    Everything's goin' my way.

    All the cattle are standin' like statues

    All the cattle are standin' like statues

    They don't turn their heads as they see me ride by

    But a little brown mav'rick is winkin' her eye

    Oh, what a beautiful Mornin'

    Oh, what a beautiful day.

    I've got a beautiful feelin'

    Everything's goin' my way.

    All the sounds of the earth are like music

    All the sounds of the earth are like music

    The breeze is so busy it don't miss a tree

    An' a ol' weepin' willer is laughin' at me

    Oh, what a beautiful Mornin'

    Oh, what a beautiful day.

    I've got a beautiful feelin'

    Everything's goin' my way.

    Oh, what a beautiful day!

    All sing together now x

  • You always get one smarty, well done near neighbour I will have to get my breath back then have a go at the top of my voice so it carries around Babbacombe to you. x :)

  • Ha ha I wondered what that awful noise was earlier :) Only joking Fred mate - you sing for Britian. x

  • Oh, what a beautiful Mornin'

    Oh, what a beautiful day.

    I've got a beautiful feelin'

    Everything's goin' my way.


  • Oh I really hope it did for you, as its been a really lovely day, it was millionaires golf, by that I mean we were the only two out there at the time no one in front to hold us up and none behind so we were able to take as long as we wanted. xx :) ;)

  • oh I bet that was grand :)

  • No - it was millionaires golf eyes, not a grand :d xx

  • ha ha ha funny bunny :D :D :D

  • :) :) :d xxx

  • Have a nice day Fred, thanks for your cheerful posts and pleasant smile x

  • Thanks for that had a really good time :) ;)

  • Hope you enjoyed your golf today Fred. It has been another nice day here. Keep making us laugh and spreading the joy and fun. xxxxx :)

  • Cheers sassy just back had a really good game seeing I had not played for months, and the weather was perfect as was the company. xxx ;)

  • " I've got a wonderful feeling, getting into bed at the end of the day " 😃😃lol"

    sorry for the late response so thats my added on version.

    Hope u enjoyed ur day fred xx sonia xx

  • Thanks sonia I rather like that version and yes it was good out there made a great change xxx :)

  • Morning Fred, Sounds as tho you are in for a very pleasant day, we are so lucky to be having such lovely spring weather,makes everyone more cheerful. Have a good Sunday with your girls,Best wishes, Bulpit

  • Just waiting for the sun to wake up down here at the moment it seems to be having a lazy day, maybe the alarm wasn't set. Anyway hope the day goes well for you. xx :)

  • Good afternoon Fred, hope you had a good days golf. I took advantage of the dry weather to walk up the cemetery. Sounds sad but up there you meet people, it is quiet the birds sing ,squirrels run across your path and the walk is good for my health. Tomorrow I am playing skittles with my lady friends, no I can't play real competition skittles as I cannot pick up the balls, it's just an afternoons fun with fish & chips lunch. Let you know how it goes later :) :) xx

  • Katie that's like me a golf no good for competitions but good for me and we play for a bit of fun and a good laugh, I used to take the girls when they were little years ago and walk in the cemetery looking for stones with their names on, as you said nice and quiet. Yes let me know how you got on. xxx :)

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